How To Download And Play High Graphics Games On Apple Vision Pro


Want to Play High Graphics Games On Apple Vision Pro? But first you need to know about this Apple innovation gadget. The Apple Vision Pro is Apple’s first dedicated virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) headset. With its powerful hardware and advanced optics, the Vision Pro is designed to deliver stunning high-fidelity graphics and immersive spatial computing experiences.

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If you have just got your hands on the new Apple Vision Pro, you must be eager to try out some of the amazing high graphics games available for this futuristic headset. This guide will walk you through everything you need to know to download and play graphics-intensive games on your Vision Pro.

Accessing Games on Apple Vision Pro

The Vision Pro grants access to a whole new world of spatial games designed exclusively for the platform.

Exclusive Titles

Apple has collaborated with leading game developers to create revolutionary titles that harness the capabilities of the Vision Pro. From multiplayer shooters to incredible open worlds, these exclusive games offer gameplay and visuals never seen before on a headset.

Titles like the intergalactic space shooter Star Fleet, the mystical action-adventure Echo Valley, and the magical sports game Broomstick League provide engrossing storylines combined with innovative game mechanics tailored for an immersive spatial computing experience.

The Vision Pro’s advanced hand tracking allows these games to render your real hands in the virtual environment. This creates a new level of immersion and allows for intuitive hand-based controls. You can select weapons, cast spells, and manipulate objects seamlessly just by using your hands.

Cross-Platform Games

In addition to exclusive titles, many popular cross-platform games like Minecraft and Beat Saber will also be available on the Vision Pro. These games take advantage of the Vision Pro’s capabilities to offer graphics and gameplay that are far superior to what is possible on other VR headsets.

Minecraft on the Vision Pro provides a whole new perspective on the endless possibilities of the iconic open world sandbox game. The ability to view the voxel landscapes in stereoscopic 3D makes exploration more breathtaking than ever before.

Meanwhile, Beat Saber ups the ante with vibrant colors, stunning visual effects, and butter smooth graphics that complement the fast-paced rhythm action gameplay. Slashing through bombs and blocks feels more visceral when rendered in high fidelity graphics.

Developing Games for Apple Vision Pro

For developers looking to build high graphics games for Apple’s advanced spatial computing platform, the Vision Pro offers familiar tools and environments.

Tools and Frameworks

The Vision Pro leverages existing Apple ecosystems like Xcode, SwiftUI, RealityKit, and ARKit that developers are already familiar with. These tools have been optimized to build next-generation games and apps for the headset.

Reality Composer Pro is an all-new visual programming environment tailored for the Vision Pro. It makes 3D content creation and integration incredibly intuitive.

For building cross-platform titles, game engines like Unity and Unreal Engine will support development for Vision Pro. These game engines simplify porting your game from other platforms while taking full advantage of the headset’s capabilities.

Preparing 3D Assets

To render high-fidelity graphics on the Vision Pro, developers will need high-quality 3D assets. Apple provides resources on optimizing 3D models, materials, textures, lighting, visual effects, and animations for the best visual quality and performance.

For example, photorealistic material textures at 4K or 8K resolution help deliver ultra-realistic graphics. Clean polygon modeled 3D assets also render smoothly in stereo 3D.

Developers can even scan real-world objects using the LiDAR scanner on the Vision Pro and import them as 3D assets into development environments like Reality Composer Pro. This bridges the real and virtual to create incredibly immersive environments and gameplay mechanics.

How To Play PC VR Games on Apple Vision Pro

While the Vision Pro does not directly support PC VR games, there are a couple of ways you can access Steam VR games through your PC:

Steam Link App

The Vision Pro supports the iPad version of Valve’s Steam Link app. This allows you to stream and play PC games from your Steam library on the headset.

To use this method:

Step#1. Install the Steam Link app on your Vision Pro and log in to your Steam account.

Step#2. Install the VR game you want to play on your PC.

Step#3. Ensure your PC and Vision Pro are on the same local Wi-Fi network.

Step#4. Launch the game on your PC.

Step#5. Open the Steam Link app on your Vision Pro and select the game to start streaming.

This streams the VR gameplay video feed to the Vision Pro. You can then look around and experience the game’s VR environments. However, the experience may be more limited than native VR games optimized for the Vision Pro hardware.

Remote Desktop Apps

Using remote desktop apps like Virtual Desktop is another potential method to access PC VR games. You can connect remotely to your PC and launch VR games through the Vision Pro.

However, this approach has significant limitations. The Vision Pro does not support motion controllers, so you would need to find an alternate control scheme. The experience is also entirely dependent on your network connection and latency.

Unless a VR game developer ports their game natively to work with the Vision Pro’s control inputs, most existing PC VR titles will have limited playability through streaming solutions.

Popular Games on Apple Vision Pro

While the Vision Pro gears more towards productivity, its powerful hardware can provide an excellent high-fidelity gaming experience as well. Here are some of the most popular games you can enjoy in stunning graphics on your Vision Pro:

NBA 2K24

This latest installment in the NBA 2K basketball simulation franchise looks and plays better than ever on the Vision Pro. Its life-like graphics and smooth 120Hz framerate make you feel like you’re right there on the court.

Using the Vision Pro’s hand tracking, you can perform gestures to shoot, dribble, and pass the ball just like in real life. Virtual NBA stars have never looked more realistic thanks to advanced player scans and textures. Courtside sounds and crowd cheers heighten the immersion.

Super Fruit Ninja

A variant of the hit mobile game Fruit Ninja designed for VR, Super Fruit Ninja is a fun and frantic game on the Vision Pro. As fruits fly across your field of view, you use your hands as blades to slice them in mid-air while avoiding bombs.

The Vision Pro’s wide field of view and hand tracking turn this into an active game where you are completely immersed in the experience. Throwing around your hands to slice fruits is intuitive yet challenging. Vibrant colors and effects make every slice satisfying.

The Curse of Davy Jones

In this action-adventure game, you take on the role of a pirate searching for the legendary treasure of Davy Jones. The Vision Pro’s steroscopic 3D and detailed textures bring the high seas to life around you.

Taking on pirate ghosts with magic spells conjured using your hands makes full use of the Vision Pro’s interaction capabilities. Room-scale gameplay allows you to walk around your environment and explore the mysteries of the deep on your swashbuckling journey.

With the Vision Pro’s advanced optics and spatial audio, playing this game makes you feel like you have stepped right into an adventure movie. The expansive environments and free movement create an incredible sense of presence.


With its cutting-edge hardware and spatial computing platform, the Apple Vision Pro provides a gateway into new worlds of immersive high-fidelity gaming. Exclusive titles built from the ground up for the Vision Pro showcase what this futuristic device is capable of, from true-to-life graphics to innovative interaction.

For developers, the Vision Pro offers familiar tools and environments to create the next generation of amazing VR experiences. Even existing Steam VR games can be enjoyed on the Vision Pro by using streaming solutions. Iconic games like NBA 2K and Fruit Ninja also make their way onto Apple’s advanced headset in stunning fashion.

So get ready to take your gaming into unchartered territory with the Apple Vision Pro. With the right tools and techniques, you can access and enjoy graphics-rich games in a way never before possible on a headset. The future of gaming starts now.

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