iOS 17 SharePlay in Messages: A Guide to Sharing Experiences in Real Time

iOS 17 SharePlay in Messages experiences are at the heart of connecting with our loved ones. Whether it’s watching the latest TV show together or jamming out to our favorite songs, there’s nothing better than enjoying entertainment with friends and family. With iOS 17, Apple is taking shared experiences to the next level with SharePlay in Messages.

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What is SharePlay in Messages?

SharePlay is a feature in iOS 17 that allows users to watch or listen to content together in real time using the Messages app. Here’s how it works:

  • You select content like a TV show, movie, song, or playlist from a supported app.
  • Tap the Share icon and choose SharePlay.
  • Select the contacts you want to share with in Messages.
  • Once your friends accept the invite, the content will sync and start playing for everyone simultaneously.

SharePlay integrates the shared experience right within your Messages conversations. You can chat, react with emoji, and enjoy the content seamlessly without having to switch between apps.

SharePlay currently works with Apple TV+, Apple Music, and other third-party apps that have integrated the API. More apps are expected to add support over time.

Key Features of SharePlay in Messages

Here are some of the standout features of SharePlay in Messages on iOS 17:

Synced Playback

The key aspect of SharePlay is that it keeps playback synced perfectly across all participants. This allows you to have a truly shared viewing or listening session, no matter where you’re located.

Even if someone pauses or jumps ahead, SharePlay will resume syncing once they play again. You don’t have to coordinate hitting play or counting down to start.

Shared Controls

Anyone in the SharePlay session can pause, play, fast forward, rewind, or skip to the next episode or track. The controls are shared, so you don’t have to decide who’s in charge.

This makes it easy to take a quick break or change what you’re listening to on the fly. You can take turns DJing and control the experience together.

Shared Reactions

To complement the shared controls, you can also react together. Tap the reaction icon to send an emoji like a laugh, thumbs up, heart eyes, or wow.

Reactions are synced in real-time, so you can laugh together at a funny scene or cheer a song. It’s a fun way to interact while enjoying the content.

Seamless Messaging

Even while content is playing, you can continue sending Messages per usual. SharePlay overlays the video, music, or shared screen right within your conversation.

So you can make plans for later, crack jokes, or discuss what you’re seeing without any interruptions. The chat stays in sync for a connected experience.

Friendly Invites

Starting a SharePlay session is simple. Just tap the share icon within a supported app and select contacts to invite.

Friends receive a Messages notification that they’ve been invited. All they have to do is accept to join the synced session.

If they don’t respond right away, the invite remains available so they can join later. You can also share invites again as a reminder.

Requirements for SharePlay in Messages

To use SharePlay in Messages, you need to meet the following requirements:

  • iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch with iOS 17 or iPadOS 17
  • Apple TV with tvOS 17
  • Mac with Ventura

For synced listening with Apple Music, all participants need to be Apple Music subscribers. However, you can share TV shows, movies, and other content even if only the host has access. Friends without a subscription can sign up for a free trial to participate.

SharePlay requires relatively fast internet connectivity and works best when all participants are on WiFi. LTE connections may limit quality, depending on coverage.

All users in a SharePlay session need to be in the same country for content availability. But you can use SharePlay internationally between any countries where the apps support it.

Step-by-Step Guide to Using SharePlay in Messages

Ready to enjoy shared experiences in Messages? Here is a step-by-step walkthrough:

1. Open a Supported App

Launch the app that has the content you want to share via SharePlay. This can include Apple TV+, Apple Music, Disney+, Hulu, NBA, TikTok, and many others.

2. Tap the Share Button

Browse to the specific movie, show, song, playlist, or video you wish to share. Tap the share icon (usually indicated by a square with an arrow pointing upward).

3. Select SharePlay

In the share sheet that appears, you should see the SharePlay icon. Tap on the circular icon that says “SharePlay” underneath.

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4. Choose Contacts

You will be prompted to select the contacts you want to share with over Messages. Tap the contact names or mobile numbers you wish to share with.

5. Send the Messages SharePlay Invite

Once you’ve selected all the recipients from your contacts, tap the Messages button at the bottom to send the invite through the Messages app.

6. Set a Custom Message (Optional)

On the message screen, you can edit the text above the Send button to set a custom message. For example, “Want to watch the new episode together now?”

7. Recipients Accept the SharePlay Invite

You will see the content preview appear right in your conversation once it’s sent. Your friends simply have to tap the preview or banner to join.

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8. Enjoy the Shared Experience!

After your friends accept the SharePlay invite, the selected content will start playing or streaming for everyone simultaneously. You can chat, react, control playback, and share the experience in real time!

The SharePlay session will continue until everyone leaves or hangs up. You can join again at any time while it’s still active.

Tips for Using SharePlay in Messages

Check out these tips to have the best SharePlay sessions with friends and family:

  • SharePlay works great for co-viewing shows, movies, sports games, and other video content. Host viewing parties!
  • Take turns picking songs with SharePlay in Apple Music. Collaborative playlists make for epic tunes.
  • Can’t decide what to watch? SharePlay a few trailers or first episodes and vote on favorites.
  • Planning a trip? Share your screen via SharePlay to browse destinations and ideas together.
  • For long-distance relationships, SharePlay is perfect for virtual movie dates, listening to albums, or just hanging out.
  • Having tech issues? Use SharePlay to share your screen and get guided troubleshooting help.
  • With TikTok SharePlay, react to videos together with your besties or introduce favorite creators.
  • SharePlay fitness classes or meditation apps to stay motivated and improve your health.
  • Don’t forget to use reactions and chat while you SharePlay! Engage with the content together.

The possibilities are endless with SharePlay in Messages. Explore, have fun, and connect in shared moments.

Frequently Asked Questions about SharePlay in Messages

Here are answers to some common questions about using SharePlay in Messages:

How many people can join a SharePlay session?

Up to 32 people can join a single SharePlay session. That covers most use cases, whether you’re sharing with close friends or extended family.

Can I join SharePlay from my Apple TV or Mac?

Yes! SharePlay works across iPhone, iPad, Mac, and Apple TV for a seamless cross-device experience. Wherever you’re watching or listening, you can participate.

What happens if my connection is slow?

SharePlay will attempt to adapt streaming quality and performance to your connection speed. You may experience lower video quality or music bitrate if bandwidth is limited. For best results, a fast internet connection is recommended.

Can I SharePlay content from apps that aren’t supported?

Unfortunately, no. The app needs to specifically integrate the SharePlay API from Apple in order to allow sharing the content. Many popular apps have added support, with more expected in the future.

Is SharePlay available on Android or Windows devices?

Currently, SharePlay only works on Apple devices running iOS 17, iPadOS 17, macOS Ventura, or tvOS 17. Apple has not announced plans to expand to other platforms.

What happens if someone gets a phone call during SharePlay?

The call will end the SharePlay session for that person. They can rejoin if the session is still ongoing by accepting a new invite from the original host.

Can I use SharePlay internationally?

Yes, SharePlay works between any countries where the apps support it. However, all participants need to be located in the same country for content availability.

Will SharePlay drain my battery quickly?

SharePlay does use more battery than normal messaging, especially for video content. Keep devices charged or plugged in to avoid draining too quickly. Limit brightness and turn on Low Power Mode to maximize battery.

The Future of Shared Experiences

SharePlay delivers on Apple’s vision of bringing shared experiences to their ecosystem in an intuitive way. And this is only version 1.0 – expect even deeper integration and more capabilities in the future.

We can’t wait to see what developers dream up next for SharePlay. From co-gaming to co-browsing the web to virtual karaoke sessions, the possibilities are endless.

Shared moments and memories make our lives fuller and bring us closer together. Thanks to SharePlay in Messages, we can now experience more, together.

Table summarizing key details about SharePlay in Messages:

Synced PlaybackPlayback stays in sync across participants
Shared ControlsAnyone can control playback and progress
Shared ReactionsReact together with emoji in real-time
Seamless MessagingChat before, during, and after the shared experience
Friendly InvitesEasy invite flow via Messages
Cross-Device SupportWorks on iPhone, iPad, Mac, and Apple TV
Up to 32 ParticipantsShare with larger groups
Adaptive QualityOptimizes for each person’s connection
End-to-End EncryptedKeeps sessions private


iOS 17 takes shared experiences to the next level with SharePlay directly in Messages. Users worldwide can now enjoy synced content and seamless conversation in real time with friends and family.

From co-listening to music to watching movies together and everything in between, SharePlay opens up new possibilities for connection. The integration with Messages makes starting and joining a session incredibly intuitive.

As developers add support for SharePlay, we can expect even more variety in sharable content and activities. For now, movie buffs, music lovers, and everyone in between can enjoy iOS 17’s evolution of togetherness. Sharing experiences brings us closer, even from afar. Whether you’re coordinating watch parties or having virtual jam sessions, let SharePlay in Messages enhance your bonds and conversations through the love of entertainment

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