iOS 16.0.4 Release Date

iOS 16.0.4 will be the fourth update to iOS 16. Given that the previous three updates were all minor bug fixes, we can expect iOS 16.0.4 to follow suit and fix problems discovered in iOS 16.0.3 instead of adding new features or functionality.

iOS 16 was a major update for the iPhone operating system. It packed some great new features, such as a customizable lock screen (depth effect on lock screen), an enhanced iMessage app, a photo cut out function, and many more.

This update has also shipped multiple bugs along with the new features. But Apple has managed to fix many of them in the iOS 16.0.1, iOS 16.0.2, and iOS 16.0.3 updates, but some iPhone users are still experiencing problems with the software.

For instance, many expected that the iOS 16 battery drain issue would be resolved with iOS 16.0.3, but nothing has improved. Similarly, iOS 16.0.4 may not bring remarkable changes, but it will surely have some significant bug fixes and security patches. It may also happen that Apple releases iOS 16.1 and skips iOS 16.0.4.

Here’s everything you need to know about iOS 16.0.4, if it is about to happen.

When Will iOS 16.0.4 Come Out?

Before we go into the release date of the next iOS 16 update, we should know the timeline of previous updates.

The release dates of all iOS 16 updates so far:

iOS 16 VersionDate
iOS 16.0September 12, 2022
iOS 16.0.1September 14, 2022
iOS 16.0.2September 22, 2022
iOS 16.0.3October 10, 2022

There is no pattern in the timeline as shown here. But it shows how Apple is quick enough to fix the bugs. Since the latest released iOS 16.0.3 version has a few minor bugs, we can expect iOS 16.0.4 by the end of the month.

Hence, in my opinion, iOS 16.0.4 will be released on October 24 or October 25. There is also a possibility that if iOS 16.0.4 doesn’t happen at all, iOS 16.1 will be released on October 24.

Will iOS 16.0.4 Fix Battery Drain Issue?

As stated, most updates to iOS 16 so far have been security updates or fixed some bugs. But none of them has addressed the iOS 16 battery drain issue yet.

According to industry analysts and iOS developers, iOS 16.1 could solve the battery drain issue. So, iOS 16.0.4 will not solve the battery drain issue. The release date of 16.1 is expected on October 24 or October 25.

Should You Install iOS 16.0.4?

This is an advanced question, but yes, you should install iOS 16.0.4 on your iPhone as soon as you see it in the Software Update in the Settings app.

Since this update would be fixing several bugs and updating security features, it would be important to update to the latest iOS version.

What Will Be New Features in iOS 16.0.4?

Talking about iOS 16.0.4 features would not be a good idea right now. Since all the three updates to iOS 16 shipped bug fixes and security updates, I don’t think there will be any significant new features in iOS 16.0.4.

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