iOS 16.5 Beta 3: Exciting Updates and Improvements

Apple continues to roll out updates for iOS 16.5, with the recent release of developer beta 3. Let us dive into the latest additions, changes, and improvements in iOS 16.5 developer beta 3.

iOS 16.5 Developer Beta 3: Release and Availability

Following a two-week release schedule, Apple released iOS 16.5 developer beta 3. Public beta testers can expect this update to become available on their devices within 24 to 48 hours. Alongside iOS 16.5 beta 3, Apple also released iPadOS 16.5 beta 3, macOS 13.4 beta 3, watchOS 9.5 beta 3, and tvOS 16.5 beta 3.

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Update Size and Build Number

The iOS 16.5 beta 3 update is approximately 600 to 700 MB, depending on the iPhone model and the software being updated. The build number for iOS 16.5 beta 3 is 20F5050F, which indicates that there may be around two more betas before the official release or the release candidate. The final software is expected to be released towards the end of May, setting the stage for iOS 17 developer beta 1.

New Features and Changes

News App Updates:

The News application now features a new sports tab, providing easy access to sports content. Additionally, the audio, following, and search sections have been merged into one.

Siri Screen Recording:

Users can now ask Siri to initiate a screen recording on their iPhones.

Carrier Plan Benefits:

Within iCloud settings and under subscriptions, users can now find a new option to view their carrier plans benefits, such as free access to Apple Music or Apple Fitness. This feature is currently in beta and may not display information correctly.

Performance Improvements

Users have reported that Safari seems snappier with iOS 16.5 beta 3, although this could be a placebo effect. With about a month of testing left, Apple is expected to continue refining the software before its official release.

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iOS 16.5 beta 3 brings a number of updates and improvements to Apple devices. From changes to the News app and Siri’s new screen recording capability to carrier plan benefits integration, users have much to look forward to in the official release. In the meantime, developers and public beta testers can continue to test and provide feedback on the latest beta version.

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