iOS 17 Brings a Redesigned Wallpaper Picker for Customizing Your iPhone’s Look

Apple is planning a major iOS 17 Redesigned wallpaper picker interface in iOS 17, making it easier than ever to customize the look of your iPhone’s home screen and lock screen. The new iOS 17 Redesigned wallpaper picker will feature a grid view showing 9+ thumbnails at once, live previews of wallpapers, and new controls for managing, deleting, and rearranging wallpapers. Read on to learn more about the exciting changes coming to iPhone wallpaper customization in iOS 17.

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Overview of the Redesigned Wallpaper Picker

According to leaks from 9to5Mac


and other sources, the wallpaper picker in iOS 17 is getting its biggest overhaul yet. The current wallpaper picker features a horizontally scrolling list of wallpaper previews. The new design will include:

  • Grid view: The picker will use a grid layout to display 9 or more wallpaper miniatures at once. This makes it easy to see all your options at a glance.
  • Live previews: As you hover over a wallpaper, a live preview will appear showing how it would look on your home and lock screens.
  • Management controls: You’ll be able to delete wallpapers directly from the picker view. There will also be controls for rearranging wallpapers to customize their order.
  • Support for live wallpapers: The new picker will make it easier to enable live wallpapers, which animate your background.

By bringing wallpaper browsing, customization, and management into one redesigned interface, iOS 17 looks to make personalizing your iPhone’s wallpaper more intuitive than ever.

Benefits of the Redesigned Wallpaper Picker

The new wallpaper picker design offers some major improvements over the current interface in iOS 16 and earlier. Here are some of the benefits you can expect:

See More Options at Once with Grid View

The grid layout showing 9+ thumbnails is a big upgrade compared to the single horizontal row of previews you get now. With all your options laid out in a grid, you’ll be able to:

  • Quickly visually scan all your available wallpaper designs.
  • Easily find a particular wallpaper you want without endlessly scrolling.
  • Spot wallpapers you might want to delete to declutter your collection.

Overall, the grid view gives you a bird’s-eye view of your wallpaper library, so customizing becomes faster.

Preview Wallpapers Easily with Live Previews

The live preview feature gives you a chance to see a wallpaper on your actual device before setting it. By hovering over a thumbnail, you’ll see:

  • A home screen preview showing icons and widgets on the wallpaper.
  • A lock screen preview displaying the clock and notifications.

This takes the guesswork out of choosing a wallpaper and ensures it looks good in real-world use. The live previews may help you spot issues like legibility of icons ornotifications.

Delete and Rearrange Wallpapers Right in the Picker

iOS 17 will enable deleting and rearranging wallpapers directly within the redesigned picker interface. Previously, these were separate steps that had to be done from Settings outside the picker.

With the new in-line controls, you’ll be able to:

  • Quickly delete wallpapers you don’t want clogging up the picker.
  • Easily rearrange the order of wallpapers to customize their layout.

By putting wallpaper management right in the picker, the entire customization process stays streamlined.

Enable Live Wallpapers More Easily

The new design will also make using live wallpapers easier according to reports. Live wallpapers add motion and activity to your background using dynamic graphics or video.

Enabling them may be simplified by:

  • A dedicated toggle for turning the live effect on/off.
  • Animated previews so you can see the live effect directly in the picker.

This could make live wallpapers more discoverable for users who haven’t tried them before.

Other Expected Improvements

In addition to the major changes covered already, a few more upgrades are rumored for the wallpaper picker redesign:

  • Search bar: You may be able to search your wallpaper library for keywords.
  • Third-party support: Apple may open up the redesigned picker for third-party apps to integrate custom wallpapers.
  • New default wallpapers: As with every iOS update, we can expect stunning new default wallpaper designs to choose from.
  • iCloud sync: Your wallpaper collection and arrangement may stay in sync across devices via iCloud.

These features would further enhance the versatility of the wallpaper picker. We’ll have to wait for the iOS 17 beta to know the full scope of improvements.

Impact on the User Experience

The wallpaper picker redesign stands to significantly improve the user experience of personalizing your iPhone’s look and feel. Here’s a quick rundown of the expected UX impact:

  • Less friction – The consolidated interface removes friction during the wallpaper customization process.
  • More flexibility – With robust management and preview tools, flexibility in arranging your wallpaper collection increases.
  • Greater discoverability – The grid view and live previews make it easier to discover amazing wallpapers.
  • Reduced clutter – Decluttering unwanted wallpapers directly from the picker keeps things organized.
  • Visual delight – As always, Apple’s designs combine form and function. The new picker will be visually appealing.

Overall, users should find changing up their iPhone’s wallpaper to be more intuitive, flexible, and fun.

Closing Thoughts on the Redesigned Wallpaper Picker

iOS 17 promises big changes to one of the most personal ways of customizing your iPhone – the wallpaper. The wallpaper picker redesign will bring a streamlined, grid-based interface for easily managing, previewing, and applying wallpapers. Combined with potential upgrades like live wallpaper support, the new picker looks to offer Apple’s best wallpaper experience yet.

The ability to swiftly see all your options, remove unwanted images, and rearrange favorites right from the picker will be game-changing. As screens get more advanced, wallpapers become an increasingly important way of expressing personality through your devices. The iOS 17 wallpaper picker will make that creative personalization more fun than ever.

We can expect Apple to show off the new design when iOS 17 launches in public beta in mid-2023. The complete reimagining of this integral iPhone feature is one of the most enticing aspects of iOS 17 so far. Get ready to completely revamp your iPhone’s look when the update drops.

Frequently Asked Questions about the Redesigned Wallpaper Picker

Here are answers to some common questions about the wallpaper picker redesign coming in iOS 17:

Q: How many wallpapers will the new grid view display at once?

A: Leaks indicate the grid will show 9 or more thumbnail previews of your wallpapers. This is a big increase over the single horizontal row of thumbnails you see now.

Q: Will the live previews work on all iPhones?

A: Yes, the live preview feature is expected to be supported across iPhone models, including older devices. However, the effect may be more limited on cheaper non-Pro models.

Q: Can you rearrange default Apple wallpapers in the picker?

A: Yes, Apple may now allow rearranging even its preloaded default wallpaper options so you can customize their layout.

Q: Will the redesigned picker be available on iPads too?

A: It’s not yet confirmed, but the new wallpaper picker will likely come to iPad as well in iPadOS 17 for a consistent experience across devices.

Q: Can I use photos from my camera roll as live wallpapers?

A: While not confirmed, there may be support for using a photo from your library as a live wallpaper with motion effects applied.

Table Summarizing Key Changes in the Redesigned Wallpaper Picker

Current Design in iOS 16 & EarlierRedesigned Picker in iOS 17Benefits
Horizontal scrolling listGrid view with 9+ thumbnailsSee more options faster
Still previewsLive motion previewsPreview on device before setting
Management in Settings onlyIn-line controls for managementStreamlined customization workflow
Static wallpapers onlyEasier live wallpaper activationBrings wallpapers to life


The redesigned wallpaper picker arriving in iOS 17 promises to transform the experience of customizing your iPhone’s wallpaper. With a grid layout, live previews, built-in management tools, and easier live wallpaper access, the new picker will enable users to make their devices feel more personal than ever before. The wallpaper picker overhaul exemplifies Apple’s user-centric focus on design. iOS users can look forward to totally revamping their home screens when iOS 17 drops later this year.

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