Why Isn’t Crossfade Working in Apple Music and How to Fix It

Apple Music’s crossfade feature allows songs to smoothly transition from one to the next for uninterrupted playback. However, some users have reported that crossfade doesn’t seem to be working for them in the Apple Music app. Here are some potential reasons why you may be experiencing issues with crossfade and troubleshooting steps you can take to get it working properly.

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What is Crossfade in Apple Music?

The crossfade feature in Apple Music creates a short overlap between the end of one song and the beginning of the next song in your playlist or queue. This allows the tracks to blend together seamlessly instead of having a hard stop and start between each one.

Crossfading helps provide a continuous flow when listening to music. It’s especially useful for playlists and albums where you want the musical experience to feel cohesive from song to song.

Why Isn’t Crossfade Working?

There are a few key reasons why you may find that crossfade doesn’t seem to be working properly in Apple Music:

Crossfade Setting is Disabled

The most straightforward reason crossfade may not be working is if you don’t have the setting enabled in the first place.

To check this:

  1. Open the Apple Music app
  2. Go to Music > Settings
  3. Select the Playback tab
  4. Make sure Crossfade Songs is switched on

If crossfade was disabled, turning this setting on should fix the issue and allow crossfading between your songs.

Playing Consecutive Tracks from Same Album

Apple Music automatically disables crossfade when you are playing multiple songs in a row that are from the same album. This is because the tracks on albums are often intended to transition seamlessly without overlap.

So if you have created a playlist or queue that contains back-to-back songs from the same album, crossfade between those tracks will not work. The solution is to ensure your playlist has a mix of songs from different albums if you want crossfade enabled throughout.

Listening to Lossless Audio

Apple Music offers high-quality lossless audio streaming for eligible songs/albums. However, crossfade functionality may be limited or not work at all when listening to lossless tracks.

This is because crossfading blends a segment from the end of one song into the beginning of another, which can be difficult to achieve seamlessly with lossless audio formats.

So if you have lossless enabled and find crossfade isn’t working, try disabling it and switching back to standard, compressed audio streaming to see if that fixes the issue.

Software Bug or Glitch

Sometimes crossfade may not work due to a minor software glitch or bug that is temporarily preventing the feature from functioning properly.

Attempting standard troubleshooting steps like force quitting the Apple Music app, rebooting your device, ensuring your software is updated, and toggling the crossfade setting off and on again may resolve this type of issue.

How to Troubleshoot and Fix Crossfade Issues

If crossfade isn’t working for you in Apple Music, there are a few troubleshooting steps you can take to try and resolve the problem:

Check crossfade setting is on – Open settings and confirm the crossfade switch is enabled. Toggle off and back on again.

Play non-consecutive songs – Try playing tracks from different albums, artists, or playlists and see if crossfade works between them. This will confirm the issue is consecutive songs.

Disable lossless audio – If listening to lossless tracks, turn off lossless and test if crossfade works with standard quality. Re-enable lossless afterwards if desired.

Force quit and restart the app – Fully quit out of the Apple Music app via your device’s app switcher. Then restart the app and test crossfade again.

Update software – Make sure you’re running the latest version of iOS, iPadOS, or macOS to eliminate any bugs.

Restart device – Power your device completely off and back on again before retrying crossfade.

Contact Apple Support – For continued issues, contact Apple Support for further troubleshooting assistance.

Following these tips should help you isolate why crossfade may not be working and get the feature functioning properly again in Apple Music.

Frequently Asked Questions About Apple Music Crossfade

Here are answers to some common questions about using crossfade in the Apple Music app:

How do I turn on crossfade?

Go to Music > Settings > Playback and toggle the “Crossfade Songs” switch to green/on.

What songs can be crossfaded?

Any two songs in a playlist or queue can be crossfaded, unless they are consecutive tracks from the same album. Lossless songs may not crossfade well.

How long is the crossfade transition?

The overlap is around 1-2 seconds between the end of one song and start of the next. You can’t customize the crossfade duration.

Why does crossfade work sometimes but not others?

If crossfade works for some songs but not others, it’s likely due to playing consecutive album tracks or listening to lossless audio, where crossfade support is limited.

Can I use crossfade on Android or the web?

Unfortunately crossfade is currently only available in the iOS, iPadOS, and macOS Apple Music apps. It doesn’t work via the web player or Android.

What happens if I have crossfade enabled but play consecutive album tracks?

Crossfade will automatically be disabled between consecutive album tracks. The songs will playback end-to-end without overlapping.

Does crossfade drain my device’s battery faster?

Crossfading shouldn’t noticeably impact battery life compared to standard playback without crossfade enabled.


When used properly, crossfade can create seamless transitions between songs for uninterrupted music listening in Apple Music. If you find crossfade isn’t working for you, the most likely culprits are having the setting disabled, playing back-to-back album tracks, or listening to lossless audio. Following the troubleshooting steps outlined here should help you get crossfade functioning again so you can enjoy smooth, overlap-free playback between songs. Check your crossfade setting, test with non-album tracks, disable lossless, and update your software if necessary. Contact Apple support for any continued crossfade issues.

Table summarizing key troubleshooting tips:

Crossfade disabledEnable crossfade setting
Consecutive album tracks playingPlay tracks from different albums
Listening to lossless audioDisable lossless; use standard quality
Software bugForce quit and restart Apple Music
Device issuesRestart device
Other problemsContact Apple support

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