What I Don’t Like About iOS 17

Apple’s iOS 17 has been a topic of heated discussion since its release, with users divided on their opinions about the software update. While some laud the new features and improvements, others express disappointment over the perceived lack of innovation and missed opportunities. Let’s discuss the reasons why some users believe iOS 17 falls short of expectations.

Dynamic Island: An Underutilized Feature

One of the most talked-about features of the iPhone 14 Pro Models is the Dynamic Island. However, users have expressed disappointment over Apple’s lack of updates and improvements to this feature. The Dynamic Island, which is a headline feature for pro devices, could have been utilized for notifications and Siri integration.

Imagine receiving a notification and being able to long press on it for a quick reply, all within the Dynamic Island. Or invoking Siri within iOS and having it appear on Dynamic Island instead of interrupting your screen experience. These are just some of the potential enhancements that users were hoping for, but unfortunately, Apple has yet to deliver.

Customization: A Missed Opportunity

Customization is a feature that iPhone users have long been clamoring for. Many were hoping for an icon refresh or the ability to customize their icons in iOS 17. Despite the demand, Apple did not deliver on this front. The ability to theme the iPhone, similar to what jailbreaking allows, would have been a welcome addition. A theme store where designers and developers can create and sell themes could have been a new revenue stream for Apple and a hit with users.

Split Screen Multitasking: A Desired Feature

Another feature that users have been asking for is split screen multitasking. The ability to use two applications at the same time is something that many users find useful. While Apple has introduced some form of split screen multitasking for selected applications, it is not the full-fledged multitasking that users were hoping for.

Lock Screen: Room for More Functionality

The lock screen in iOS 17 has seen some improvements, such as the new standby feature. However, users were hoping for more customization options and additional functionality. For instance, the ability to change the shortcuts at the bottom of the screen or to delete multiple cards at once would have been useful additions.

Control Center: A Refresh is Needed

While the Control Center in iOS 17 isn’t necessarily broken, users feel that a refresh or facelift would have been nice. The ability to customize the tiles and minor tweaks to the user interface could have made the Control Center more user-friendly and personalized.

AirPods Firmware Update: A Better Process is Needed

The process of updating AirPods firmware is another area that users feel needs improvement. Currently, users have to let their AirPods sit next to their iPhone, both connected to a power source, and wait for the update to happen automatically in the background. A physical button to check for software updates, similar to what is available for the iPhone, would have been a more user-friendly approach.

App Locking: An Additional Layer of Security

The ability to lock individual applications using Face ID or Touch ID is another feature that users were hoping to see in iOS 17. This would provide an additional layer of security, especially in situations where someone else knows your passcode.

Side Loading: The Most Requested Feature

The most requested feature for iOS 17 is the ability to side load or install apps from third-party app stores. While this feature could potentially open up the iPhone to malware and spyware, it is still a feature that many users want. However, it is important to note that Apple has until 2024 to comply with EU regulations regarding side loading, so this feature could still be coming in the future.

Conclusion: A Mixed Reception for iOS 17

While iOS 17 brings some improvements and new features, it also leaves a lot to be desired. Users have expressed their disappointment over missed opportunities for enhancements, especially in areas like Dynamic Island functionality, customization, split screen multitasking, lock screen functionality, Control Center refresh, AirPods firmware update process, app locking, and side loading.

However, it’s important to remember that iOS 17 is still in its early stages, and Apple may introduce more features and improvements in future updates. As always, user feedback plays a crucial role in shaping these updates, and it’s clear that the iOS user community has a lot of ideas for making the operating system even better.

Despite the criticisms, iOS 17 also has its share of fans who appreciate the new features and improvements it brings. As with any software update, it’s a matter of personal preference and how well the new features align with individual users’ needs and expectations.

In the end, whether iOS 17 is a hit or a miss largely depends on what you, as a user, value most in your mobile operating system. If you haven’t tried it yet, give iOS 17 a spin and form your own opinion. After all, the best judge of whether a software update meets your needs is you.

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