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The technology world has been buzzing with excitement about the upcoming launch of the Apple Vision Pro Canada, Apple’s first ever augmented reality glasses. Expected to revolutionize the AR industry, these sleek, lightweight smart glasses aim to seamlessly blend virtual objects and information into the real world.

With impressive features like spatial awareness, hand tracking, and content blocking, along with the power of the Apple M2 chip, the Vision Pro promises next-level immersion and interactivity. But when can Canadians get their hands on this groundbreaking new product?

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Overview of the Vision Pro

Before jumping into pre-order details, let’s do a quick rundown of the key features and specs of the Apple Vision Pro:

  • Sleek, lightweight design with adjustable frames and temple arms
  • Dual 3D sensors for spatial awareness and hand tracking
  • Onboard M2 chip for fast performance and power efficiency
  • Full-fledged AR experience with pass-through video to view real world
  • Content blocking to shut out visual distractions when needed
  • All-day battery life with handy charging case for extra juice

With such robust capabilities packed into a slick, wearable form factor, it’s no wonder the Vision Pro has captured so much attention even before launch. It aims to make augmented reality feel seamless and intuitive.

Current Availability in Canada

Now for the big question: when will Canadians be able to pre-order the Vision Pro?

Unfortunately, while Apple has announced that the Vision Pro will be launching in the US first, there is no official word yet on exact availability in Canada.

Based on typical Apple product rollouts, early 2023 or spring 2023 seem to be reasonable guesses for when the Vision Pro may open for pre-orders in Canada. However, Apple has not confirmed any timeline.

Signs Point to Delayed Canadian Launch

A few clues indicate that Canada may see a slightly delayed launch compared to the US:

  • Focus on US market first – Apple is prioritizing building hype and demand in their home market first. Localization for Canada takes extra time.
  • Supply chain challenges – Rumors of production issues due to complex design suggest supply could be tight at launch.
  • Regulatory approvals pending – Apple is likely still going through the regulatory review process required to sell new telecom devices in Canada.
  • No mention of Canada pre-orders yet – US pre-order date was announced weeks ahead of time, but no such news yet for Canada.

While not definitive evidence, these factors point to Canadians needing to wait a bit longer than Americans for their chance to pre-order according to the typical Apple product launch playbook.

Monitoring for Pre-Order Launch News

With no firm pre-order date announced yet, Canadian customers eager to be among the first to get the Vision Pro will need to monitor news closely for launch updates. Here are some tips:

  • Check Apple’s Vision Pro and Apple Canada websites frequently for pre-order announcements. Sign up for notifications.
  • Follow Apple and tech news sites for any Canada Vision Pro launch reports.
  • Join discussions on Apple forums and Reddit to stay on top of the latest unofficial gossip and leaks.
  • Sign up for Vision Pro pre-order notifications from Canadian phone carriers and Apple resellers.
  • If you know the US pre-order date, mark your calendar for about 3-4 weeks after.

Being proactive is key, as the first batch of supply will likely be snatched up quickly when Canadian pre-orders open.

Registering Your Interest with Apple

One smart idea is to register your interest in purchasing the Vision Pro directly with Apple as soon as possible. Here’s how:

  1. Go to and click on “Vision” in the top menu bar.
  2. Scroll down and look for the “Notify Me” button, then click it.
  3. Enter your email address and any other requested info, such as country and contact preferences.
  4. Click submit!

This sends Apple your details so they can email you the moment pre-orders open up in Canada. It gives you a head start on reserving your spot in the queue.

Getting Ready to Pre-Order

Once Canadian pre-orders are live, it will be a mad dash to secure your Vision Pro in that initial limited supply batch. So do some prep-work now to ensure a smooth ordering process:

  • Decide on your model – Vision Pro comes in black or silver frame, with 64GB or 128GB storage options. Pick your perfect combination.
  • Double check compatibility – You’ll need an iPhone 14 series device or later running latest iOS.
  • Determine payment – Pre-orders will likely only be available using Apple Pay and Apple Card.
  • Backup payment details – Ensure Apple Pay is set up with your preferred credit card and your billing/shipping addresses are up to date.
  • Be ready at preorder time – Have your iPhone on hand to quickly complete the Apple Pay transaction when pre-orders open.

Follow these steps and you’ll be completely ready to hop online and swiftly snag your Vision Pro as soon as Apple starts accepting Canadian pre-orders.

The Waiting Game

While the lack of clarity around Canadian availability is frustrating for eager customers, Apple is likely working to ensure a smooth rollout. Ramping up production and inventory takes time.

By focusing first on meeting demand in the massive US market, Apple can iron out any kinks before expanding internationally. This careful approach may end up benefiting Canadian customers in the long run.

In the meantime, continue monitoring the news diligently. Once Apple confirms that coveted Canadian pre-order launch date, you’ll be ready to lock in your Vision Pro right away. The future of AR is almost here!


The wait continues for news on Apple Vision Pro pre-orders in Canada. But with a stylish new device primed to take augmented reality mainstream, Canadian customers have good reason to be patient and keep their eyes peeled for updates.

By understanding the expected rollout timeline, registering interest with Apple, and preparing everything needed for a smooth pre-order process, tech enthusiasts north of the border can make sure they don’t miss out when the Vision Pro finally lands in Canada. This long-awaited launch will be well worth the wait.

The future of AR wears glasses, and Canadians are eager to be part of it!

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