iOS 17 Beta 3: What’s New in the Latest Update


Apple recently unveiled iOS 17 beta 3, the latest iteration of its operating system, exclusively for developers. This beta release allows developers to test their apps and ensure compatibility with the upcoming iOS update. The original version of iOS 17 beta 3 was made available on July 5, 2023, followed by a revised version on July 11, 2023. In this article, we will explore some of the exciting new features and changes introduced in iOS 17 beta 3. It’s important to note that beta software is subject to change, and not all features may make it to the final release.

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What’s new in iOS 17 beta 3?

New “What’s new” splash screen in Home app

In iOS 17 beta 3, Apple has introduced a fresh addition to the Home app—an engaging “What’s new” splash screen. This screen provides users with a quick overview of the latest updates and enhancements in the app. It serves as an informative starting point for users, helping them stay up to date with the latest features.

Updated scrolling interface for adjusting color

A significant improvement in iOS 17 beta 3 is the updated scrolling interface for adjusting the color of multi-colored lights in the Home app. The new interface offers a more intuitive and seamless experience, allowing users to fine-tune the colors of their smart lights effortlessly. With this enhancement, users can create the perfect ambiance in their homes with just a few taps.

Contact Posters in the Messages app

iOS 17 beta 3 introduces an exciting feature called Contact Posters in the Messages app. Users can now create and set Contact Posters, which are personalized images or stickers associated with specific contacts. These posters can be exchanged with friends and displayed in the Messages app, adding a fun and visual element to conversations.

A new journaling app on the horizon

Apple has also teased a forthcoming journaling app, set to be released later this year. While details about the app are still scarce, it’s an exciting addition for users who enjoy documenting their thoughts, experiences, and memories. The journaling app is expected to offer a seamless and immersive journaling experience, allowing users to preserve their precious moments in a digital format.

AirPlay support in select hotel rooms

iOS 17 beta 3 expands the functionality of AirPlay by introducing support for select hotel rooms. This new feature enables users to wirelessly stream content from their iOS devices to compatible televisions within supported hotel accommodations. Whether it’s sharing vacation photos or enjoying your favorite shows, AirPlay in hotel rooms enhances the entertainment experience for travelers.

Improvements to AirPods Pro 2

Apple continues to refine its popular AirPods Pro with the release of iOS 17 beta 3. Thanks to a new firmware update, AirPods Pro 2 users can expect several enhancements and optimizations. These improvements are aimed at delivering a more seamless and immersive audio experience, further solidifying AirPods Pro 2 as the go-to choice for wireless earbuds.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Can I install iOS 17 beta 3 on my iPhone or iPad?

No, iOS 17 beta 3 is exclusively available to registered developers for testing purposes. It is not recommended for general users as beta software may contain bugs and can be unstable.

2. When will the final version of iOS 17 be released?

Apple typically releases the final version of its iOS updates in the fall, coinciding with the launch of new iPhone models. The exact release date for iOS 17 will be announced by Apple closer to that time.

3. Are all the features in iOS 17 beta 3 guaranteed to be in the final release?

No, beta software is subject to change, and Apple may choose to modify or remove certain features based on user feedback and internal testing. Not all features introduced in beta versions make it to the final release.

4. How can I become a registered developer and access beta releases?

To become a registered developer, you need to enroll in the Apple Developer Program, which requires a membership fee. Once you have enrolled, you will gain access to beta releases, developer tools, and resources to create and test apps on Apple’s platforms.

5. Will the new journaling app be available for all iOS 17 users?

While specific details about the journaling app are limited, it is expected to be available to all iOS 17 users when it is officially released later this year. However, Apple may provide further clarification closer to the app’s launch.

6. Can I provide feedback on iOS 17 beta 3 to Apple?

Yes, Apple encourages developers to provide feedback on beta releases to help identify and resolve any issues or bugs. Developers can use Apple’s feedback channels to report their findings and contribute to improving the overall stability and performance of iOS 17.


Apple’s release of iOS 17 beta 3 to developers marks an important step in the development process of the upcoming iOS update. With new features like the “What’s new” splash screen, improved color adjustment interface, Contact Posters, and AirPlay support in select hotel rooms, iOS 17 promises to enhance the user experience across various Apple devices. Additionally, the forthcoming journaling app and improvements to AirPods Pro 2 add further excitement for users. As the development progresses, it’s essential to remember that beta software is subject to change, and Apple may refine or modify features based on user feedback. Stay tuned for further updates and announcements regarding iOS 17’s final release.

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