Apple Vision Pro Price in Singapore

Apple has officially announced its first augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) headset called the Apple Vision Pro Price in Singapore. This advanced headset promises to deliver a revolutionary mixed reality experience with innovative features like realistic graphics, spatial audio, powerful processing, and intuitive controls.

As expected, this cutting-edge technology does not come cheap. Apple has set the Apple Vision Pro price in Singapore at S$4,700 for the base model. With Singaporeans eager to get their hands on this game-changing device, here is a closer look at the pricing details and what customers can expect from the Apple Vision Pro.

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Overview of Apple Vision Pro

The Apple Vision Pro headset weighs just under 1 pound and looks like ski goggles combined with a metaverse visor. It aims to offer users the best of both AR and VR in a single device.

Some key features and capabilities include:

  • Dual 4K OLED displays for hyper-realistic visuals
  • Spatial and directional audio for immersive sound
  • Hand and eye tracking for intuitive control
  • Over a dozen cameras and sensors for mixed reality
  • Powerful Apple-designed M2 chip for optimum performance
  • Ability to seamlessly switch between AR and VR modes

With the Apple Vision Pro, users can experience next-generation games, multimedia and communications in a digital world blended with the real one. Apple is promising a device that can transport you anywhere imaginable.

Pricing in Singapore

The Apple Vision Pro base model with 128GB storage is priced at S$4,700 in Singapore. This translates to around US$3,499 based on current exchange rates.

Here is a detailed breakdown of the pricing:

  • Apple Vision Pro 128GB model – S$4,700
  • Additional storage upgrade to 256GB – +S$200
  • Additional storage upgrade to 512GB – +S$400
  • Additional storage upgrade to 1TB – +S$800

The above pricing is for the headset only without any accessories. Optional accessories that can be purchased separately include:

  • Charging cable – S$119
  • Power adapter – S$139
  • Headset case – S$249

There are also prescription lens inserts available for glasses wearers priced at S$549.

All in all, customers in Singapore can expect to spend around S$5,000 or more for a complete Apple Vision Pro kit.

ModelStoragePrice in Singapore
Apple Vision Pro128GBS$4,700
Apple Vision Pro256GBS$4,900
Apple Vision Pro512GBS$5,100
Apple Vision Pro1TBS$5,500

Table 1: Apple Vision Pro Pricing in Singapore for different storage options

How Pricing Compares Globally

Given that Singapore has one of the highest costs of living globally, the Apple Vision Pro price of S$4,700 for the base model is relatively on par with other major markets.

For comparison, the 128GB Apple Vision Pro price converts to approximately:

  • US$3,499 in the United States
  • £2,899 in the United Kingdom
  • A$5,249 in Australia
  • ¥475,820 in Japan

So the Singapore pricing is very close to the recommended retail pricing that Apple has set in its key markets. With Singapore being an important tech hub in Asia, Apple has opted not to over-price the headset locally.

Value Proposition of Apple Vision Pro

At first glance, a price point of nearly S$5,000 may seem excessive for a headset. But for early adopters investing in a first-generation product with cutting-edge tech, the Apple Vision Pro pricing can be justified when you consider the value it brings:

Step#1.Dual high-resolution displays: The twin 4K OLED panels with retina-like visual fidelity represent a big hardware upgrade from existing VR headsets.

Step#2. Breakthrough mixed reality: Seamlessly blending AR and VR with precision tracking enables immersive experiences never seen before.

Step#3. High-performance processing: The integrated Apple-designed M2 chip delivers desktop-class power and efficiency required for the complex graphics and AI capabilities.

Step#4. Intuitive controls: With hand tracking and Siri integration, Apple has innovated natural ways to interact within virtual environments.

Step#5. Future-proof investment: As one of the most advanced headsets available today, the Apple Vision Pro is designed to be supported for many software upgrades to come.

Step#6. Apple ecosystem: Integration with iPhone, Mac, Apple services and the App Store unlocks a plethora of functionality right from launch.

Step#7. Premium design: Apple’s renowned design excellence has crafted a lightweight, comfortable and balanced form factor users can enjoy wearing for extended periods.

When viewed through the lens of enabling groundbreaking mixed reality experiences that were impossible before. The Apple Vision Pro price becomes more reasonable for the tremendous value being delivered.

What is Release Date in Singapore

The Apple Vision Pro release date in Singapore is aligned with availability in other first wave launch countries, which is set for early 2024.

While an exact release date has not been confirmed yet.Market analysts expect the Apple Vision Pro. To become available for pre-order in Singapore by the end of Q1 2024. Actual shipping to customers would commence in early Q2 2024.

For Singapore buyers keen to adopt early, it is advisable to register your interest on the Apple Online Store to get pre-order notifications. You can also check with major consumer electronics retailers on potential bundles or installment payment plans to ease the upfront cost.

The Future of Mixed Reality

The Apple Vision Pro ushers in a new era for mixed reality and the future looks very exciting. Apple is uniquely positioned to accelerate mainstream adoption of AR/VR technologies with its end-to-end control of hardware, software and services.

While the initial pricing is premium, analysts expect costs to gradually come down and accessibility to increase over time – just like early iPhones. For now, the Apple Vision Pro firmly establishes Apple as the innovative leader in mixing real and virtual worlds.


The Apple Vision Pro headset delivers cutting-edge augmented and virtual reality capabilities in one impressive device. In Singapore, it is priced competitively at S$4,700 for the 128GB base model. While not cheap, the pricing can be justified given the tremendous value proposition of truly breakthrough mixed reality experiences it enables. For tech enthusiasts eager to adopt early, the Apple Vision Pro pre-orders are expected in Q1 2024, with availability from Q2. Its launch kicks off a new era of innovation that will shape the future of mixed reality interactions. Apple has clearly shown it can once again redefine technology categories it enters, this time with its first mixed reality headset.

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