Apple Vision Pro Price in India

Apple is set to launch its first augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) headset called Apple Vision Pro Price in India on February 2, 2024. The headset marks Apple’s entry into the mixed reality space, competing with devices like Meta Quest Pro. While the pricing in the US is set at $3499, what can customers in India expect to pay for Apple’s flagship mixed reality device? Let’s take a look at the expected pricing, features, and value proposition of Apple Vision Pro for the Indian market.

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The global launch price of the Apple Vision Pro is $3499 in the United States. Converted directly, this amounts to approximately ₹2.91 lakh in India. However, tech products are usually priced slightly higher in India owing to customs duties and other taxes.

We expect the Apple Vision Pro price in India to be in the range of ₹2.88 lakh to ₹3.2 lakh. This price segment puts it in competition with premium VR headsets like Meta Quest Pro which is priced at ₹1.5 lakh in India.

At this price point, the Apple Vision Pro is likely to target professionals, developers, and tech enthusiasts rather than regular consumers. The pricing is justified based on the promised capabilities and computing power of the Vision Pro.

What is Apple Vision Pro Expected Price in India

As per rumors and leaks from sources like Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman, the Apple Vision Pro is likely to be priced around $3499 in the US.

Converting directly, this amounts to approximately ₹2.91 lakh in India. However, the direct conversion does not account for customs duties and other taxes that apply for tech product imports into India.

Accounting for import duties and taxes, we expect the Apple Vision Pro price in India to start around ₹2.88 lakh and go up to ₹3.2 lakh for higher storage variants.

This positions it as a premium offering, comparable to the pricing of Meta’s Quest Pro which retails for ₹1.5 lakh in India. The expected high price range also sets expectations that the Vision Pro is geared more towards professionals and developers rather than regular consumers.

Value Proposition and Features

The Apple Vision Pro promises powerful capabilities and a versatile user experience that helps justify its premium pricing. Here are some of the key features and value propositions of the headset:

  • Powerful Processing: The Vision Pro is rumored to use Apple’s latest M2 processor, offering laptop-level performance. This enables advanced graphics, visuals, and experiences.
  • Dual 4K OLED Displays: Visuals are critical for immersive AR/VR. The Vision Pro is expected to use dual 4K OLED displays with advanced optics, providing stunning visual fidelity.
  • Spatial Audio: Apple’s expertise in audio will likely result in an amazing sound experience on the Vision Pro using their spatial audio tech.
  • Hand Tracking: Advanced sensors will allow precision tracking of the user’s hands, enabling natural interaction in AR/VR environments.
  • Face Tracking: The headset can precisely track facial expressions and map them onto avatars in real-time for lifelike interactions in the metaverse.
  • AR Capabilities: The lidar sensor, cameras, and onboard compute will enable seamless blending of virtual objects into the real world for immersive augmented reality.
  • App Ecosystem: The Vision Pro will benefit from the extensive library of AR apps on iOS and provide tools for developers to build more AR experiences.

Considering these promising capabilities, the Vision Pro provides good value for professionals and developers despite its high cost. The pricing is comparable to other premium AR/VR headsets in the market today.

Vision Pro vs Meta Quest Pro Comparison

The closest competitor to the Apple Vision Pro is the Meta Quest Pro, which is priced at ₹1.5 lakh in India. Here is a head-to-head comparison between the two mixed reality headsets:

Specs/FeaturesApple Vision ProMeta Quest Pro
ProcessorApple M2 chipSnapdragon XR2+
Display ResolutionDual 4K OLED displays1800 x 1920 per eye
Refresh Rate120Hz90Hz
TrackingLidar, cameras, sensorsCameras, sensors
AR capabilitiesAdvanced hand/face/eye trackingHand/face tracking
App ecosystemiOS AR appsMeta Quest store

While Meta’s Quest Pro offers decent specifications at Rs 1.5 lakh, the Apple Vision Pro is rumored to use a much more powerful Apple M2 chip promising PC-like performance.

The use of dual 4K displays, advanced AR capabilities like lidar tracking, and Apple’s expertise in hardware-software integration helps justify the roughly 2X higher pricing of the Apple headset in India.

What is Release Date in India

The global launch date for the Apple Vision Pro is set for February 2, 2024.

We expect the device to be available in India shortly after the global release on February 2, 2024. itself, either through online or offline retail channels.

There is huge anticipation among Apple fans, developers, and tech enthusiasts for the headset in India. The premium pricing may limit regular consumer adoption. But professionals and businesses focused on AR/VR development are likely to show strong interest.

The timely India release will allow Apple to capitalize on the hype and position itself as an innovative player in the mixed reality space. Competing devices like Meta Quest Pro have already been on sale in India for a few months.

Final Verdict – Worth the Hype?

The Apple Vision Pro launch is generating lots of interest and hype globally as well as in India. Does it live up to the hype based on expected pricing and features?

For professionals and developers, the Vision Pro promises to provide great value as an AR/VR creation and interaction tool given its cutting-edge M2 chip, dual 4K displays, precise tracking, and AR capabilities.

For tech enthusiasts eager to adopt early mixed reality experiences, the Vision Pro will deliver highly immersive and visually stunning VR along with unique AR use cases.

However, for regular consumers used to iPhone/iPad pricing, the expected Rs 2.88 lakh+ pricing may seem excessive. The headset is unlikely to sell in large volumes and will remain a niche device in 2024.

But as mixed reality headsets evolve technologically and get more affordable over time, the Vision Pro launch positions Apple as an innovator and early leader in the space.

Overall, the Vision Pro launch is an exciting milestone for Apple and the AR/VR industry. We believe Apple has built a very capable headset worthy of the hype based.

On its feature set and pricing targeted at professionals. The India launch on February 2 will be historic for Apple fans in the country eager to experience.


The expected price range of ₹2.88 lakh to ₹3.2 lakh positions the Apple Vision Pro as a premium AR/VR headset targeted at professionals, developers and tech enthusiasts in India.

While the pricing is on the higher side for regular consumers. The promised features and capabilities seem to provide good value for the target audience. It match up well against competitors like Meta Quest Pro.

The India release is expected alongside the global launch on February 2, 2024. This will allow Apple to capitalize on the hype and kickstart its mixed reality play in a key growth market like India with this iconic AR/VR headset.

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