Can Users Access Apple Arcade on Their Apple Vision Pro


Apple Arcade is Apple’s gaming service that gives users unlimited access to a collection of new, exclusive games across Apple devices for a monthly subscription fee. Apple Vision Pro is Apple’s newest augmented reality head-mounted smart display that lets users experience entertainment and productivity features in an immersive way. A common question that arises is whether Apple Arcade is available on the Vision Pro, allowing users to play high-quality games on the innovative device. In this article, we will explore the compatibility of Apple Arcade on Vision Pro and the gaming experience it offers.

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Overview of Apple Arcade

Launched in 2019, Apple Arcade is a game subscription service that gives users access to over 200 games for a low monthly fee of $4.99. The games available are all exclusive to the platform, so they cannot be accessed on any other mobile service or app store. Apple works closely with game developers and studios to create unique game titles across genres and styles.

A key advantage of Apple Arcade is that all the games are premium and free of ads and in-app purchases. There are no limits on playtime, so users have unlimited access to every game in the catalog. Family Sharing allows up to 6 users to share the same subscription plan while maintaining their own game progress and achievements.

The service is available across iPhone, iPad, Mac and Apple TV devices. Users can start playing a game on one device and pick up from where they left off on another device, thanks to cloud syncing abilities. This makes gaming flexible and portable.

Overview of Apple Vision Pro

The Apple Vision Pro is Apple’s cutting-edge augmented reality head-mounted display that was unveiled in 2023. It resembles wraparound sunglasses and utilizes innovative technology to overlay digital content and information onto the real world. Some key features and capabilities of the Vision Pro include:

  • Lightweight, comfortable design with adjustable fit
  • Dual ultra-high resolution displays and spatial audio
  • Hand tracking and voice control input
  • Face tracking cameras for avatar expressions
  • Immersive AR and VR environments
  • All-day battery life

The Vision Pro runs on a custom Apple chipset with a powerful GPU for graphics-intensive applications like gaming. It leverages the technologies found in iPhones and iPads to deliver robust computing in an innovative form factor.

The device aims to make interacting with digital content intuitive and hands-free. Users can access media apps, communicate with Animoji, enjoy 360-degree videos, and more. Gaming is a major focus of the Vision Pro, providing new opportunities for development.

Accessing Apple Arcade on Vision Pro

The Vision Pro is compatible with Apple Arcade, allowing users to enjoy premium and exclusive games through the subscription service. There are a few simple ways users can gain access:

Via iPhone/iPad

Users can access Apple Arcade on their iPhone or iPad by subscribing through the App Store. Once subscribed, they can browse and download any games in the catalog. The Apple Arcade games will also appear in the Purchased section of their account.

To play on Vision Pro, users can use handoff features to send the game to the device. Bringing the iPhone/iPad near the Vision Pro will trigger a prompt to open the game on the display.

Direct on Vision Pro

The App Store is available directly on the Vision Pro interface. Users can open the app, subscribe to Apple Arcade, and start downloading games. The subscription will automatically work across all their Apple devices.

The Vision Pro also supports voice commands via Siri. Users can say “Open Apple Arcade” to launch the service hands-free. Siri can also search for particular game titles on command.

Family Sharing

Users who have an Apple Arcade Family Subscription can access games on their Vision Pro. The Vision Pro can be added to the family group, allowing shared access to the same catalog of games. Progress will also sync across devices.

No matter which method is used, Apple Arcade games will launch and run natively on the Vision Pro once downloaded. The interface automatically optimized games for the AR/VR environment.

How to Play Apple Arcade Games on Vision Pro

The Vision Pro provides an engaging, hands-free gaming experience through the use of innovative inputs and immersive visuals. Here are some of the ways Apple Arcade gameplay is enhanced on the device:

Intuitive Controls

The Vision Pro utilizes hand tracking technology so users can directly interact with games using just their gestures and movements. Pointing, grabbing, holding, releasing, and tapping are tracked accurately, replacing the need for controllers. This makes games feel more responsive.

For more complex controls, the Vision Pro handles motion inputs effectively. Users can swing their arms to swing a tennis racket in a game, for example. This level of control intimacy is perfect for high-energy action titles.

How to Facial Tracking

The cameras on the Vision Pro can track facial movements and replicate them onto users’ game avatars. This allows for realistic expressions and reactions while gaming, elevating the social connection of multiplayer games.

Immersive Visuals

Apple Arcade games are rendered in real-time 3D graphics right before the user’s eyes on the Vision Pro. The wide field of view and high resolution makes visuals crisp and immersive. Details like textures, lighting, and particles are vibrant and realistic.

Spatial Audio

The built-in spatial audio solution analyzes head position and environment to produce surround sound effects that mimic real acoustic spaces. Users will hear explosions, dialogue, and music come from all directions just like in real life.

Shared Spaces

Using the built-in LiDAR scanner and guardian system, users can map out shared spaces. This allows multiplayer games to turn real rooms into landscapes. Users can visit each other as avatars and play together in AR.

By combining these features, the Vision Pro provides a one-of-a-kind gaming experience perfect for the creative titles offered by Apple Arcade. Gameplay feels natural, expressive, and cinematic.

Recommended Games for Apple Vision Pro

The Apple Arcade library is filled with over 200 great games spanning action, adventure, RPG, puzzle, and more genres. Here are 5 recommended titles that are enhanced by the capabilities of the Vision Pro:

Ultimate Rivals: The Court

This multiplayer basketball game lets users shoot hoops on virtual courts using hand tracking. Facial tracking adds personality to avatar reactions. The AR environment blends digital courts into real space.


A beautiful fish simulation that lets users observe marine life up close. The 3D graphics make reefs and sea creatures feel within reach. Exploring is intuitive with hand controls.

Cozy Grove

This life simulation allows users to interact with quirky spirit bears on a deserted island. Facial tracking expresses reactions better while gesture controls pick up items.


An adventure game with diorama style levels users can peer into. The detailed textures and lighting create an immersive sense of wonder. Spatial audio builds the fantasy.

Hot Lava

This parkour-style game transforms rooms into lava obstacle courses. Players hop from chair to chair, avoiding danger using accurate hand tracking. Provides exciting action.

The expansive catalog means all types of gamers can find Apple Arcade titles tailored to their tastes. The Vision Pro makes these games even more engaging.

Key Takeaways

  • Apple Arcade provides a growing catalog of premium iOS games with no ads or in-app purchases
  • Apple Vision Pro is an AR smart display with advanced graphics, input methods, and audio
  • Apple Arcade is fully compatible with the Vision Pro through the App Store
  • Intuitive hand tracking, facial tracking, 3D graphics, and spatial audio enhance gameplay
  • A variety of titles are recommended to showcase the Vision Pro’s capabilities
  • Users can access their Apple Arcade subscription across devices using Family Sharing


The Apple Vision Pro unlocks fresh and immersive possibilities for gaming by bringing Apple Arcade into an AR environment. Hand and facial tracking controls, 3D visuals, and surround sound make popular titles like Ultimate Rivals, Lifelike, and Hot Lava feel more vivid and exciting than ever. Apple Arcade’s partnership with talented developers allows for games designed with the strengths of this technology in mind. For both casual and serious gamers, the Apple Vision Pro delivers new dimensions to the gaming experience.

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