Can I Get Balatro on iOS?


In the vast and exciting world of gaming, new titles are hitting the digital shelves all the time. With so many options across various genres and platforms, it can be tough to keep up. One game that has been gaining attention recently in the roguelite deckbuilder space is Balatro on iOS: The Game of Deception. But can you play this intriguing title on your iPhone or iPad? Let’s explore Balatro and its iOS compatibility.

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Overview of Balatro

For those unfamiliar, Balatro is a roguelite deckbuilding game developed by Holy Cow Productions. Released on PC in 2021 through Steam Early Access, the game has seen positive reviews for its unique blend of deckbuilding strategy and psychological deception elements.

In Balatro, players build a deck of creature cards and use them to explore procedurally generated biomes. The goal is to defeat opponents and bosses to gain upgrades and make progress. However, you also have the ability to bluff and deceive enemies about the cards in your hand, adding layers of strategy. With quirky characters and humor woven throughout, Balatro aims to provide challenging gameplay with plenty of variety and replayability.

iOS Compatibility – The Reality

As an indie game still in active development, Balatro is currently only available on PC platforms through Steam. This means that as of this writing, there is no version of Balatro specifically optimized for iOS devices, including iPhones and iPads. The game has no listing on the App Store, and the developer has not announced plans for an official iOS port.

There are a few options that technically allow playing Balatro on an iOS device, though with limitations. Using remote accessing software like Steam Link, you can stream Balatro to an iPhone or iPad from a PC where the game is installed. However, this requires a strong and stable internet connection.

Additionally, cloud gaming services like Nvidia GeForce Now can allow access to Balatro through the mobile web browser. But this is not a true native app experience and also relies heavily on internet speed and bandwidth.

Investigating an iOS Version

As of February 2024, Balatro has no official iOS version or mobile port. Searches on both the iOS App Store and the official Balatro website turn up no indication that the game is available on Apple mobile devices. The game has also not been mentioned to be in development for iOS by its developers.

While many popular PC/Mac games have been ported successfully to iOS and Android, bringing a roguelike deckbuilder to mobile poses some challenges. These include:

  • Adapting complex gameplay for touchscreens
  • Maintaining playability on smaller screens
  • Optimizing performance for less powerful mobile hardware

The level of effort needed to successfully port Balatro may not have made sense for its developers so far. However, the ongoing improvements in mobile gaming capabilities means an iOS version can’t be ruled out someday.

Table 1: Balatro Platform Availability

PlatformAvailable?Release Date
Windows, MacYesApril 2021
AndroidYesJanuary 2023

The Table Below summarizes the iOS compatibility for Balatro:

PlatformCan I play Balatro?Limitations
iPhone/iPad native appNoNot currently supported
Steam Link streamingYesRequires stable internet connection, no native experience
Cloud gaming servicesPartial accessReliant on strong bandwidth, not a dedicated app

Future Possibility?

While Balatro is not currently playable on iOS, that does not mean this will always be the case. As an early access game, the developers are still actively working on content updates and improvements. If the game sees strong popularity on PC, building revenue and a fanbase, creating a mobile version could become a viable next step.

Porting games to iOS does involve clear hurdles and challenges for smaller indie studios though, including App Store publishing policies, adapting UI for touchscreens, and ensuring performance across a range of Apple devices. Still, many popular indie hits like Dead Cells, Terraria, and Stardew Valley have made the leap with great success.

For aspirational Balatro iOS players, the best path forward is direct engagement with the developers. Leaving feedback and encouragement on Steam community forums or their social channels could help demonstrate interest in an iOS version. If the studios sees enough demand from Apple device owners, they may accelerate plans to bring the game into the App Store ecosystem.

The Waiting Game

In summary – no, you cannot currently play the roguelite card battler Balatro on your iPhone or iPad. The absence of the game on iOS does not appear to be an intentional exclusion though. It is more a reflection of development resources, timing, and marketplace strategy for smaller gaming studios.

For mobile roguelite fans keen on Balatro, the door is still open for a future iOS port. But it will require both patience and showing direct enthusiasm for the game to make the leap. Like most great deceptions in Balatro itself though, the truth of what cards come next remains shrouded in some mystery for now. By building buzz and not giving up hope, fans may eventually score the hand they’ve been waiting for.


The deckbuilding roguelite Balatro has caught attention for putting a fresh psychological spin on card-based combat. But without an iOS version, Apple mobile gamers have no straightforward way to enjoy the game on their devices as of early 2024. Using streaming tools or cloud gaming provides only limited and internet-reliant access.

However, indie hits taking the PC to mobile plunge is common, including leading roguelites like Dead Cells. If Balatro finds sales success and fans show interest, Holy Cow Productions could shift resources towards an iOS release to reach Apple’s huge app ecosystem audience. For now, iOS users have no choice but to envy the deception and fun from the sidelines as the PC crowd battles through the biomes. Yet like any schemer in Balatro itself though, iOS fans should not give up hope of someday scoring their own mobile victory.

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