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The Apple Vision Pro takes augmented reality to the next level with its powerful tech packed into slim glasses. But like any mobile device, battery life is a concern. That’s where the Belkin Battery Holder for Apple Vision Pro comes in – providing a convenient way to keep an extra Vision Pro battery with you for on-the-go charging.

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Announced at Apple’s 2023 Worldwide Developers Conference, the Vision Pro represents a major advancement in augmented reality eyewear. The sleek-looking glasses are packed with advanced technologies like lidar depth sensors, high-resolution displays, and Apple’s latest augmented reality chip. This enables immersive AR experiences right in your field of view, overlaying digital content onto the real world.

But like all mobile devices, battery life is limited. Apple says the Vision Pro will last about 2 hours per charge with typical use. For many users, that may not get you through a full day’s use. Having an extra battery on hand can help you power through your day without having to stop and recharge.

This is where Belkin’s new Battery Holder comes in. It provides a convenient solution for carrying an extra Vision Pro battery while you’re on the go. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at the features and value proposition of this helpful accessory.

Overview of the Belkin Battery Holder

Belkin Battery Holder for Apple Vision Pro
Belkin Battery Holder for Apple Vision Pro

The Belkin Battery Holder is designed specifically for the Vision Pro battery pack. It’s an easy way to keep a spare battery with you that’s protected and readily accessible when needed.

The Holder is essentially a case to safely hold and transport an extra Vision Pro battery. It has a few key features and design elements:

  • 2-in-1 design – Can be worn as a clip-on or crossbody strap for flexibility
  • 16 adjustable angles – Rotating clip can be positioned at different angles for comfort
  • Flexible strap – Crossbody strap adjusts to fit and made of comfortable material
  • Snug fit for battery – Interior is custom-shaped to fit Vision Pro battery pack securely
  • Limited Apple partnership – One of the few third-party accessories made for Vision Pro so far

The Battery Holder provides a more convenient and secure way to keep an extra battery handy than just throwing it in your bag or pocket. And it offers options for how to wear it – clipped to your belt or clothes or across your body with the strap.

How to use Benefits and Cases

The major benefit of the Belkin Battery Holder is convenience. But it also offers some other helpful perks:

On-the-go power – With a 2 hour battery life, the Vision Pro may need recharging mid-day for heavy users. Having an extra battery in the Holder makes it easy to swap when your current charge runs low.

Protection – The Battery Holder protects your extra Vision Pro battery from bumps, scratches, and dust when stored in a bag or pocket.

Quick access – The clip-on design puts your spare battery right at your waist or clothes for fast access when you need to swap it out.

Wearable charging – The crossbody strap frees up your hands, allowing you to use the Vision Pro while your battery charges in the Holder.

Versatility – Wear the Holder clipped on or strapped with the adjustable crossbody strap to suit your needs and style.

Apple-approved design – As one of the only third-party accessories for Vision Pro so far, you can trust Apple approved the Holder’s quality.

Think of times when having an extra battery handy would be useful – running Vision Pro apps and games throughout a day-long conference, taking your glasses on a full day of travel, using AR maps and navigation extensively on a city trip, and more. The Battery Holder helps make sure you don’t run out of power in those situations.

Design Details

While simple in concept, Belkin put some thoughtful design details into the Battery Holder:

  • The clip rotates in 16 different positions. This allows you to angle it just right for access, comfort, and stability whether clipped to clothing, a belt, strap, etc.
  • The Holder uses strong but flexible materials that are built to last through daily use. The outer frame provides structure while the inner lining is soft to keep your battery safe.
  • It’s engineered with a custom shape that snugly fits the Vision Pro battery pack. This keeps it securely in place inside the Holder.
  • The included crossbody strap is made of a stretchable woven material. It can extend up to 24 inches, letting you get the right fit across your body.
  • The strap connects to the Holder via metal snap hooks on the end. These smoothly swivel 360 degrees for mobility and untangling.
  • For stability, there’s a molded hook on the back of the clip. This provides a counterbalance against the weight of the battery when clipped onto clothing.
  • The Holder measures 3 inches wide, 6 inches high, and 1.5 inches deep – compact enough to be portable without adding much bulk.
  • It weighs just 5.6 ounces, light enough that you’ll barely notice wearing the Holder.

How to Use the Battery Holder

Using the Belkin Battery Holder is straightforward. Here are the basic steps:

  1. Slide your extra Vision Pro battery into the Holder. It should fit snugly inside the custom-shaped interior.
  2. Close the Holder’s durable frame securely over the battery. Press along the edges to ensure it shuts completely.
  3. To wear clipped on, use the rotating 16-position clip to angle and attach to your belt, pocket, strap, collar, etc. Position for accessibility and comfort.
  4. Or connect the included crossbody strap to the end hooks and adjust the length to fit across your body.
  5. When your Vision Pro needs a battery swap, open the Holder frame and remove the charged battery. Replace it with the depleted one to recharge.
  6. Close up the Holder while wearing it to ensure the battery stays protected. Monitor charging time so it’s ready when needed again.
  7. Detach or unclip the Holder once done to store away safely. Leaving batteries inside helps prevent dust and dirt.

It’s quick and easy to open, swap the battery, and close the Holder as needed while on the move. Just be careful not to drop the battery when exchanging them.

Buying Information

The Belkin Battery Holder for Apple Vision Pro is available now. Here are the purchasing details:

  • Price: $49.99
  • Where to Buy:, Apple retail stores,, other select retailers
  • Colors: White, Black
  • Includes: Battery Holder, adjustable crossbody strap
  • Compatibility: Fits Vision Pro battery pack; only works with Vision Pro, not other AR glasses

The Holder is currently only compatible with the Vision Pro, not older models like Vision One. Battery Holder color options match Vision Pro colors of White and Black.

At just under $50, the Holder represents an affordable accessory to get more utility and convenience from your Vision Pro glasses. For heavy AR users, it can be a worthwhile add-on purchase.

Bottom Line

The Belkin Battery Holder addresses a key pain point of the Vision Pro – its limited battery life per charge. By providing a handy carrying case for an extra battery, it makes on-the-go charging simpler. No more fumbling with batteries in your pocket or bag.

For those who plan to use their Vision Pro extensively throughout the day – for work, travel, navigation, gaming, and more – the Battery Holder is a smart buy. The versatility to wear it clipped or strapped, combined with the thoughtful design details like the swiveling positions and strong yet flexible materials, make this an accessory that can add real value.

While basic in functionality, solving battery limitations in a sleek, portable form factor is what makes the Belkin Battery Holder a standout Vision Pro companion. It offers confidence you’ll have enough power no matter what your day holds.

So if you want a convenient charging solution for your new Vision Pro augmented reality glasses, be sure to grab the Belkin Battery Holder.

Table Summary of Belkin Battery Holder Features

2-in-1 DesignCan be worn clipped on or as crossbody strap
16 Adjustable AnglesRotating clip positions at different angles
Flexible StrapCrossbody strap adjusts up to 24 inches
Snug Battery FitCustom inner shape holds battery securely
Apple PartnershipOne of the few third-party Vision Pro accessories so far
On-the-Go PowerProvides spare battery for charging anytime
ProtectionSafeguards battery from damage when stored
Quick AccessClip puts battery at your waist or clothes for fast swaps
Wearable ChargingFrees up hands while battery charges in Holder
VersatilityWear clipped or strapped for flexibility
Thoughtful DesignDetails like swivel hooks, molded hook, durable materials


With the Belkin Battery Holder, you can feel confident taking your Apple Vision Pro anywhere while keeping backup power readily available. It delivers an easy and convenient solution for on

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