10 Best Alternatives To Summertime Saga iOS For iPhone and iPad

Summertime Saga For iPhone and iPad has gained huge popularity as an adult-oriented visual novel game since its release. With its anime-inspired art, risqué scenes, and gripping storylines, it’s no wonder the game has amassed a dedicated following across platforms like Windows, Mac, Linux, and Android.

However, the game is not natively available for iOS devices like iPhones and iPads due to App Store restrictions. If you’re an iOS user looking for games similar to Summertime Saga to play, there are some good options available. This article explores 10 of the best Summertime Saga alternatives you can enjoy on your iPhone or iPad.

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Summertime Saga features a fictional young character named Kevin, who returns to his hometown and rekindles relationships with female friends and acquaintances over the summer. Gameplay involves conversing with these characters through extensive dialogue trees which lead to unlocking steamy and provocative scenes.

While Apple’s content restrictions prevent such overtly sexual content from being published on the App Store, there are still some great story-driven games you can play with romantic elements and conversations. Many allow you to shape narratives through interactive choices, some offering adult scenes as in-app purchases.

We’ve compiled this list of 10 engaging, well-written games that can be solid alternatives to Summertime Saga for iOS users. All these games are free to download, though most include in-app purchases.

1. Episode – Choose Your Story

With over 100,000 stories available, Episode is undoubtedly one of the most popular interactive storytelling platforms on iOS. It features a wide range of fictional tales spanning romance, comedy, adventure, mystery and more.

Stories are divided into episodes, equivalent to chapters in a book. You shape narratives and ending outcomes through dialogue choices. Some stories have more mature themes and steamy scenes locked behind in-app currency payments. If you love story-driven games with branching plotlines, Episode is a great pick.

2. Maybe: Interactive Stories

Maybe: Interactive Stories provides a catalog of hundreds of different stories in genres like romance, fantasy and science fiction. You play a central character and direct the storyline through dialog options and actions.

Several stories have more explicit scenes suitable for mature audiences. The app itself is free but you need to spend Ink (in-app currency) to access premium stories and certain plotlines. With fun stories and great graphics, Maybe: Interactive Stories is worth checking out.

3. Love Story ® Romance Games

As the name suggests, Love Story is an iOS app focused specifically on romance-themed choose-your-own adventure style stories. You play a female character who builds relationships with different fictional male characters.

It offers an impressive amount of well-written, diverse stories with impressive graphics. Unlocking special scenes and endings requires spending in-app diamonds. But you can enjoy plenty with the free play option too. If romantic stories appeal, Love Story is a good Summertime Saga alternative.

4. Tabou Stories

Tabou Stories features fan-written tales revolving around love and erotica. You direct story outcomes by making conversation choices as the female protagonist interacting with NPC male characters.

Tabou provides a constant stream of fresh community stories with new episodes added daily. Unlocking spicier adult content requires collecting and spending Venus Coins. For erotic stories with adult themes similar to Summertime Saga, Tabou Stories hits the mark.

5. StoryBall

Think “Tinder for stories” – StoryBall provides short tale matchups based on the types of stories you swipe right for. You spend keys to unlock episodes. Covering genres like romance, thrillers and science fiction, stories often venture into sexy, tantalizing territory.

Some storylines have male lead characters for you to play too. You earn hearts and levels by reading and selecting response choices. If you want bite-sized steamy stories with mobile dating app-style matching, StoryBall delivers.

6. Choices

Choices offers an extensive catalog of stories across romance, drama, fantasy and more genres. From high school teen stories to supernatural mysteries, hospital soap operas and pirate adventures, there’s plenty of variety.

You collect diamond currency as you read to unlock special scenes and story options. While not all stories have explicit scenes, several have mature romantic subplots and situations. With quality writing and frequent new releases, Choices is absolutely worth checking out.

7. Chapters

Chapters provides a large selection of story-driven games covering many genres from romance and vampires to zombies and pirates. Some feature more adult situations and you use in-game diamonds to access intimate scenes.

You fill out a profile when you begin playing and Chapters matches appropriate stories. With hundreds of titles offering varied stories and conversations like Summertime Saga, Chapters is a good pick.

8. Lovelink

Lovelink is a dating sim game featuring interesting NPC character profiles for you to match with. Based on your conversations and choices, relationships evolve in different directions.

Some romance storylines venture into adult territory once you level up conversations. The art style and writing create intriguing character depth. If dating simulators appeal to you, Lovelink provides quality choice-driven narratives to get into.

9. Interactive Novel Games

This app offers a nice collection of interactive visual romance novels for women. You play as the female lead opposite male main characters and make decisions steering the direction of branching storylines.

Some options cater more to steamier tastes – like dating billionaire CEOs or supernatural fantasy creatures. Unlocking spicier scenes requires collecting ingots in-game. With a neat romance-focused catalog, Interactive Novel Games warrants a look for Summertime Saga fans.

10. Romance Club

Romance Club hosts visual romance novels across fantasy, historical and contemporary subgenres. You play central female characters and select actions and dialogue options to progress stories.

Some storylines feature more adult content once intimate relationships develop further. Regular app updates provide new tales too. For immersive, novel-style choose-your-own adventures, Romance Club is a nice option for iOS.

Comparision of Key Features

AppKey FeaturesIn-App Purchases
Episode100K+ stories. Genres include romance, drama, comedy, lgbtq+Gems currency to access locked stories/options
MaybeHundreds of interactive stories spanning romance, fantasy etcInk currency for premium content
LovestruckFocus on romance tales. High quality writing and artDiamonds for premium choices
Tabou StoriesErotica stories written by fans. New episodes dailyVenus Coins for adult content
StoryBallSwipe right on stories you like. Genres include thriller, scifi, romanceKeys to unlock episodes
ChoicesVaried genres like romance, horror. Teen to adult storiesDiamonds for special scenes
ChaptersMatching algorithm. Hundreds of titles across genresDiamonds for bonus content
LovelinkDating sim style narratives. Relationship evolutionCoins for premium options
Interactive Novel GamesInteractive visual romance novelsIngots to access mature content
Romance ClubFantasy, historic, contemporary visual novelsRegular app updates


While iOS users don’t have access to Summertime Saga, there are plenty of choice-driven, story-focused games on the platform providing compelling alternatives. Most offer free play, but you can unlock more mature, tantalizing scenes through in-game purchases.

We hope our recommendations for alternatives like Episode, Maybe, and Love Story help Summertime Saga fans find some satisfying interactive adventures on iPhone and iPad delivering similar thrills.

Give some of these games a try and discover stories with relationships and conversations leading in tantalizing directions! Let us know if you have suggestions for other great Summertime Saga-style games worth checking out for iOS.

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