The Top 10 Offline Games for iOS 17 in 2023

Best offline games for iOS 17,iOS devices are great for gaming on the go, but you don’t always have an internet connection available. Fortunately, the App Store offers a wide selection of highly engaging offline games that you can play anywhere. Here are 10 of the best offline games for iOS in 2023.

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Offline gaming has become increasingly popular as more people use their iPhones and iPads for entertainment while traveling or commuting. Offline iOS games provide fun and captivating game experiences without the need for internet connectivity. They are ideal for keeping yourself entertained during flights, road trips, or when you simply want to give your eyes a break from the screen.

This roundup covers a diverse range of excellent offline-playable iOS games to suit different tastes and interests. From innovative indie games to iOS iterations of popular console/PC titles, there’s something for everyone here. We’ve considered gameplay enjoyment, production quality, replay value, and overall user experience when choosing these 10 games. Whether you like action, puzzles, adventures, or strategy games, you’re bound to find an engaging offline iOS game on this list.

The Top 10 Offline iOS Games

Here are the 10 best offline games you can currently play on your iPhone or iPad:

1. Minecraft

Minecraft is the iconic sandbox crafting and survival game from Mojang. The iOS version offers the complete Minecraft experience with both Creative and Survival modes available. You can spend countless hours exploring randomly generated worlds, crafting items and structures, and fighting off creepers and zombies. With its simple gameplay and cartoony graphical style, Minecraft is fun for players of all ages. Play this offline on your iPhone or iPad for unlimited gameplay possibilities.

2. Alto’s Adventure

Alto’s Adventure from Snowman is an endlessly replayable side-scrolling endless runner set amidst stunning procedurally generated alpine landscapes. Players snowboard down the mountain while leaping over obstacles and performing tricks. The calming atmosphere and outstanding lighting effects make this a thoroughly delightful game. With an offline mode, Alto’s Adventure is perfect for plane rides or any time you don’t have internet.

3. Bloons TD 6

Bloons TD 6 is the hugely enjoyable tower defense game from Ninja Kiwi that has you strategically placing monkey towers to stop hordes of colorful balloons. With each level, the balloon waves become more difficult, forcing you to upgrade towers and use special monkey abilities. With polished 3D graphics and outstanding tower variety, Bloons TD 6 offers hundreds of hours of captivating offline gameplay.

4. Plants vs. Zombies

This classic tower defense game has you using pea-shooting plants to stop zombies from invading your home. Plants vs Zombies features a charming cartoon art style and branching level paths that provide great replayability. Whether you’re a newcomer or looking to rediscover this gem, Plants vs Zombies’ addictive gameplay makes it one of the best offline iOS games.

5. Game Dev Story

Managing your own game company sounds fun, right? In Game Dev Story, you get to do just that by hiring staff, picking game genres and consoles to develop for, and overseeing every aspect of development to create hit games. It’s an engrossing business sim/tycoon game with a charming retro look. Developing games while offline with Game Dev Story is highly addictive.

6. Monument Valley

This stylish indie puzzle game lets you guide a princess through mind-bending optical illusions and physics-based challenges. With its minimalist yet gorgeous visuals, Monument Valley delivers an almost meditative game experience. The touch controls are intuitive and the puzzles become increasingly complex over the game’s duration. With an intriguing story and perfectly balanced challenge, Monument Valley is one of the best offline iOS gaming experiences.

7. Stardew Valley

Farming sim Stardew Valley packs in an astonishing amount of content with hours upon hours of farming, cave-exploring, fishing, crafting, and relationship-building. This pixel-art indie game is essentially a portable farming RPG you can play offline anywhere. Stardew Valley’s charming world and characters make for a wholesome game that’s hard to put down.

8. Oceanhorn

For a classic action-adventure feel, Oceanhorn delivers a memorable iOS gaming experience. With its lush visuals and soundtrack, Oceanhorn takes clear inspiration from the Legend of Zelda series while crafting an original story. There are challenging dungeons to explore, items and spells to acquire, and secrets to uncover. The touch controls are also well implemented making this an engaging offline adventuring game.

9. Hitman GO

Hitman GO puts everyone’s favorite assassin Agent 47 in a turn-based board game style setting. Each level has you strategically moving around fixed nodes to avoid enemies and take out your targets. With its clean visual style and emphasis on strategy over quick reflexes, Hitman GO is a standout among offline iOS games.

10. Prune

Prune combines horticultural zen with platformer puzzle levels. By tactically pruning branches, you must let sunlight reach a flower to help it grow. Its minimalist design and intuitive mechanics result in an aesthetically pleasing experience both visually and gameplay-wise. Solving the increasingly tricky levels while offline with Prune is oddly therapeutic.

Key Things that Make These Games Great Offline iOS Choices

While personal tastes might vary, the games on this list shine as offline iOS options for some common key reasons:

  • Engrossing and replayable gameplay – All these games offer very compelling gameplay with lots of replay value, making them perfect for offline play when you want to pass time or beat your high scores.
  • No reliance on internet connectivity – These games can be played fully offline with no dependence on an internet connection for initial downloads or backend server functions.
  • Intuitive touch controls – From swipe gestures to tap-and-drag actions, these games are designed specifically with iOS touch input in mind.
  • Can be played in short or long sessions – Whether you have a few minutes to spare or want to have an extended gaming session, these games accommodate different play session lengths.
  • Visually appealing – Evoking a range of art styles from retro pixel-art to colorful 3D, these iOS games are visually engaging with polished graphics and appealing aesthetics.
  • Variety of genres – The offline iOS games span various genres from tower defense to platformers to crafting games, meaning most players can find a genre they enjoy.
  • Innovative concepts – These aren’t just ports of old games but feature creative and often unique gameplay ideas tailored for iOS devices. This keeps the gameplay feel fresh.

With their offline-friendly nature combined with exceptional gameplay depth, any of these 10 games will provide an excellentiOS gaming experience when you don’t have internet access.

Frequently Asked Questions about Offline iOS Games

Here are answers to some common questions about playing games offline on an iPhone or iPad:

How can I access offline games I’ve downloaded previously?

Games you already have installed will be available in the Games folder on your home screen. You won’t need an internet connection to launch and play these games.

Do I need to enable any settings to play offline?

No, the iOS operating system allows you to play any game without an internet connection, provided the game itself supports offline play. All the games on our list can be played offline without changing any settings.

Will leaderboards and achievements still work in offline mode?

While you can play the full game offline, social features like leaderboards that require a server connection will not be available when playing offline. Achievements may also not register until reconnecting to the internet.

Do offline games drain my battery faster than online ones?

In general, no. Offline games consume a similar amount of processing resources on your device compared to online games. However, some online games may have battery-draining background processes or push notifications.

Can I access DLC or additional content in offline games?

For paid DLC or expansion packs, you typically need to download that content while online for it to be available in the offline version. Some free content updates may also need an internet connection to download.

Will my offline progress be saved when I go back online?

In most cases, yes. Offline progress is saved locally, so when you reconnect to the internet, your save data will sync with the game’s cloud servers. This allows seamless switching between offline and online play.

Wrap Up

Playing great games on your iPhone or iPad doesn’t require having an active internet connection. This roundup highlights 10 of the most fun and engaging titles that can provide hours of offline entertainment. Whether you prefer engrossing adventures, captivating puzzles, or high-score chasing arcade gameplay, you’re sure to find an iOS game on this list tailored to your tastes. So next time you’re traveling or don’t have connectivity, be sure to try out one of these offline-friendly iOS gaming hits.


There are many high-quality offline games available for iOS that provide fun and engaging experiences without requiring an internet connection. Genres like adventures, tower defense, platformers, sims, and puzzles are well represented in the offline iOS game space. Some of the most popular titles include Minecraft, Alto’s Adventure, Bloons TD 6, Plants vs Zombies, Monument Valley, and Stardew Valley. Key criteria like long-lasting appeal, easy-to-learn controls, visual appeal, and varied gameplay keep these offline iOS games entertaining for hours on end. With new offline-playable iOS games releasing frequently, there has never been a better time to enjoy iOS gaming without the need for WiFi or mobile data.

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