How To Use iOS 17 Improved Apple Maps [Guide]

Improved Apple Maps received a few handy upgrades in iOS 17 that make the app more useful for finding places and getting directions. While the changes aren’t major overhauls, they do provide some nice quality-of-life improvements that Maps users will appreciate.

In this guide, we’ll walk through the key enhancements to Apple Maps in iOS 17 and how to take advantage of them.

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Offline Maps

One of the most useful improvements in iOS 17 Maps is the ability to download maps for offline use. This allows you to navigate and search maps even without an internet connection.

Here’s how to download offline maps on iOS 17:

  1. Open the Maps app.
  2. Search for the area you want to download the map for. This can be a city, region, country, etc.
  3. Tap the “Download” button next to the area’s name in the search result.
  4. The map will start downloading. A progress wheel will show the download status.

Downloaded maps are saved locally on your device. You can find them by going to Settings > Maps and selecting “Offline Maps”. Here you can also delete downloaded maps to free up space.

Offline maps allow you to navigate unfamiliar areas without racking up roaming charges. They’re handy when traveling abroad or anywhere that data connectivity is limited.

Just bear in mind that offline maps do not contain real-time traffic information. They also won’t dynamically reroute based on current conditions. But they’re still invaluable for basic navigation when offline.

Organize Places in My Guides

The new My Guides feature in iOS 17 Maps lets you organize places into custom collections for easy access later. My Guides act like curated lists of destinations you want to remember.

Here’s how to use My Guides:

  1. In Maps, scroll down the search card and tap “New Guide”.
  2. Give the guide a name like “Vacation Spots” or “Favorite Restaurants”.
  3. Tap “Create”.
  4. To add a place to the guide, tap it on the map or search results then tap “Add to Guide” > choose the guide name.

Once places are added to a guide, you can easily tap into it anytime to see those saved spots. It’s super handy for grouping places related to upcoming trips, events, neighborhoods you frequent, and more.

The places in guides even sync across your Apple devices, so you can access the same organized places on your iPhone, iPad, and Mac.

Overall, My Guides provide an easy way to bookmark meaningful locations for quick access later on.

View Different Map Types

iOS 17 Maps offers several different map types to suit your needs. There’s the standard map, satellite view, hybrid map + satellite, and dark mode maps.

To change the map type:

  1. Tap the button in the top-right corner of Maps.
  2. Select the map type you want to use.
  3. Tap “Close” to go back to the map.

The default is the standard street map. Satellite view switches to an overhead photographic view. Hybrid overlay street names and points of interest on the satellite imagery.

Dark mode maps switch roadways and backgrounds to dark colors for easier night viewing. Play around with the different options to see which map type works best for you in any situation.

Get Precise Driving Directions

Planning a road trip? Maps in iOS 17 makes it easy to get point-to-point driving directions.

To get driving directions:

  1. Search for your destination or tap it on the map.
  2. Tap the Directions button.
  3. Make sure “Driving” mode is selected.
  4. Tap “Go” to begin direction guidance.

As you drive, Apple Maps will provide turn-by-turn voice guidance to guide you to your destination.

If you need to make stops along the way, you can add multiple destinations to create a route. Simply continue searching for extra stops and Maps will plan the best driving order and route for you.

For road trips, Maps makes it easy to find gas stations, charging stations, restaurants, and other services along your drive. Tap the search bar at the bottom and search for what you need, then add it as a stop.

With its crowdsourced traffic data, Maps also does a great job of dynamically routing you around accidents and heavy traffic when delays arise. Just keep following the guided directions for the optimal route.

iOS 17 Maps Tips & Tricks

Beyond the major improvements covered already, there are a few other iOS 17 Apple Maps tips worth knowing:

  • Zoom in and out of the map using two-finger pinch gestures, just like photos & web pages.
  • Tap and hold any point on the map to drop a pin or see additional options.
  • Swipe up from the bottom to see a quicker overview of your trip progress.
  • Turn on Announce Names to have Maps speak street names aloud as you navigate.
  • Share your ETA with others by tapping the search bar and choosing “Share ETA”.
  • View traffic conditions and incidents by tapping the search bar and selecting “Traffic”.
  • Rotate the map using two-finger rotate gestures.
  • Reorder destinations in your route by tapping “Edit” on the Directions page.

Take the time to dive into Maps and discover other handy features available at your fingertips.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I save maps offline in iOS 17?

Search for the area you want, tap “Download Map”, and the map will save to your device for offline use. Access downloaded maps in Settings.

Can I organize favorite places in iOS 17 Maps?

Yes! Use the new My Guides feature to bookmark places like restaurants, hotels, parks etc. Guides sync across your Apple devices too.

What’s the best iOS 17 Apple Maps view for driving?

The standard map view works well for driving. You can also enable Announce Names to have street names spoken aloud for easier navigation.

How do I get walking directions?

Search for your destination, tap Directions, then change the mode from “Driving” to “Walking”. Maps will provide walking directions.

What map styles are available in iOS 17?

There’s the standard street map, satellite view, hybrid, and dark mode. Try them all out to see which you prefer.


The iOS 17 updates bring welcomed improvements that make Apple Maps more useful than ever. Offline maps allow navigation even without service. My Guides provide an easy way to organize important places. More map styles, precise driving directions, and other enhancements round out a solid upgrade.

With maps being so crucial to modern life, it’s great to see Apple continue refining and expanding the capabilities of Maps. The app is now far more robust, reliable, and feature-rich than ever before.

So be sure to dive into the new iOS 17 Apple Maps upgrades covered in this guide. We think you’ll find the enhancements meaningfully improve your daily mapping experience.

Over time, we expect even more refinements that further close the gap to competing options. Apple Maps is on the path to becoming the undisputed mapping app of choice on iOS devices.

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