iOS 16 Photo Cutout Not Working iPhone X: What Is the Issue?

“iOS 16” is the term that I am hearing these days everywhere. Since iOS 16 has released, everyone has gone gaga over it. Whether it is Twitter, Reddit, news, or Google Trends, the new iPhone operating system from Apple is making waves.

I won’t complain because iOS 16 has a lot of cool features. If you have an iPhone 8 or newer model, you can update to the latest OS and have fun exploring all the new functionalities.

However, some users have faced trouble accessing certain iOS 16 features on their iPhones. For instance, the depth effect is not working on some iPhones.

A user on the Apple Community forum has said the iOS 16 photo cutout is not working on the iPhone X. Let’s see what the issue is.

What is the Photo Cutout Feature in iOS 16?

Most iOS users are so in love with the new customizable lock screen wallpaper that they have forgotten Apple’s magical photo cutout feature.

This new feature allows you to grab the main subject in the photo and you can paste it anywhere, for instance, Notes, photo editing apps, or even send it via iMessage and other social messaging apps.

You just need to open a photo in the Photos app and then long press on the subject.

The machine learning algorithm will automatically lift the subject. You can “Copy” or directly “Share” it.

Doesn’t it seem cool? Finally, I don’t have to use free online tools to remove the background from my photos.

However, it doesn’t work on some iPhone models.

Why Is the “Photo Cutout” Not Working on the iPhone X?

While testing, we found that several iOS 16 features are not available on the iPhone X. And this cool, magical Photo Cutout feature is one of them.

Since the iPhone X is equipped with the A11 Bionic chip, this feature is not available for iPhone X users. Similarly, the iOS 16 depth effect also doesn’t work on the iPhone X.

If you want to use the iOS 16 Photo Cutout function, you will need an iPhone that has at least an A12 Bionic chip or higher, i.e., the iPhone XS and newer models.

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Will Photo Cutout Be Available on the iPhone X with iOS 16?

As of now, I don’t think this function will ever be available on the iPhone X. So, I guess the only option is to upgrade to a new iPhone.

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