How To Use Vampire Survivors Grimoire List on Iphone and iPad?

Vampire Survivors Grimoire list has quickly become one of the most popular auto-battler survival games thanks to its simple but addictive gameplay. As you level up, the key to success is understanding how to evolve your weapons using different items and combinations. This is where the Grimoire comes in handy.

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Unlocking the Grim Grimoire Relic

To access the Grimoire menu, you first need to unlock the Grim Grimoire relic by reaching the Inlaid Library stage. Here’s how to unlock it:

Reach Level 20 in Mad Forest

Before you can enter the Inlaid Library where the Grimoire is found, you need to reach level 20 in the Mad Forest stage. Mad Forest is the second stage you unlock after the first stage, The Misty Valley.

Keep playing The Misty Valley, upgrading your weapons, stats, and bonuses until you reach level 20. At this point, the Inlaid Library will be accessible.

Enter the Inlaid Library

Once you pass level 20 in Mad Forest, the Inlaid Library stage will appear on the stage select screen. Enter the Inlaid Library and you’ll spawn in a dark maze-like library with bookshelves, desks, and chests scattered around.

Locating the Grim Grimoire

After entering the Inlaid Library, your next objective is to locate the Grim Grimoire somewhere within the sprawling stage. Here are some tips for finding it:

Check the Map

Open up the map in the top right corner of the screen. You’ll see a purple book icon with a red bookmark, indicating the location of the Grim Grimoire somewhere on that floor.

Head West from the Starting Area

Without using the map, another method is to simply head west from your starting position after entering the level. Going west through corridors and around bookshelves will eventually lead you to a purple grimoire lying open on a podium.

Grim Grimoire Location Varies

Keep in mind that the Grim Grimoire’s location is randomly generated each time you enter the Inlaid Library. So if you don’t see it at first, explore the stage using the map icon as a guide until you discover the relic.

Accessing the Grimoire Menu

Once you pick up the Grim Grimoire relic by walking over it, the Grimoire menu will become available in between stages and runs. Here’s how to access it:

Tap the Book Icon

In the main menu, tap the open book icon in the top left corner of the screen. This opens up the Grimoire menu.

View Evolutions and Unions

The Grimoire menu shows all the Evolutions and Unions you’ve discovered so far, providing details on how to reproduce them. Tap any entry to see specifics.

Information on Weapons/Items Used

Each entry also shows which weapons, passive items, combinations and bonuses contributed to unlocking that evolution or weapon union.

Using the details provided in the Grimoire serves as an invaluable reference as you play further.

Key Uses of the Grimoire

With the Grimoire unlocked, here are the key ways it can help you strategize and evolve stronger weapons:

Check Weapon Evolution Progress

Easily see how far along you are in evolving each weapon to its final form based on what you’ve unlocked so far.

Learn New Weapon Combinations

Discover new weapons you can create through unions by blending different weapons together once they reach a high enough level.

Review Passive Item Buffs

Check which passive items like Tiragisu, Candelabrador etc. contributed to a particular evolution, reminding you to use them again.

Plan Your Next Run

Choose weapons, bonuses, and levels strategically in your next run based on the evolution requirements shown in the Grimoire entries you want to achieve next.

Share Discoveries with Friends

With the intricate Grimoire system, discuss tactics and discoveries with friends to share strategies on the best evolutions.

Unlock RequirementsReach level 20 in Mad Forest stage to unlock the Inlaid Library
Locating the GrimoireFollow map icon or explore west starting area
Accessing the MenuTap the book icon in top left corner
Viewing EntriesSee all achieved evolutions and weapon unions
Information ProvidedShows items, bonuses, weapons used to unlock entries

So by using the Grimoire as your guide, you’ll be equipped to constantly evolve stronger weapons and have an edge on the hordes of enemies swarming your direction. Mastering the Grimoire is key to experiencing everything Vampire Survivors has to offer.


Learning to take advantage of the dense and intricate Grimoire menu is critical for progression in Vampire Survivors. Unlocking it by reaching the Inlaid Library, discovering its location in each run, and checking it frequently gives you the knowledge needed to keep powering up your arsenal of weapons through beneficial evolutions.

As enemies grow tougher across the 30+ minutes of survival in each stage, the Grimoire gives you direction on which weapons combinations to aim for and reminds you which supportive relics and bonuses aided in your previous successes.

So keep the Grimoire close by as you continue blasting all kinds of gothic baddies. It will enhance your strategy, engagement, and most importantly, your chances of having another pulse-pounding run where you barely escape by the skin of your teeth. That tension and progression is at the very core of what makes Vampire Survivors so hard to put down.

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