Can’t Find Hidden Photos on iOS 15? Here’s the Solution

If you have been an avid iOS user for a long time, you might have noticed that there were no feasible options to hide photos on your iPhone. But Apple made it possible to hide photos and videos without downloading a separate app by adding a feature to the Photos app.

There can be multiple reasons to hide the photos on your iOS device, and it is easy to hide and unhide them easily. Nonetheless, many users who upgraded to iOS 15 and later have been reporting a problem of not being able to find the hidden photos on iOS 15.

Are you having trouble locating the hidden photos on your iOS device? If so, you aren’t alone. This article will focus on how to display hidden photos in the Photos app if you can’t find hidden photos on iOS 15.

Hidden Photos: Missing!! (iOS 15)

You might have taken a thousand pictures on your iPhone and want to keep some of those images to yourself, hidden somewhere just in case someone gets their hands on your phone. You can choose to hide images so that they won’t be visible in your photo album.

You cannot locate where your pictures have been hidden. In this case, there is no need to panic as your pictures are safe in the hidden album, which can be found in the photos app itself.

  1. Go to Photos app on your iPhone.
  2. Scroll down to the utilities section.
  3. Click on the hidden album option.

Hidden Photos Album: Missing!! (iOS 15)

What if you are going through your pictures and suddenly notice that your hidden album folder is gone? You cannot locate it anywhere. It would be such a disaster to know that you might have lost all the memories that you stored if you didn’t get any backup.

Don’t let your thoughts get over your head, because it’s not just you who is facing this issue. Many users who have updated to iOS 15 have raised their concerns regarding this issue as they are also unable to find the hidden folder album.

What Could be the Issue?

Before panicking and jumping to any conclusions, you must know that some of your photos might have been stored in iCloud and, after updating to iOS 15, it could take a while to get downloaded. Or the hidden folder album must be disabled.

How to Find Hidden Photos on iOS 15?

  1. On your iPhone go to Settings => Photos.               
  2. Go to the option named as “Hidden Album.”
  3. Enable the “Hidden Album” toggle to view the hidden album folder in your photos app.
  4. Go to your photos app and scroll down to utilities. You will now be able to view and access the hidden album folder.

Other Solutions?

If the steps given above also don’t help, then you can always choose the option of restarting or rebooting your iPhone. You may also choose the option of factory data reset after getting a backup of your data, as getting your iPhone started from scratch might dissolve the bugs or any virus that got into your iPhone, which can be the cause of some glitches due to which you were not able to find your hidden photos.

If the problem keeps happening, you can always call Apple’s customer service or go to the Apple Service Centre near you.

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