How to Use CarPlay with iOS 16: Everything That’s New in CarPlay with iOS 16

Introduction to CarPlay

Driving on the road with one hand on the steering wheel and one hand on the phone is never safe. Accidents might happen if you pay attention to your phone instead of the road.

There might be some reasons like looking at the GPS for further routes, getting an important call or text message, wanting to change the music, or it could be for anything. If you are driving with someone, then it becomes easier to do these things as they might help you out with them. But if you are travelling alone, then it is a high risk.

Keeping the safety measures while driving in mind, Apple introduced CarPlay. Launched in 2014, Apple CarPlay has slowly gained traction these days. Apple CarPlay is a software/feature that allows a seamless interaction of your iOS device with your car.

Basically, it allows you to use your car’s touchscreen media system to operate the iPhone’s media system, giving directions, controlling communications, and sending messages. Using CarPlay, you can do all of that and more while being safe on the road.

However, Apple has brought some new features for users in CarPlay with the new iOS 16 update. This article will guide you through how to use CarPlay on iOS 16 and everything that is new on iOS 16 CarPlay.

Note: iOS 16 is released for all users as of September 9, but some new CarPlay features are slated for release in 2023.

What’s New with CarPlay with iOS 16? All New Features to CarPlay in iOS 16

New Changes to CarPlay Maps

Maps on CarPlay now supports multi-stop routes. This is really helpful, and you can actually plan these multi-stop routes on your Mac, then pass that information seamlessly over to your iPhone and use it inside of CarPlay.

So, if you are planning a trip to somewhere but you have to visit a store to buy something and pick up some of your friends from their homes, you can include all these stops on your way to the further destination.

Two New Categories for CarPlay

Another new change to CarPlay with iOS 16 is that Apple is adding two new categories to CarPlay.

Now with iOS 16, CarPlay will support “fueling apps” and “driving tasks.” So, fuel apps will help us to find nearby gas stations or cheaper fuel prices, and some other similar things. While driving tasks may include road information, toll information, and similar ones.

It will be interesting to see how developers use the new categories to bring some new cool apps to CarPlay.

Upgrades to Podcasts

Along with adding new features, Apple has made some key improvements to existing apps in CarPlay as well.

Apple is bringing more of the library from the Podcast app to CarPlay. Earlier, there were only limited options, but now Apple says that users will be able to find the downloaded and saved episode inside of the CarPlay app.

This is really a time-saver for me as I really want to listen to my favorite podcasts while driving, which was not available earlier.

New Changes to Messages

Now when you are messaging somebody with Siri, it can automatically send that message after it’s read it back to you. So, you would have to confirm and say “Yes, you want to send it” before Siri would do so.

Siri can read the message back to you, assuming everything is fine, and it will then send it. There will also be an edit button on the screen so that you can make changes before sending.

New Wallpapers

In iOS 15, we saw wallpapers in CarPlay, but there is a rumor that new wallpapers might be coming with the new major update.

As of now, no new wallpapers were seen with any of the iOS 16 betas, but we are hopeful that something new in this category will pop up with the significant release of CarPlay in early 2023.

Existing CarPlay Features That Make It Awesome

The features are upgraded with every new iPhone model. With an iPhone 13 or later, the CarPlay dashboard will provide you with a straightforward view of the route ahead. You can use the features of the iPhone, such as Siri, Maps, Music controls, Calendar, HomeKit, etc.

You can even make calls, send or receive text messages, play music, adjust your car’s temperature, change channels on the radio, and much more.

Additionally, it has widgets for your screens and also displays all of your driving data, including speed, RPMs, fuel level, temperature, and more.

Recognizing the Restrictions of CarPlay:

Consider CarPlay as an additional screen for some iPhone features. The entire process will still be handled by your iPhone, which means that CarPlay will use your iPhone’s GPS rather than the built-in GPS in your car to provide maps.

Additionally, no settings in your car, such as the interior lighting, are connected to CarPlay. Instead, CarPlay is made to give you simple, hands-free access to iPhone features like Maps, Music, Phone, Podcasts, and others that you’ll use the most while driving.

How to Use CarPlay with iOS 16

The Lightning cable is typically used to connect your iPhone to the receiver. However, some receivers also enable Bluetooth for wireless connectivity.

  1. Use a Lightning cable to connect by inserting one end into your iPhone and the other end into the USB port that is marked with a mobile phone or CarPlay icon.
  2. Put your car receiver into pairing mode if it supports Bluetooth.
  3. Open the “Settings” app on your iPhone.
  4. Go to “General.”
  5. Click on“CarPlay.”
  6. Tap on“Available Models.”
  7. Choose your model to the confirm pairing.

Initiate Receiver’s CarPlay:

Depending on the infotainment system in your car, the procedure may change.

  1. A physical button or a CarPlay button will be included on the main menu.
  2. Sometimes, when the iPhone is connected, CarPlay will begin immediately.
  3. As of iOS 13, the iPhone screen no longer locks while connected to CarPlay.
  4. Click on the Continue option on your car’s receiver.
  5. You need to click on “Agree” when the terms and conditions prompt appears in order to continue using CarPlay.
  6. Enable 911 Assist and auto-download contacts. (optional)

Connecting your iPhone to Receiver:

  1. On your iPhone, a dialogue box will appear asking you to allow your car receiver to connect to your iPhone.
  2. Click on Allow to pair both devices.

Arrange Apps for CarPlay:

Your car’s display will display the apps you can use when using CarPlay. If you want to add, remove, or reorder the apps on your iPhone, then follow the steps given below:

  1. Go to the “Settings” app on your iPhone.
  2. Go to “General.”
  3. Select a vehicle.
  4. Click on “Customize.”
  5. Tap the Add button or the Delete button to add or remove apps.
  6. To modify the order in which the apps appear, tap and drag each app.
  7. On your display, only apps that CarPlay supports will be visible.

Using Siri:

  1. On your steering wheel, press and hold the voice command button. Then request a response or action from Siri.OR
  2. On your touchscreen, press and hold the CarPlay Dashboard or CarPlay Home buttons. Then request a response or action from Siri.OR
  3. You can also just tell Siri to open the garage door or action you want to perform.

Using Siri for Announcing Messages:

  1. Go to the “Settings” app on your iPhone.
  2. Select Notifications.
  3. Then select “Announce Notifications.”
  4. After selecting CarPlay, enable Announce Messages.
  5. To control which texts Siri reads, tap Back. Select Time-Sensitive and Direct Messages or All Notifications after tapping Messages.
  6. In CarPlay, open the Settings app.
  7. Choose “Announce Messages.”
  8. Enable announcement messages.
  9. To control whether announcements are made at the beginning of your drive or not, select Announce Options.

That’s it, folks! Drive safely with the CarPlay feature and you won’t be distracted by unwanted attention from your iPhone. This is a really useful feature, and I would recommend it to every single iPhone user. Let us know what you think about CarPlay and what other improvements can be made by Apple to make it even better.

Important: CarPlay for iOS 16 is yet to be released, so don’t have much information other than what is available on the iOS 16 beta versions.

Stay Tuned!

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