When Will ChatGPT iOS App Be Available?

In the past few months, ChatGPT has become one of the most used terms in the tech industry. This revolutionary conversational AI tool has the ability to respond just like a human. It is helping many people in the industry, including writers, developers, video creators, and many other professionals. As of now, it is available only as a web app; however, several iOS users are waiting for a standalone ChatGPT iOS app, and it looks like the wait may soon be over.

ChatGPT iOS App Is Coming!!!

Recently, Jason Calacanis, a well-known investor, author, and entrepreneur, shared this exciting news on his LinkedIn profile and YouTube channel, “This Week in Startups.” Calacanis was one of the lucky few people to test a demo version of the ChatGPT iOS app and was blown away by its capabilities.

He revealed that the ChatGPT app has a user-friendly interface similar to iMessage and that it is only available to a selected group of people through the Testflight app as of now. He also shared screenshots of the app in action and raved about its impressive performance on his YouTube show with guest Molly Wood.

Here’s How the ChatGPT App Looks Like on the iPhone

We checked some screenshots and videos showing how ChatGPT works on iOS and found out that it features an iMessage-like interface. You can easily start a thread and ask what’s on your mind to start the conversation. Check out this video:

It is also speculated that more new features will be added to the iOS app. Since OpenAI is going to offer a premium plan called “ChatGPT Pro,” it is obvious to expect some additional features to keep users on the app.

OpenAI’s Take on ChatGPT iOS App Development

As of today, OpenAI has not made an official announcement in the news or confirmed speculations circulating about the app launch of its AI-powered revolutionary chatbot on the App Store in the near future.

We expect that the app will be available to iOS users in the next few weeks. Just like every user, I am also excited about this, as the development of a dedicated iOS app marks an exciting step forward for the technology.

Final Words

In conclusion, iOS users can look forward to a powerful, generative AI experience that will be just as good as the web-based version. With the rumored launch just around the corner, the future looks bright for ChatGPT.

Until OpenAi releases the ChatGPT app for iOS, you can use its web app or check out some of the best apps like ChatGPT that are powered by OpenAI’s GPT-3 here – Best ChatGPT Apps for iOS.

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