Which Games Are Compatible With A17 Pro chip?

The upcoming iPhone 15 Pro is set to feature Apple’s latest A17 Pro chip, which promises blazing fast performance and enhanced graphics capabilities. This opens the door for more visually stunning and smooth gameplay on the iPhone 15 Pro, with the ability to power full console-quality games natively on the device.

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The A17 Pro chip is expected to bring some major improvements over the already powerful A16 chip found in the iPhone 14 Pro models. Key advancements include:

  • Faster CPU performance – Up to 20% boost over A16 for better game physics and AI
  • More powerful GPU – Up to 50% faster graphics rendering for higher fidelity visuals
  • Enhanced machine learning capabilities – For intelligent upscaling and image enhancement

With these improvements, the A17 Pro chip will enable a new level of immersive high-end gaming on iPhones, truly rivaling dedicated gaming handhelds and lower-end consoles.

Several major game titles have already been confirmed or are strongly rumored to be coming soon to the iPhone 15 Pro to take full advantage of the beefed up internals. Let’s take a look at some of the most exciting games on the horizon for Apple’s next Pro phone.

Upcoming Major Games Primed for the iPhone 15 Pro

Assassin’s Creed Codename Jade

The Assassin’s Creed franchise is coming to iOS in a big way with Assassin’s Creed Codename Jade. Set in ancient China, this will be a full open world action RPG exclusive to iPhone and iPad.

Built with Unity, Jade will feature the same free running and combat mechanics from the console and PC titles. The level of graphical fidelity seen in the early test footage indicates the A17 Pro chip will easily power Jade at least at console-equivalent quality, if not better.

Smooth 60fps gameplay will be possible with the speedy chipset, and the expansive ancient Chinese landscape will look stunning on the iPhone 15 Pro’s improved OLED display. Assassin’s Creed fans should be thrilled to experience a true series entry tailored for mobile.

Resident Evil Village

Resident Evil Village terrified players on PS5, Xbox Series X/S, and PC with its horrifying lycans, vampires, and other grotesque creatures. The Gothic action horror game will make its way to iOS devices in 2023, optimized to run smoothly on the A17 Pro chip.

With enhanced shadows, lighting, and textures, Village will look remarkable on the iPhone 15 Pro’s display. The A17 Pro’s machine learning capabilities can help intelligently upscale textures and assets to 4K quality, while still maintaining a solid 60fps for silky smooth combat against hulking lycans.

Village is a visual stunner on console and PC, and iPhone 15 Pro owners can expect an equally impressive handheld experience that replicates the ominous atmosphere.

The Division Resurgence

Ubisoft is bringing the next entry in the popular online shooter RPG series The Division to mobile platforms in late 2023. The Division Resurgence is being developed specifically for iOS and Android, and will take advantage of the A17 Pro’s power.

As an online multiplayer focused game, maintaining fast performance with minimal frame drops is crucial for good gameplay. The A17 Pro’s upgraded GPU will help Resurgence run at a consistent 60fps, even with numerous players on screen in co-op or competitive multiplayer.

Visually, Resurgence should match the quality seen in The Division 2 thanks to the chipset’s new machine learning capabilities. This means highly detailed characters and environments bringing the plague-ravaged city to life in your hands. For fans of looter shooters like Destiny, Resurgence will be the go-to mobile option.

Genshin Impact

The phenomenally popular open world action RPG Genshin Impact already plays excellently on iPhone 14 Pro models, but the A17 Pro will push it even further. Developers miHoYo have indicated their plans to leverage the new chipset’s power.

By unlocking higher resolution textures and adding more visual effects, Genshin Impact on iPhone 15 Pro can potentially run at up to 4K resolution while maintaining 60fps performance. This approach, combined with the phone’s 120Hz ProMotion display, will make Genshin’s anime-inspired world look and feel better than ever before on a mobile device.

For a game as demanding as Genshin, the A17 Pro chip will ensure Apple’s flagship phone delivers a truly top-tier experience comparable to playing on PC or console.

What the A17 Pro Chip Means for iPhone Gaming

The A17 Pro chip signifies a new chapter for gaming on iPhones. The level of performance now possible on Apple’s silicon opens the doors for mobile platforms to receive full ports of popular console and PC titles, rather than compromised scaled-down versions.

Switch-quality graphics and performance are the minimum – in many cases, new iPhone games will match or even surpass the fidelity seen on PS4 and Xbox One. The A17 Pro also keeps Apple competitive with powerful Android gaming phones that have touted desktop-level specs.

For developers, the A17 Pro chip and advanced ProMotion displays on iPhone 15 Pro models provide the ideal canvas to design graphically intensive titles. Features like shorter load times, seamless open worlds, and console-quality visuals become much more practical.

The chip even has enough headroom for innovations with dedicated gaming features. As an example, Sony has touted hardware ray tracing acceleration in their upcoming Xperia phone. While not confirmed, the A17 Pro could have dedicated ray tracing cores to similarly enhance lighting realism.

Thanks to the A17 Pro chip, gaming on iPhone is set to be more immersive, responsive, and visually spectacular than ever before. It brings a taste of what console-like mobile gaming will feel like in the future.

Other Perks for iPhone Gamers

Beyond the flagship A17 Pro chip itself, the iPhone 15 Pro will introduce other design changes to create an overall better gaming experience.

ProMotion display: The boosted peak brightness and 120Hz variable refresh rate make games look incredible, with smoother scrolling and animations. It also helps gameplay stay fluid and responsive.

Enhanced haptics: For more tactile feedback, the upgraded haptics system adds more precise vibrations that can match in-game actions. This makes effects like shooting a gun feel more immersive.

Dual eSIM: Support for two eSIM allows flexible multi-SIM setups, like using one data plan for regular usage and a second for unmetered gaming data.

Better speakers: If you play without headphones, the expected speaker improvements with extra bass will make game audio, soundtracks, and effects more impactful.

Faster 5G: 5G connectivity gets a further speed bump to reduce online multiplayer latency and improve streaming game performance from services like Xbox Cloud Gaming.


The iPhone 15 Pro’s A17 Pro chip ushers in a new era for iOS gaming. The level of power and efficiency enables full current-gen console and PC games to run smoothly on iPhone, with gorgeous lifelike graphics.

Paired with premium hardware upgrades across the board, from the display to haptics and wireless connectivity, the iPhone 15 Pro shapes up to be the ultimate handheld gaming phone when it launches. It will be very exciting to see major franchises like Assassin’s Creed and Resident Evil truly optimized for iPhone and iPad.

For mobile gamers, there is really no better option on the horizon than the iPhone 15 Pro and cutting-edge A17 Pro chip. It brings desktop-like performance right in your pocket, letting you immerse yourself in expansive worlds anywhere. The future is bright for gaming on iPhone.

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