Geometry Dash on iOS 17: Is It Compatible?

Geometry Dash on iOS 17, the popular rhythm-based running game developed by RobTop Games, has been a mobile gaming staple since its initial release on iOS in August 2013. However, with the upcoming release of iOS 17 in fall 2023, many Geometry Dash players are wondering if the game will still be compatible and playable on the new operating system. In this article, we’ll take a comprehensive look at Geometry Dash’s compatibility with iOS 17 and provide potential solutions if the game is not supported.

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Geometry Dash is a fast-paced, timing-based platform game that challenges players to guide their character through challenging obstacle courses in sync with the beat of an energetic musical soundtrack. Players can customize their character and unlock new icons and color schemes as they progress through the game’s 21 official levels and more than 40 million player-created online levels.

The game was initially released on iOS in August 2013 and quickly rose to popularity, earning praise for its engaging gameplay, replayability, and rhythm-based level design. It has since been ported to Android, Microsoft Windows, and game consoles like the Nintendo Switch, retaining its massive popularity across platforms. However, iOS remains one of the most popular platforms for Geometry Dash.

Geometry Dash and 64-Bit Requirement

When Apple announced iOS 17, it came with the requirement that all apps must be 64-bit compatible in order to run on the new operating system. Unfortunately, Geometry Dash is currently only a 32-bit app, making it incompatible with the 64-bit-only iOS 17.

The reason for this 64-bit requirement is that 64-bit apps access memory differently than 32-bit apps. 64-bit apps can utilize much larger amounts of memory compared to 32-bit apps, allowing them to run faster and be more powerful. Apple has been transitioning to 64-bit-only iOS for years, starting with requiring all new app submissions to be 64-bit in 2015. iOS 17 will be the final step in phasing out 32-bit app support altogether.

This poses a significant problem for Geometry Dash, as the 32-bit version will simply crash on launch when running on iOS 17. Unless RobTop Games releases a 64-bit compatible version of Geometry Dash before iOS 17’s release, the game will be unplayable on the new operating system.

Potential Workarounds

Fortunately, RobTop Games has already announced plans to release a 64-bit version of Geometry Dash in November 2023, just before iOS 17’s expected release. This should make the game fully playable on iOS 17.

In the meantime, there are a few potential workarounds Geometry Dash players can try to access the game on iOS 17:

Play Alternative Versions

While the main Geometry Dash app is 32-bit, the “Lite” and “Meltdown” versions of the game are already 64-bit compatible. Geometry Dash Lite is a free demo version with limited features and levels, while Geometry Dash Meltdown is a paid spin-off title. Neither version contains the full content of the main Geometry Dash game, but they could provide a temporary geometry dash fix until the 64-bit version releases.

Reinstall iOS 16

Downgrading back to iOS 16 would allow the 32-bit Geometry Dash app to properly function again. However, this requires wiping the device and reinstalling the older iOS version, which can be an inconvenient process. Apple also eventually stops signing older iOS versions, meaning downgrading will become impossible after a certain date. Still, it remains an option for dedicated Geometry Dash players until that time.

Use an iOS 16 Device

For those who have an older iPhone or iPad still running iOS 16, keeping that device solely to play 32-bit apps like Geometry Dash could be a workaround. However, as apps increasingly drop 32-bit support, this strategy will become less and less viable long-term. Additionally, not all players have access to a second iOS 16 device just for gaming purposes.

Wait for 64-Bit Release

The simplest option is to wait patiently for the promised 64-bit compatible version coming in November 2023. While not being able to play for several months is undoubtedly frustrating, this ensures access to the full Geometry Dash experience once the updated version launches. RobTop Games has historically been reliable about delivering updates and support.

What to Expect with 64-Bit Geometry Dash

When the 64-bit version of Geometry Dash arrives, players can expect the same core gameplay but with enhanced performance and stability. Here are some key things the update will provide:

  • Faster Load Times: 64-bit apps can access much larger amounts of RAM, allowing them to load assets and levels faster. This should translate to smoother level loading in Geometry Dash.
  • Support for Higher Graphics: With more memory available, higher resolution textures and graphical effects become possible. The 64-bit Geometry Dash could potentially have console-quality graphics.
  • Multi-Tasking Improvements: iOS 17 introduces new advanced multi-tasking features like Stage Manager that will work better with 64-bit apps. Geometry Dash should work great with the new split-screen and windowing capabilities.
  • Stability and Crash Fixes: The 64-bit version will likely fix many of the stability issues and crashes players experienced in the 32-bit version, thanks to the memory access improvements.
  • Preparation for the Future: Being 64-bit ready will ensure Geometry Dash can continue being played and updated for many more years as Apple phases out 32-bit app support entirely.

While the 64-bit transition may be inconvenient in the short term, it will ultimately provide a smoother, faster, and more reliable Geometry Dash experience once the new version drops.


In summary, Geometry Dash will unfortunately not be compatible with iOS 17 due to still being a 32-bit application. Players will experience crashes on launch when trying to run the current version on iOS 17. However, RobTop Games has announced a 64-bit version releasing in November 2023 that should restore access on iOS 17.

In the intervening months, playing the alternative Geometry Dash Lite and Meltdown games, downgrading to iOS 16, or using a secondary device on iOS 16 are potential but limited workarounds. Waiting for the 64-bit version will provide the truest Geometry Dash experience on iOS 17.

While the temporary lack of support is certainly disruptive for dedicated players, the 64-bit upgrade will ultimately improve performance and future-proof Geometry Dash for years to come. By November 2023, the rhythmic, frenetic gameplay of Geometry Dash should once again return for iOS users on iOS 17. With RobTop’s reliable update history, the wait should be worth it to keep enjoying one of mobile’s most fun and addictive games.

Table: Geometry Dash iOS Compatibility

Version64-bit SupportiOS 17 CompatibleNotes
Geometry DashNoNoWill crash, requires update
Geometry Dash LiteYesYesLimited levels and features
Geometry Dash MeltdownYesYesPaid spin-off title
Geometry Dash (64-bit update)YesYesFull version, arriving November 2023

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