The New Full-Screen Experience in iOS 17: StandBy


The new full-screen experience in iOS 17 is called StandBy. It provides users with glanceable information that is designed to be viewed from a distance when the iPhone is on its side and charging. This innovative feature allows users to easily see important information on their iPhone screen without having to pick it up or unlock it. It enhances the convenience and accessibility of using the iPhone while it is charging. In this article, we will explore the StandBy feature in detail, discussing its benefits and how it improves the overall user experience.

The StandBy Feature: A Glanceable Experience

StandBy, the new full-screen experience in iOS 17, offers users a convenient way to access important information at a glance. When the iPhone is placed on its side and connected to a charger, StandBy mode is activated. The screen displays a range of information in a visually appealing manner, making it easy for users to view from a distance.

Key Information Always in Sight

With StandBy, users can keep an eye on essential details without having to physically interact with their iPhone. The feature showcases a variety of information, including time, date, weather updates, calendar events, notifications, and more. This glanceable experience ensures that users stay informed without interruptions or the need to constantly unlock their device.

Customizable Widgets for Personalized Experience

StandBy also introduces customizable widgets, allowing users to personalize their full-screen view. Users can select and arrange widgets based on their preferences, such as displaying news headlines, fitness data, stock prices, or even photos. The ability to customize the StandBy screen enhances the overall user experience, providing tailored information that matters most to each individual.

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The Benefits of StandBy

The StandBy feature in iOS 17 brings several benefits to iPhone users, revolutionizing the charging experience. Let’s take a closer look at some of the advantages it offers:

1. Enhanced Convenience

StandBy eliminates the need to constantly pick up or unlock the iPhone to check for updates or notifications. The glanceable information displayed on the full-screen view makes it effortless for users to stay connected and up to date without any disruptions. Whether it’s checking the time, reviewing upcoming events, or staying informed about the weather, all the essential information is readily available with a simple glance.

2. Improved Accessibility

The StandBy feature is particularly beneficial for individuals with limited mobility or visual impairments. By providing a clear and easily readable display of information, StandBy enhances accessibility and inclusivity. Users can comfortably view important details without straining their eyes or having to manipulate their device extensively.

3. Time Efficiency

With StandBy, users can save valuable time by quickly checking notifications and important updates without fully engaging with their iPhone. This feature streamlines the information consumption process, allowing users to focus on their tasks or activities more efficiently. Whether it’s in a meeting, cooking in the kitchen, or simply relaxing on the couch, StandBy ensures users don’t miss out on vital information while charging their iPhone.

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4. Reduced Battery Consumption

Since StandBy mode displays information using a black background, it helps conserve battery life. OLED screens, which are found in many iPhone models, consume less power when displaying darker colors. By utilizing a primarily black interface, StandBy minimizes battery consumption, allowing users to charge their iPhones while still accessing essential information.


To provide a comprehensive understanding of the StandBy feature in iOS 17, here are some frequently asked questions along with their answers:

Q: Can I customize the widgets displayed on the StandBy screen?

A: Yes, you can personalize the StandBy screen by selecting and arranging widgets based on your preferences. This allows you to have a fully customized glanceable experience that suits your needs.

Q: Can I interact with the StandBy screen without unlocking my iPhone?

A: StandBy is designed to provide glanceable information without the need to unlock the device. However, certain widgets may offer limited interactivity, such as tapping on a news headline to read the full article.

Q: Will StandBy drain my battery quickly?

A: No, StandBy actually helps conserve battery life. The primarily black interface reduces power consumption, especially on OLED screens, resulting in improved battery efficiency.

Q: Can I disable the StandBy feature if I don’t find it useful?

A: Yes, you have the option to disable StandBy if you prefer not to use this feature. You can manage the StandBy settings in the iOS 17 settings menu.

Q: Does StandBy work with all iPhone models?

A: StandBy is compatible with iPhone models that support iOS 17. However, certain older models may not have all the features available or may have limited functionality.

Q: Can I still receive notifications while using StandBy?

A: Yes, StandBy ensures that you receive notifications even while the device is charging. You can view these notifications on the full-screen StandBy display.


The StandBy feature in iOS 17 introduces a new full-screen experience that enhances the convenience and accessibility of using the iPhone while it is charging. By providing users with glanceable information that can be easily viewed from a distance, StandBy eliminates the need for constant device interaction. With customizable widgets and a range of essential information at your fingertips, StandBy revolutionizes the way users stay connected and informed. Embrace the StandBy feature and make the most of your iPhone charging time with this innovative and user-friendly addition.

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