Here’s How to Download Silly Wishes Genshin Impact Wish Simulator on iOS

So, you have found us! And we have found the best Genshin Impact wish simulator for iOS, i.e., Silly Wishes or Silly Wisher app.

Since you are a “gacha” game fan, you don’t need a formal introduction to the Genshin Impact game and the importance of the Genshin Impact Silly Wishes simulator. I like to play gacha games sometimes, and when I saw “Silly Wishes Genshin Impact iOS” and “Silly Wishes Genshin Impact APK,” I thought of creating a proper guide for my fellow players.

What Is “Silly Wishes Genshin Impact?”

FYI, Silly Wishes is a wish simulator for the Genshin Impact app for the iPhone. With this app installed on your iOS device, you can simulate free Genshin Impact wishes.

Silly Wishes, AKA Silly Wisher, lets you mix 2-4 characters to create a completely new and cursed mutation. This can increase the fun. Plus, it is available for free download from the App Store.

However, keep in mind that Silly Wishes app is not affiliated with Genshin Impact, and the objective of this wish simulator is entertainment only.

How to Download Silly Wishes Genshin Impact Wish Simulator on iPhone on iOS 16?

Silly Wishes has now been renamed Silly Wisher, and it is available for free on the iOS App Store. You may not find it by making a simple search on the App Store, but I have found it and put a link here for our readers:

Silly Wishes Genshin iOS Download

How to Use Silly Wisher Genshin on the iPhone

Once you have downloaded the app, you can instantly use it for free. You can mix multiple characters to create new mutations and battle with characters you’ve pulled.

Moreover, in order to use more features of this application, you have to make in-app purchases.

Is Silly Wishes the Best Genshin Impact Wish Simulator on iOS?

Along with Silly Wishes (Silly Wisher), there are multiple Genshin wish simulators that allow you to try out in-game items without spending real money. I checked a few of them, but most of them are available as web versions or for Android.

Wish Simulator for Genshin by Nikita Markelov was available on the App Store, but now it has been removed. Hence, if you are comfortable using online Genshin wish simulators, there are multiple options that are better than Silly Wishes. However, if you need an iOS app, Silly Wishes is the only choice for iPhone Genshin Impact players.


Just download Silly Wishes on your iPhone and make the most out of your gacha gaming experience. In the coming months, we may see better options than Silly Wishes for iOS. Till then, this is it.

If you need more content about gacha games and Genshin wish simulators, let us know in the comment section.

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