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AppValley is a popular third-party app store that provides iOS users access to thousands of apps and games for free. It offers many paid, modded, and hacked apps that you won’t find on the official App Store. While AppValley iOS is not available on the App Store, it can be easily installed on your iPhone or iPad with just a few steps.

In this comprehensive guide, we will walk you through the entire process of getting AppValley on your iOS device. We will cover how to install AppValley using Airplane Mode, how to use the app store, troubleshooting tips, and some great AppValley alternatives you can try. Let’s get started!

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Before installing AppValley, ensure the following:

  • You have an iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch running iOS 9.0 or later. AppValley works on most modern iOS versions.
  • Your device has an active internet connection, preferably Wi-Fi.
  • Airplane Mode is enabled on your device. This prevents Apple from blocking the installation.
  • You have sufficient storage space for installing new apps from AppValley.

Step-by-Step Guide to Install AppValley on iOS

Follow these simple steps to get AppValley on your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch:

1. Enable Airplane Mode

The first step is to enable Airplane Mode on your iOS device. Here’s how to do it:

  • Open Settings on your device.
  • Tap on ‘Airplane Mode’ and turn it on.

This will disable all wireless connections temporarily.

2. Clear Website Data from Safari

Next, open Safari browser and clear all website data:

  • Go to Settings > Safari.
  • Tap on ‘Clear History and Website Data’.

This clears cookies and cache from Safari.

3. Install AppValley

Now you can install AppValley using Safari:

  • Open Safari browser and go to
  • Tap on the ‘Install’ button.
  • On the next screen, tap ‘Install’ again.
  • If prompted, tap on ‘Allow’ to confirm the installation.

Your device will now start installing the AppValley profile.

  • After the installation completes, you can find AppValley on your home screen.

4. Disable Airplane Mode

Once AppValley is installed, you can disable Airplane Mode on your device:

  • Go to Settings and turn off Airplane Mode.
  • Connect to the internet – AppValley requires an active internet connection to work.

You now have AppValley ready to use on your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch!

Using AppValley on iOS

Launching AppValley is the same as opening any other app on your iOS device. Here’s an overview of how to use it:

  1. Tap on the AppValley icon from the home screen to launch it.
  2. Tap on ‘Apps’ on the menu bar at the bottom.
  3. Browse apps by categories or use search to find your desired app.
  4. Tap on the app and then tap ‘Install’. The app will be installed on your home screen.
  5. For games and apps with in-app purchases, you’ll be able to use them for free.
  6. Keep AppValley updated to get the latest apps and games.

Troubleshooting AppValley

At times, you may encounter some issues while installing or using AppValley on your iOS device. Here are some common problems and fixes:

  • Problem: AppValley is not installing.
  • Solution: Check if Airplane mode is enabled and Safari cache is cleared before installing. Also, ensure you have enough storage space.
  • Problem: AppValley installs but crashes on launch.
  • Solution: Try reinstalling AppValley and reboot your device. Also update to the latest iOS version.
  • Problem: ‘Untrusted Enterprise Developer’ error shows up.
  • Solution: Go to Settings > General > Profiles and trust the AppValley certificate. Retry installing apps after this.
  • Problem: Apps say ‘Unable to Download App’.
  • Solution: This is a server-side issue with AppValley. Try downloading the apps later or install the latest AppValley update.
  • Problem: Apps installed from AppValley crash randomly.
  • Solution: This happens if the apps are not fully compatible with your iOS version. Update your device software and reinstall the problematic apps.

If issues persist, you can tweet to AppValley’s developer account @AppValleyVIP for help.

Great AppValley Alternatives for iOS

Here are some of the best alternative third-party app stores similar to AppValley that you can use on iPhone and iPad:

1. TweakBox

TweakBox is a simple, free Cydia alternative offering a great selection of hacked games, ++apps, emulators, and more. It’s easy to use interface makes it great for iOS beginners.

2. AltStore

AltStore is an open-source app store that lets you install apps like Spotify++ and more on iOS devices without jailbreak. You can use it to sideload your own apps as well.

3. iOS Haven

iOS Haven provides modded apps, games, tweaks and tools for your stock non-jailbroken iOS device. It also has emulators, screen recorders and other useful utilities.

4. TutuApp

Known for its high performance and security, TutuApp provides premium apps and games for free. It has a great library of emulators, tweaked apps, ++ apps and more.

5. Panda Helper

Panda Helper offers a vast library of hacked games, apps, emulators, ringtones and themes. It provides regular updates and installation is easy.

Be cautious while using third-party app stores and don’t download apps from untrusted sources. Verify app permissions and behavior before installing apps from such stores.


Installing AppValley allows you to unlock thousands of premium apps, games, emulators and more for your non-jailbroken iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. This guide covers how to install AppValley using Airplane Mode, tips for using it, troubleshooting help, and some great alternative app stores similar to AppValley.

While such third-party app stores provide useful paid and modded apps for free, they also come with risks. Be careful while using apps from unofficial stores and avoid piracy at all costs. Always prioritize cyber safety when downloading apps on your iOS device.

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