How to Play JUMP Assemble on iOS on iPhone

JUMP Assemble on iOS on iPhone is a new mobile puzzle game that is gaining popularity, especially in the Philippines. The game involves connecting pipes to direct water flows and assemble structures. With its simple yet challenging gameplay, crisp graphics, and relaxing music, it’s easy to see why many iOS users are getting hooked.

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If you have an iPhone and want to try out this exciting new game, here is a guide on how to get started playing JUMP Assemble on iOS on iPhone:


JUMP Assemble is a free-to-play mobile puzzle game developed by Azur Interactive Games Limited. It was initially launched in the Philippines in September 2022 before becoming available worldwide soon after.

The game is easy to pick up but offers deep and challenging gameplay. The objective is to connect pipes and valves to direct water flows in order to assemble structures. You’ll need spatial reasoning skills to rotate pieces and link up parts correctly.

Solving puzzles provides you with nuts, which are the in-game currency. These can be used to get hints or acquire power-ups and boosters to help you solve tricky structures. There is no time limit, so you can take your time perfecting each structure.

JUMP Assemble on iOS on iPhone features colorful 3D graphics and calming background music, making for an overall relaxing gaming experience. It’s the perfect casual game to play for a few minutes whenever you have some free time.

Steps to Play JUMP Assemble on iPhone

Here are the steps to start playing JUMP Assemble on your iPhone:

1. Check Availability in Your Region

As of October 2023, JUMP Assemble is officially available in the following countries:

  • Philippines
  • United States
  • Canada
  • Australia
  • New Zealand
  • United Kingdom
  • Ireland
  • South Africa
  • India
  • Singapore
  • Malaysia

The game may also be available in other countries through the iOS App Store. Be sure to check the App Store listing for JUMP Assemble in your country to confirm availability.

2. Download the Game

Once you’ve confirmed the game is available in your country, you can proceed to download it on your iPhone.

  • Open the App Store app on your iPhone.
  • Use the search bar to search for “JUMP Assemble”.
  • Tap on the JUMP Assemble app in the search results.
  • Tap “Get” to initiate the download and installation.

The game is 166 MB in size so it may take a few minutes to download depending on your internet connection speed.

3. Start the Game

After JUMP Assemble has finished downloading, you can start playing it by:

  • Opening your iPhone’s home screen.
  • Locating the JUMP Assemble app icon.
  • Tapping the icon to launch the game.

The game will start up and take you through a brief tutorial teaching you the controls. Pay close attention to this to learn the basics of connecting pipes, directing water flows, and assembling structures.

4. Link Up Pipes to Solve Puzzles

The main gameplay of JUMP Assemble involves connecting up pipe pieces to create a flow from the water source to the end piece. Here are some tips for solving puzzles:

  • Tap and drag to rotate pieces to orient them correctly.
  • Connect pieces together so that the arrows match up.
  • Make sure there are no gaps in the pipe connections.
  • Avoid crossing or overlapping pipes.
  • Use valves and junctions to change the water flow direction.

Take your time and don’t rush. Analyze the puzzle carefully and methodically link up the pipes. If you get stuck, use nuts to get hints or acquire helper power-ups.

With over 600 puzzles, JUMP Assemble will keep you engaged and challenged for hours on end. The puzzles start off simple but gradually increase in complexity across the many levels and worlds.

5. Collect Nuts to Unlock Hints and Power-Ups

As you solve puzzles successfully, you’ll earn nuts. These are the in-game currency that can be used to purchase helpful items including:

  • Hints: Reveal the correct position of a pipe piece.
  • Rotator: Rotates random pieces to help you out.
  • Connector: Links random pieces together automatically.
  • Water Booster: Increases water pressure to remove obstacles.

Make sure to collect nuts from each puzzle so you can use these power-ups to get yourself out of a jam when puzzles get tough.

You can also watch video ads to earn additional free nuts. Use these to unlock hints and power-ups when you need them.

6. Complete Achievements and Daily Tasks

There are many achievements to complete that reward you with nuts and medals. Try to knock out achievements like completing a world without hints or solving 10 puzzles in a row.

JUMP Assemble also has daily tasks with rotating objectives, like using a certain number of boosters or solving puzzles within a time limit. These provide yet another way to earn more nuts so take advantage of them.

Completing achievements and daily tasks will give you a sense of progression and allow you to unlock power-ups faster.

Tips and Tricks

Here are some additional tips to excel at JUMP Assemble on your iPhone:

  • Take breaks between puzzles to avoid burnout. The game can be addicting but don’t overdo it.
  • Turn on notifications to be reminded of daily tasks and achievements.
  • Cloud sync allows you to pick up where you left off when switching devices.
  • Remove obstacles early on to make linking pipes easier.
  • The Jump Cannon power-up auto-completes a puzzle instantly.
  • Save your best power-ups for the most challenging puzzles.
  • Struggling with a puzzle? Don’t hesitate to use hints. There’s no penalty.
  • Watch video ads frequently to earn free nuts. This adds up over time.
  • Stuck on a puzzle? Try coming back to it later with a fresh perspective.

JUMP Assemble FAQs

Here are answers to some frequently asked questions about JUMP Assemble on iOS:

Is JUMP Assemble free to play?

Yes, JUMP Assemble is completely free to download and play on iOS devices. There are no upfront costs.

Does it require an internet connection?
You need an internet connection to download the game initially. After that, you can play offline without an internet connection. However, you won’t be able to sync progress across devices or watch video ads while offline.

Are there in-app purchases?

No, JUMP Assemble does not have any in-app purchases. Everything can be unlocked through gameplay.

How much storage space does it need?

JUMP Assemble requires approximately 166 MB of available storage space to download and install. Additional space will be needed for saved progress and cached data.

Is JUMP Assemble appropriate for kids?

Yes, this game is kid-friendly and appropriate for children. There is no objectionable content. Easy difficulty early on makes it accessible. Parental guidance recommended for younger kids.

Does it work on older iPhone models?

JUMP Assemble is compatible with iPhones running iOS 11.0 or later. This allows it to run on older models as far back as the iPhone 5S.

Can I play offline?

Yes, you can continue playing puzzles even without an internet connection after downloading the game initially. However, you won’t have access to cloud syncing or video ads while offline.


JUMP Assemble brings the satisfying puzzle gameplay of connecting pipes firmly into the mobile era. With deceptively simple mechanics, colorful graphics, and a chill soundtrack, it’s easy to get hooked on this game. Spending a few minutes assembling structures provides a mental workout and relaxing experience.

The game is free-to-play friendly with no ads or paid boosters disrupting the experience. Unlocking hints and power-ups comes down to skillful gameplay rather than wallet size. This gives it broad appeal for casual gamers.

So gather your spatial reasoning skills and get ready to assemble some pipes on your iPhone. With new levels and challenges being added constantly, JUMP Assemble has all the water flow action you need at your fingertips!

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