iOS 16 Depth Effect Not Working iPhone X: How to Fix It?

iOS 16’s depth effect is not working on iPhone X. But here’s how to enable and use it.

So, you have updated to iOS 16 on your iPhone X and you are ready to explore all those new cool features.

But what? iOS 16’s most talked about lock screen depth effect is not working on your iPhone X? This is shocking, right?

It is despair to know Apple smartphone’s 10th anniversary gift, iPhone X, doesn’t support iOS 16 depth effect when you select a photo from the library to set as a lock screen wallpaper.

Just like you, we were also shocked. Not only on the iPhone X, the lock screen depth effect doesn’t work on the iPhone 8, or iPhone 8 Plus either.

However, we have found a way to enable the depth effect on the iPhone X so that you can get the most out of the iPhone’s latest operating system.

Why Is iOS 16’s Depth Effect Not Working on My iPhone X?

This question really worries me. If the iPhone X has a Portrait Mode to capture a picture, then why does the depth effect on the lock screen wallpaper not work?

Some will say it is an old technique of Apple to indirectly force iPhone X users to upgrade to new iPhone models.

This can be true or false. We cannot comment on that. However, I think the reason behind the iPhone X not supporting the iOS 16 depth effect is the old bionic chip. The iPhone X does have the A11 Bionic chip, as does the iPhone 8 series.

All the iPhones released after the iPhone X have an option to use the lock screen depth effect. They can disable and enable the depth effect. However, on the iPhone X, the iOS 16 depth effect is greyed out.

At this point, I don’t think of any other reason why this amazing feature is unavailable to iPhone X users.

Nonetheless, this doesn’t mean you cannot use the depth effect on your special iPhone X.

How to Enable Depth Effect on iPhone X with iOS 16

If you are wondering how to fix iOS 16 depth effect greyed out on the iPhone X, there is a solution for it.

If you have noticed, the depth effect doesn’t work only when you use a custom photo from the photo library. However, if you use the iOS 16 lock screen wallpapers from the system, you will have the depth effect enabled on your iPhone X as well.

Here’s how to set a depth effect wallpaper in iOS 16 on the iPhone X:

1. Unlock your iPhone X with Face ID or a passcode and stay on the lock screen.

2. Now press and hold anywhere on the lock screen.

3. You will see customization options available. Tap on the plus icon in blue at the bottom.

4. At the top, you will see multiple options. You have to select “Astronomy” here.

5. If you swipe left, you need to set the “Earth Detail” or the “Moon Detail” wallpaper.

Pro Tip: Now don’t add widgets. It will disable the magic in depth effect.

6. Tap on “Add” at the top and the depth effect lock screen wallpaper will be set on your iPhone X.

See? It is really that simple. I know the frustration of being unable to set your pet’s or kid’s photo as a depth effect lock screen on the iPhone X.

But this is the only solution to enable and use the depth effect on the five-year-old iPhone X. (haha, I am not driving you to buy a new iPhone by saying it’s how much old

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