LEGO Apple Store – Everything You Need To Know


Combining the beloved worlds of LEGO and Apple, one creative fan has submitted an impressive LEGO Ideas concept that brings the iconic Apple Store to life in brick form. Titled the “LEGO Apple Store,” this meticulous design by LEGO enthusiasts @legotruman and @2A2A captures the essence of Apple’s sleek retail spaces with stunning accuracy and attention to detail.

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The LEGO Ideas Initiative

LEGO Ideas is a platform that allows fans from around the world to submit their original LEGO set concepts for potential production as official LEGO products. If a project manages to garner 10,000 supporters within a specific timeframe. It is reviewed by a LEGO panel of experts for possible selection and release.

The “LEGO Apple Store” concept has already amassed nearly 1,500 supporters as of May 2024, making it a promising contender for the coveted 10,000 milestone. However, even if it achieves this goal, the project would still require licensing approval from Apple. A company known for its protective stance on brand image.

What is Design and Details

The LEGO Apple Store design is a masterclass in capturing the iconic elements of Apple’s retail spaces using the limitless potential of LEGO bricks. Let’s delve into the intricate details that make this concept a true standout.

Exterior: Sleek and Inviting

The exterior of the LEGO Apple Store is an immediate attention-grabber, featuring tall glass walls that wrap around the front and sides of the building, just like the real-life counterparts. A large white Apple logo is prominently placed on the front facade. While black border “door frames” indicate the entrances, inviting visitors to step inside.

Interior: A Minimalist Wonderland

Step inside the LEGO Apple Store, and you’ll be greeted by a clean, minimalist interior space that perfectly reflects Apple’s design ethos. Friendly LEGO staff members, clad in blue t-shirts, stand ready to assist visitors.

Long wooden tables showcase the latest LEGO representations of iconic Apple products, including iPhones, iMacs, and MacBooks. Shelves adorned with white product packages and headphones arranged in a floral pattern add a touch of whimsy to the otherwise sleek surroundings.

Indoor Ficus trees in white pots with nougat trim provide a natural contrast to the tech-centric environment. While stairs crossing the boundary of indoor and outdoor spaces create a seamless flow between the two realms.

Upstairs: A Hub of Technology

Ascend the stairs, and you’ll find yourself in an upstairs area dedicated to showcasing the LEGO Apple Watch on a display table. Complemented by a large color gradient screen backdrop that adds a vibrant pop of color to the space.

Product Showcase

One of the standout features of the LEGO Apple Store concept is the incredible attention to detail in replicating Apple’s iconic products using LEGO bricks. From the sleek curves of the iPhones to the familiar keyboard layout of the MacBooks. Every element has been meticulously crafted to capture the essence of Apple’s design language.

Table: LEGO Apple Store Product Lineup

iPhoneBrick-built representation of Apple’s flagship smartphone, complete with accurate dimensions and iconic design elements.
iMacA LEGO recreation of Apple’s all-in-one desktop computer, featuring the distinctive slim profile and curved display.
MacBookA detailed LEGO model of Apple’s popular laptop, capturing the seamless unibody design and accurate keyboard layout.
Apple WatchA miniature LEGO version of Apple’s wearable device, showcasing the versatile watchface designs and band options.
AccessoriesVarious LEGO interpretations of Apple’s ecosystem accessories, including headphones, earbuds, and charging cables.

The Road to Official LEGO Set

While the “LEGO Apple Store” concept has already garnered significant support within the LEGO fan community, its journey to becoming an official LEGO set is far from guaranteed. Even if the project reaches the 10,000 supporter milestone required for review, securing licensing approval from Apple itself presents a formidable challenge.

Apple is widely known for its protective stance on brand image and licensing, often exercising a high degree of control over how its products and retail spaces are represented in third-party media. However, the sheer level of detail and accuracy exhibited in the LEGO Apple Store concept may work in its favor. Showcasing the reverence and care with which the designers have approached this tribute to Apple’s iconic retail experience.

Should the “LEGO Apple Store” concept receive the green light from both LEGO and Apple. It would undoubtedly become a highly coveted collector’s item among LEGO enthusiasts. Apple fans alike, bridging the worlds of technology and creative play in a truly unique and innovative way.

LEGO and Apple: A Potential Partnership

While an official LEGO Apple Store set may still be a distant dream. The relationship between LEGO and Apple has already blossomed in the digital realm. LEGO offers a variety of Apple-themed apps on the App Store. Including immersive gaming experiences like LEGO Builder’s Journey, LEGO Brawls, and LEGO TECHNIC AR.

Additionally, LEGO has developed the LEGO Builder app, which provides 3D instructions for building LEGO sets directly on Apple devices. Further enhancing the synergy between these two iconic brands.


The “LEGO Apple Store” concept is a remarkable achievement in both creativity and attention to detail, showcasing the boundless potential of LEGO enthusiasts to recreate even the most intricate and iconic real-world structures using nothing but plastic bricks.

As the project continues to garner support within the LEGO community, fans eagerly await the potential for this brick-built marvel to become an official LEGO set. Immortalizing the sleek and minimalist aesthetic of Apple’s retail spaces in a tangible, playable form.

Whether it achieves official status or not, the “LEGO Apple Store” concept stands as a testament to the enduring appeal of LEGO and the boundless imagination of its fan community. Inspiring future generations of builders to push the boundaries of what can be achieved with these beloved plastic bricks.

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