How to Change Notifications on iOS 16 to Top

With iOS 16, Apple has focused on the customization of the lock screen. Now you can set multiple lock screens and even make them more appealing with a depth effect and widgets. In order to make the lock screen an attraction, Apple moved iOS 16 notifications to the bottom of the screen.

Now, many users have welcomed this new change and gone on to make the most of the new lock customization options. On the other hand, there are some users who emphasize the notifications more than the lock screen wallpaper. And that is why they want to move notifications back to the top in iOS 16.

Even when I checked Google Trends today, I found “iOS 16 move notifications to the top” among the most searched queries on Google in the past few hours. So, I decided to help these iOS users with a straightforward and helpful tutorial to bring back notifications up on iOS 16. So, let’s dig deep into it…

How to Get the Old Lock Screen Notification View in iOS 16

If you wish to change the way notifications are displayed in iOS 16, here’s how to do it in three steps.

1. Open the “Settings” app on your iOS 16.

2. Find and tap “Notifications.”

3. Select “List.”

At the top of the notification settings, you will see the “Display As’ section. iOS 16 offers three notification styles to choose from i.e., 1) Count, 2) Stack, and 3) List.

Stack is set as the default in iOS 16, so you will have to choose List because it will bring the notifications back to the top. You will be able to check them separately.

Hence, this is how you can change the way notifications display on your iPhone and go back to the old view.

What Is Count, Stack, and List in Notifications?

If you are curious to know what the multiple options are for displaying notifications, here’s an image that will explain them the best.

Here, Image 1 shows “Count,” Image 2 shows “Stack,” and Image 3 shows the “List.”

Count: When you select this option, all notifications will be hidden at the bottom until you swipe them up, and you will only see the total number of notifications.

For instance, in the above image, you can see it says “2 Notifications” at the bottom. This emphasized the lock screen of the iPhone.

Stack: This is what iOS 16 offers as a default display option to show notifications on the lock screen. As shown in the image, all notifications are displayed and bundled at the bottom. All notifications are grouped according to the app.

Until you swipe them to the top, all notifications will sit at the bottom. When you swipe up, you will be able to check the older notifications, and the latest ones will be at the top.

List: This is the traditional way notifications appear on the lock screen. As shown in the above image, all notifications are displayed as individual notifications from top to bottom. And they occupy the whole lock screen.

Notifications are not bundled according to particular apps.

Bottom line (pun intended):

So, this is how you can change the notification settings and move them to the top in iOS 16. It is very simple and easy to follow, right? Actually, everything appears complicated until you figure out how to do it in iOS.

But don’t you worry! If you have any questions or need assistance with iOS, you can count on us.

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