How to Use New Features in iPhone iOS 17.2

Apple recently announced that New Features in iPhone iOS 17.2 will be released soon, likely around November or December 2023. This anticipated update will introduce some helpful new features and enhancements for iPhone users. In this article, we’ll take a look at some of the most notable additions coming in iOS 17.2.

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Enhanced Security with iMessage Contact Key Verification

One of the most important new features coming in iOS 17.2 is iMessage contact key verification. This feature boosts the security of iMessage communication by preventing attackers from listening to or reading your conversations even if they manage to breach iCloud servers.

Here’s how it works:

  • When you and another iOS user message each other for the first time, your devices will exchange unique public encryption keys. These keys are used to verify your identities and encrypt your iMessage communications.
  • If an unauthorized third-party gains access to iCloud account data, they won’t be able to access these keys or decrypt your conversations without physical access to one of your trusted devices.
  • You’ll get a notification if one of your contact’s keys changes, indicating their account may have been compromised. You can then take steps to re-verify their identity.

This change makes it much more difficult for unauthorized parties to “ghost read” your iMessages, providing an important security upgrade.

All-New Journaling App

iOS 17.2 will finally deliver the new first-party Journaling app that Apple first previewed back in June. The Journal app allows you to write down thoughts, memories, or anything else you want to document in a private, searchable journal.

Key features include:

-Flexible organization with quick note entries as well as dated journal entries with photos, links, weather data and more

  • Powerful full-text search to easily find entries

-Fun and creative tools like customizable templates, stickers, and rich formatting options

-Passcode protection and iCloud sync to keep your journal safe and up to date across devices

For those who want to digitally journal their lives or keep a private diary, the Journal app offers an excellent integrated experience directly on iPhone and iPad.

Customizable Action Button

The iPhone 15 Pro and 15 Pro Max introduced an all-new Action button that replaces the mute switch of previous models. With iOS 17.2, Apple is taking advantage of this new input method by allowing users to customize the Action button to quickly launch functions like the flashlight, camera, timers or more.

Most intriguingly, you’ll be able to assign the Action button to instantly launch the Translate app in the Dynamic Island on iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max. This offers easy one-handed access to Apple’s full-featured translation capabilities. Just hold the Action button and your iPhone will be ready for conversations in over 30 languages.

Offering quick access to key iPhone features without digging through menus or swiping screens, the Action button customization brings helpful new convenience.

Expanded Home Screen Widget Options

iOS 17.2 brings welcomed expansions to the widgets available on the iPhone Home Screen and Lock Screen.

For the Weather app, you’ll find new widgets for:

  • Daily forecast – 7-day overview of weather conditions
  • Sunrise/sunset times – See local sunrise and sunset for your location

The new Clock app widgets include:

  • World clock – View multiple time zones simultaneously
  • Digital clock – Large full-screen digital clock with seconds display

These provide more flexibility to customize your iPhone’s widgets with helpful at-a-glance information.

Collaborative Apple Music Playlists

iOS 17.2 brings a great new way to build shared playlists with the new Collaborative Playlist feature in Apple Music.

When you create collaborative playlists, you can give friends and family access to add songs, reorder tracks, and make other changes. It’s a great option for playlists around themes like workouts, parties, road trips and more.

You’re in full control as the host and can remove people from collaboration at any time. Collaborative playlists are shared right within the Apple Music app, providing a seamless experience.

Quick Message Reactions with Any Sticker

Messaging gets more fun with iOS 17.2 thanks to the ability to react to any message with any sticker you have installed.

To use this, long-press a message bubble to pull up the reactions picker. Along with standard iOS reactions like thumbs up and heart, you’ll see your recent stickers. Tap any sticker to immediately send it as a reaction.

You can access your full sticker library to find the perfect reaction for any message. It’s a quick way to share emotions, inside jokes, or just a fun image to respond.

Refinements to Contacts App

While not a brand new feature, iOS 17.2 does bring helpful improvements to the Contacts app. Apple is streamlining controls for managing contacts from accounts like iCloud, Exchange, CardDAV and more.

There are also enhancements to the way contact names are displayed. iOS 17.2 detects cultural naming conventions and intelligently presents names in the correct order.

Overall, you can expect a cleaner Contacts app interface and smarter management of your contact list in iOS 17.2.

New AirPlay Settings for Reality Pro Headset

iOS 17.2 adds new AirPlay configuration options tailored for the Apple Reality Pro headset expected to launch next year.

Details are slim for now, but Apple says iOS devices will be able to mirror their displays directly to Reality Pro for a “mixed reality experience.” iPhone will also handle powering the headset’s passthrough video, motion tracking and more.

These AirPlay enhancements lay the groundwork for seamless integration between iPhone and Apple’s ambitious AR/VR wearable.

Expanded Weather App Widgets

As mentioned previously, iOS 17.2 brings new widget options for the built-in Weather app. Along with Daily Forecast and Sunrise/Sunset times, the Weather widgets are also getting more customizable locations.

You’ll be able to configure Weather widgets to show conditions in other cities around the world, not just your current location. Whether you want to quickly check the forecast back home when traveling or monitor weather in multiple cities, the improved Weather widgets have you covered.

Refinements to Apple Music

In addition to Collaborative Playlists mentioned earlier, iOS 17.2 delivers some helpful refinements to the core Apple Music experience.

Improved syncing ensures any edits you make like adding songs to your Library or playlists appear correctly across all devices. There are also enhancements coming to the way Apple Music handles storage for offline downloads.

Overall, you can expect some nice quality of life improvements for the integrated music experience on iPhone.

Fixes for Wi-Fi Connectivity Issues

Finally, Apple says iOS 17.2 will resolve the Wi-Fi bugs some users have experienced after updating to iOS 17. Certain Wi-Fi networks would show as being connected but with no actual Internet access.

Resolving these network connectivity issues will ensure Wi-Fi performance is fast and reliable with the latest iPhone hardware. Apple still has additional work to do improving iOS 17 stability, but 17.2 should get connectivity headed in the right direction.


iOS 17.2 shapes up to be a valuable update for iPhone users. The security enhancements with iMessage contact key verification provide important communication safeguards. Fun new features like the Journal app, collaborative Apple Music playlists, and sticker reactions will enhance your daily iPhone experience. And bug fixes addressing Wi-Fi problems should come as a relief for affected users.

With the launch likely coming in late 2022, iPhone owners can look forward to iOS 17.2 delivering meaningful new capabilities. Like always, be sure to install the latest OS updates as soon as possible once 17.2 becomes available.

Table of iOS 17.2 Features

iMessage contact key verificationPrevents unauthorized access to iMessage conversations by verifying identities using public encryption keys
Journal appProvides integrated journaling and diary tools with photos, templates, search and more
Customizable Action buttonAllows assigning hardware button to various shortcuts like Translate app, flashlight, camera and more
Expanded weather and clock widgetsAdds daily forecast, sunrise/sunset, world clock and digital clock Home Screen widgets
Collaborative Apple Music playlistsAllows multiple people to jointly edit shared playlists
Sticker reactionsUse any sticker to react quickly to iMessages
Contacts app refinementsStreamlines account management and handles naming conventions more intelligently
AirPlay enhancementsLays groundwork for integration with expected Apple Reality Pro headset
Weather widget locationsLets you configure weather widgets for other cities besides current location
Apple Music improvementsEnhances offline download storage management and cross-device syncing
Wi-Fi fixesResolves connection issues introduced in iOS 17

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