17 Best iOS 15 Tips and Tricks to Make Your iPhone Experience Better!

If you have landed your eyes on this article, it indicates you have already installed iOS 15 on your iPhone. With this article, you will get familiar with the best iOS 15 tips and tricks that will surely make your iPhone experience better.

Don’t you just love how Apple keeps upgrading the experience? It makes us wonder what they have in store for us next!

Whether it is iOS, iPhone, Apple Watch, Mac, or any product or service, the Cupertino company makes sure to add more value in order to enrich the customer experience.

So, with iOS 15, Apple brought some significant improvements and new features to the iPhone. Not only does the update offer a bunch of cool new features, but it also ensures that your device remains secure and up-to-date at all times.

However, most users don’t bother to check out new features, and sometimes some features are hard to notice if one doesn’t have keen eyes.

If you are one of those guys, let me tell you that the new operating system has come with lots of whistles and bells, along with many useful features.

And in this article, you will find the best tips and tricks for iOS 15 and essential features that will increase your productivity and overall experience.

Well, I can’t say that these are hidden iOS 15 features. These are iOS 15 features that you may not be aware of. Let’s dig deep into our title:

Best iOS 15 Tips and Tricks

1.      Browse Privately with “Private Relay”

I bet you didn’t know what Private Relay is. Well, Private Relay is a privacy feature that comes with an iCloud+ subscription. Private Relay hides our IP address and other browsing activities when using Safari.

When it’s enabled, neither your ISP nor the website you are accessing will be able to track your IP or your online activities. Even Apple won’t know what sites you are visiting.

Currently, Private Relay is in beta and available in select regions on iOS 15, iPadOS, and macOS Monterey.

In order to enable it, you need to opt for an iCloud+ subscription and then navigate: Settings => Your Name => iCloud => Private Relay (Beta).

2.      Generate a Two-Factor Authentication Code

iOS 15 lets users generate two-factor authentication codes, removing the need for third-party applications.

Are you using Google Authenticator, Microsoft Authenticator, or any third-party application to save passwords and generate 2FA codes?

Well, now Apple lets iOS users generate two-factor authentication codes within the Settings app.

Make sure you are using iCloud Keychain, which saves your passwords for different web accounts. Now go to Settings => Passwords and you can set up verification codes.

This will also autofill verification codes along with passwords when you sign into your web account.

Now this is one of the best iOS 15 hidden features that you needed to know.

3.      Use “Hide My Email” to Create and Use Unlimited Disposable Email Addresses

Now you don’t have to create new email addresses whenever you want to sign up for a new website or an app. This is an amazing iOS 15 trick that you should know.

iOS 15 allows users to use the Hide My Email feature, which comes with an iCloud+ subscription. This feature allows users to create new random email addresses that actually forward the messages to their Apple ID email addresses.

This is very useful for people who do not want to show their email addresses.

Go to Settings => Apple ID Banner at the Top => iCloud => Hide My Email => Create New Address.

Now select “Continue” and give a label to your email address. You can also add a note to it. It enables you to send email from random email addresses when you use the Mail app to send mail.

In Safari, it automatically shows the “Hide My Mail” option whenever there is an option to provide an email address on the webpage. Plus, you can deactivate these email addresses whenever you want.

4.      Scan and Copy Text Directly from the iPhone Camera

Clicking photos on your iPhone and using a third-party OCR app to copy text from those photos is so 2020!

With the Live Text feature, you can instantly select the text from the camera and copy, or even translate, it.

You just have to open the Camera app and point it at the text. Now long-press on the screen like you have to select the text. This will prompt the “Scan Text” option, and you will also see a scanner icon at the bottom-right corner.

Just select any of the options, and now you can select and copy the text. This feature is exclusive to iOS 15 devices that were released in 2018 and after. So, if you have an iPhone X, you are out of luck.

5.      Schedule Notifications

I really find it annoying when I am running on a treadmill and my “stock market buddies” on WhatsApp bombard my notifications with the latest stock news and updates a few hours before the open.

It was a love-hate relationship with them because I couldn’t mute them because they were important, but I didn’t need those messages at the time.

iOS 15, now, allows us to schedule notifications for certain apps whenever we need them. For instance, we don’t want a notification of a discount coupon for a food delivery app when we are working.

So, now you have the power to allow apps to show notifications of your choice. Go to Settings => Notifications => Schedule Summary and enable the function.

Now you have to select apps and then select summary times when you would like to receive the notifications. You can set multiple summaries.

In a nutshell, this feature allows you to bundle non-urgent notifications and receive them at your convenience throughout the day.

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6.      Locate Your iPhone Even When It Is Turned Off

Find My iPhone becomes unusable when the iPhone is turned off or it is in power reserve mode. If you are searching on Google “how to find my iPhone on Find My app when it is switched off” and finding no results, iOS 15 has brought a solution.

With iOS 15, Apple allows users to track their iPhone even when it is turned off.

Navigate to Settings =>Your Name =>Find My =>Find My iPhone.

Make sure that the switch next to Find My iPhone and Find My Network is toggled on.

This will allow you to locate your iPhone in the Find My application even when it has been switched off after getting stolen.

7.      Watch Movies, TV Shows, Videos, and Much More with Your Friends Over FaceTime’s “SharePlay”

This is one of the most essential iOS 15 tricks that movie devotees and TV show nerds need. If you love to enjoy your favorite sitcom shows along with your pals or someone special, FaceTime has got your back.

When you FaceTime a person or multiple people, you can open AppleTV+, Netflix, TikTok, Disney+, and many others to watch whatever you love along with them.

There is no need to rely on third-party apps or sites anymore. Every video will sync across all devices, and viewers/participants can even pause or back it up.

It also allows you to chat with your buddies through iMessage while enjoying the movie, series, or TikTok videos. This feature works across the latest iOS, macOS, and iPadOS.

8.      How to Identify Animals, Plants, and Other Objects in Photos

With the iOS 15 update, your iPhone is powered to identify various objects in photos, including animals, books, plants, or landmarks.

You will see a small icon at the top of the photo gallery. Just tap it and your iPhone will tell you what kind of plant it is or what kind of book it is.

It is similar to Android’s Google Lens.

9.      Drag and Drop Across Apps on Your iOS Device

I won’t call the old way of copying and pasting an “old school” thing, but this new drag and drop trick in iOS 15 is really cool.

For instance, you are creating notes and you need to add a photo to them. You can do it within the Notes app, but you have to find the photo when it opens the photo gallery.

On the other hand, on iOS 15, you can just select one or more than one photo in the Photos app by long-pressing on them until they float. This will drag photos.

Now you have to use another hand to open the multitasking menu to access Notes and drop the photos. This is a common feature that we have been using on our desktops, but for smartphones, it is still new.

10. Aesthetic Changes to Safari

If you are like me, who wants to try the aesthetic look on every app, then you will like this. With iOS 15, Apple allows iPhone users to customize the Safari start page.

Open the Safari start page and scroll down until you find the “Edit” button. Just tap it.

Here, you can select what sections you would like to see on the start page. You will also see an option to change the background image (you can also set a sunset photo you took on your last trip to the beach as a background image).

That’s a cool iOS 15 trick, right?

11. Copy Multiple Links from Safari

Now, you can copy multiple links in the Safari browser.

You need to create a tab group first. You can do it using the option located at the bottom. When you have opened various websites in a tab group, you need to hit the ‘Tab’ option in the bottom-right corner.

Now open the tab group name shown in the bottom-center. Select “Edit” and then tap the circled ellipsis and tap on “Copy Links.”

This is very convenient if you have to share several sites with someone over iMessage or email.

12. Install Extensions on the Safari Browser

Yes, that’s right. Now you can install an extension on your Safari browser via the App Store.

Head over to the App Store and select the “Apps” category. Now scroll down to find the Safari Extensions category.

Once you have installed extensions, you can check them in Settings => Safari => Extensions.

Here, you can control extension-related options.

13. Let Siri Announce All Notification

You may have noticed that Siri has been powered to announce messages for a while now.

However, with iOS 15, you can make Siri announce all notifications you receive,

Go to Settings => Notifications => Announce Notifications.

Here, you need to toggle on the switch shown next to “Announce Notifications.”

14. Check Photo Metadata

There is no need to use a third-party app to view photo details as Apple has provided this feature with iOS 15.

In the Photos app, you will see an “info pane” whenever you open a photo. Here, you can check info about the photo, including EXIF metadata including lens type, camera, ISO, and others.

You can also check and adjust the date and time within this option.

Just swiping up the photo in the Photos app will also open these details.

15. Now You Can Add Apple Music Songs to Photo Memories

iOS 15 allows you to add custom Apple Music songs to your Photos Memories.

It is a very simple process. Open Photos App => For You tab => Select any Memory => tap Music Note Icon => Add music icon.

Now you have to browse and select the song you want to add from your Apple Music library.

16. You Can Use Siri Without the Internet

In order to use Siri, you need an internet connection, but not anymore.

Now, you can use Siri offline to command on-device processing. This means Siri can set alarms, launch apps, launch timers, and other similar tasks without the internet.

However, this feature is only available on the iPhone XS and later devices.

17. Change the Text Size of a Particular App

iOS 15 allows you to customize the text size across all apps or in a particular app. This is very useful when you don’t have your power eyeglasses with you.

Head into Settings => Control Center and add Text Size to the Control Center.

Now, whenever you are using any application on your iOS 15 device and you want to change the text size, swipe down from the top-right corner.

Tap on the “Text Size” icon and set the text size according to your preferences. You can select lowercase and uppercase as well. It is also possible to apply these changes to all apps or just the specific app you are using.

Wrapping Up

Apple is the most esteemed brand in the tech world, and it surprises users with amazing features every year with the new update.

The latest update of iOS 15 has brought a lot to the table. Now, iPhone users have a bunch of new features and options at their disposal. These iOS 15 tips and tricks and features can help them to be more productive and boost their efficiency.

If you are still unclear about something or you want to share some other amazing hidden features, comment below.

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