How to Operate Nanoleaf’s Skylight Using Nanoleaf App iOS

Nanoleaf’s Skylight is a revolutionary and immersive smart lighting system that can transform your home into a captivating, illuminated wonderland. Controlled via the Nanoleaf app for iOS devices. This intelligent light panel array offers endless possibilities for creating custom lighting scenes, moods, and ambiances. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore the intricate features of the Nanoleaf app. Empowering you to unlock the full potential of your Skylight and elevate your home’s atmosphere to new heights.

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Setting Up the Nanoleaf App

Before we dive into the app’s functionalities, let’s ensure you have everything you need to get started:

Step#1.Download and Install the Nanoleaf App The first step is to download the Nanoleaf app from the App Store on your iOS device. This app serves as the central hub for controlling and customizing your Skylight.

Step#2.Pair Your Skylight with the App Once the app is installed, open it and follow the on-screen instructions to pair your Skylight. This process typically involves scanning the QR code located on the center panel or in the instruction manual.

Navigating the App’s Dashboard

After successfully pairing your Skylight, the app will take you to the dashboard – the command center for all your Nanoleaf devices. Here’s what you can expect:

Step#1.Room and Device Overview The dashboard provides a clear overview of all the rooms and devices associated with your Nanoleaf account. This feature allows you to easily manage and control multiple Skylight setups or other Nanoleaf products from a single location.

Step#2.Room Controls Tapping on a specific room will reveal various control options, such as turning the entire room’s lighting on or off. Adjusting the overall brightness, or even moving a device to a different room with a simple drag-and-drop gesture.

Step#3.Device-Specific Controls To access more granular control over an individual Skylight panel or set of panels, simply tap on the desired device. This action will open a dedicated control screen, offering a wide range of customization options.

Unleashing Creativity with Custom Scenes

One of the most exciting features of the Nanoleaf app is the ability to create and apply custom scenes to your Skylight. These scenes allow you to precisely control the color, intensity, and pattern of each individual panel, enabling you to craft truly unique and immersive lighting experiences.

  • Scene Gallery The app’s scene gallery showcases a diverse collection of pre-designed scenes that you can apply to your Skylight with just a tap. These scenes range from soothing and calming atmospheres to energetic and vibrant displays, catering to various moods and occasions.
  • Custom Scene Creation For those seeking a more personalized touch, the app offers a powerful scene creation tool. With an intuitive interface, you can select specific colors, adjust their intensity, and even create mesmerizing patterns that flow seamlessly across your Skylight panels.
  • Scene Scheduling and Automation Take your lighting experience to the next level by scheduling scenes to automatically activate at specific times or in response to certain triggers, such as sunset or sunrise. This feature allows you to effortlessly set the perfect ambiance without manual intervention.

Integration with Apple HomeKit

If you’re an Apple HomeKit user, the Nanoleaf app seamlessly integrates with this smart home ecosystem, unlocking even more possibilities for controlling your Skylight.

  • Voice Control With HomeKit integration, you can use voice commands through Siri to adjust your Skylight’s settings, activate scenes, or control the brightness – all without reaching for your iOS device.
  • Home App Integration The Home app on your iOS device becomes an additional control center for your Nanoleaf Skylight, allowing you to manage and automate your lighting alongside other HomeKit-enabled devices in your smart home setup.
  • Scene Activation and Automation Create custom scenes within the Home app and trigger them using various automation rules, such as when you arrive home or based on the time of day.

Advanced Features and Customization

The Nanoleaf app offers a wealth of advanced features and customization options to truly personalize your Skylight experience:

  • Rhythm Mode Sync your Skylight with your favorite music or audio content. And watch as the panels dynamically respond and pulsate in sync with the rhythm, creating an immersive audio-visual experience.
  • Touch Interactions Explore the app’s touch-based interactions. Allowing you to control your Skylight by simply tapping, swiping, or gesturing on the panels themselves.
  • Third-Party Integrations Nanoleaf’s open platform allows for integrations with various third-party services and platforms, such as IFTTT, Amazon Alexa, and Google Assistant, further expanding your control options.

Optimizing Performance and Efficiency

While the Nanoleaf Skylight is designed to be energy-efficient. The app offers additional features to help you optimize performance and reduce energy consumption:

Step#1.Dimming and Brightness Control Adjust the brightness of your Skylight to suit your preferences or ambient lighting conditions, ensuring optimal visibility while conserving energy.

Step#2.Sleep Schedule Set a sleep schedule for your Skylight, allowing it to automatically turn off or dim during specific times when you’re not using it, such as overnight or when you’re away from home.

Step#3.Power-Saving Modes Enable power-saving modes within the app to reduce energy consumption when your Skylight is not in active use.

Table: Nanoleaf App Features at a Glance

Custom ScenesCreate and apply personalized lighting scenes with precise color and pattern control.
Scene SchedulingSchedule scenes to activate automatically at specific times or triggers.
HomeKit IntegrationControl your Skylight using voice commands, the Home app, and HomeKit automation.
Rhythm ModeSync your Skylight with music or audio for an immersive audio-visual experience.
Touch InteractionsControl your Skylight with tap, swipe, and gesture-based interactions.
Third-Party IntegrationsIntegrate with platforms like IFTTT, Amazon Alexa, and Google Assistant.
Dimming and Brightness ControlAdjust brightness for optimal visibility and energy efficiency.
Sleep ScheduleSet a sleep schedule to turn off or dim your Skylight when not in use.
Power-Saving ModesEnable power-saving modes to reduce energy consumption.


Nanoleaf’s Skylight, coupled with the powerful and intuitive iOS app, offers an unparalleled smart lighting experience. With its extensive customization options, seamless integration with Apple HomeKit, and advanced features like Rhythm Mode and touch interactions. The app empowers you to transform your living spaces into dynamic, immersive environments tailored to your unique preferences.

Whether you’re seeking to create a relaxing ambiance for unwinding. Energize your workspace, or set the perfect mood for entertaining guests. The Nanoleaf app puts the control in your hands. Embrace the future of smart lighting and elevate your home’s atmosphere with the Nanoleaf Skylight and the iOS app. A combination that promises to captivate and inspire with every illuminated moment.

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