How To Fix ios 17 journal app missing?


The Fix ios 17 journal app is a new stock app introduced in iOS 17 that allows users to jot down thoughts, memories, or notes in a private, password-protected space. It aims to provide a digital journaling experience right on your iPhone or iPad.

However, some users have reported not finding the Journal app after updating to iOS 17. If you can’t find the Journal app on your device, it simply means Apple has not made it available yet. The Journal app will be released in a future iOS 17 update later this year.

In this article, we’ll walk through why the Journal app is missing in iOS 17 for some users and how to get it once Apple releases it.

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Why the Journal App is Missing in iOS 17

The Journal app is still in development and pending release by Apple. Even though iOS 17 is out, Apple has not yet pushed the Journal app live for all users.

Here are some key points on the Journal app’s availability:

  • The Journal app is a stock app that will come pre-installed on iOS 17. You don’t need to download it separately.
  • Apple announced the Journal app at the WWDC 2022 keynote but did not confirm a release timeframe.
  • The Journal app will be introduced in a future iOS 17 incremental update.
  • Not all iOS 17 users will get it immediately after updating. The rollout will likely be gradual.
  • There is no specific release date known yet for the Journal app.

So in summary, if you don’t see the Journal app after updating to iOS 17, it simply means Apple has not released it yet for your region. The gradual rollout is normal for new iOS features.

When Will the Journal App Be Available?

Apple has stated the Journal app will be available “later this year” but has not provided a specific release date.

Based on Apple’s software release history, we can make some educated guesses on when users can expect to get the Journal app:

  • It could arrive in one of the .1 or .2 incremental updates to iOS 17. For example, iOS 17.1, iOS 17.2.
  • Major new features generally come a few weeks or months after the main iOS release.
  • If we follow iOS 16’s release timeline, the Journal app could arrive as soon as late October or November 2022.
  • However, it’s possible Apple may hold it until iOS 17.2 in December 2022 or January 2023.
  • The release will likely happen in the U.S. first, followed by worldwide expansion over a few weeks.

So while we don’t know for sure, the Journal app will likely be made available between late-2022 and early-2023 based on past iOS release timelines.

How to Get the Journal App on iOS 17

Once Apple releases the Journal app for iOS 17, here are the steps to get it on your iPhone or iPad:

Step 1: Make sure your device is updated to the latest version of iOS. Go to Settings > General > Software Update and install any available updates.

Step 2: If a new iOS 17.x update is available, install it. This may contain the Journal app if you don’t already have it.

Step 3: Check the App Library on your home screen for the Journal app icon. It looks like a small notebook with a pen.

Step 4: If you still don’t see the Journal app, go to the App Store. Search for “Journal” and see if the app shows up to download.

Step 5: If the Journal app is not found in the App Store search, it likely means Apple has not launched it for your region yet.

Step 6: Keep checking the App Store and installing the latest iOS updates periodically. The Journal app will appear once Apple initiates the rollout in your geography.

Here are some things to note when trying to get the Journal app:

  • It will simply appear on your home screen once available. You won’t have to manually download it.
  • The app may take a few days to a few weeks to appear, depending on your location.
  • You’ll need an iPhone or iPad running iOS 17. Older iOS versions don’t support the Journal app.
  • If a friend in another region already has the Journal app, it unfortunately can’t be transferred.

So in summary, enabling automatic iOS updates and regularly checking the App Library and App Store is the best way to get the Journal app as soon as possible once it launches worldwide. With some patience, all iOS 17 users should get their hands on the new Journal app before the end of 2022.

Using the Journal App Once Available

Once you have the Journal app on your iPhone or iPad, you can start using it to maintain a private, password-protected digital journal.

Here is an overview of how the Journal app works based on Apple’s announcements:

  • Launch the app and set a password. This encrypts and secures your journal entries.
  • The app provides tools to let you quickly add text, tags, photos, or drawings as journal entries.
  • You can categorize entries with tags like People, Places, Events, etc.
  • Entries are organized chronologically so you can scroll back through time.
  • A search bar lets you easily find entries by keyword or tag.
  • You can add entries through Siri voice commands.
  • All content remains safely on-device. It does not sync externally.
  • Entries are private and inaccessible without biometric or passcode authentication.

In summary, the Journal app aims to provide an intuitive, digital-first journaling experience while keeping all your memories and inner thoughts private. It could be a better alternative to traditional paper journaling for many users.

Troubleshooting Tips

Here are some troubleshooting tips if you are facing any issues in getting or using the Journal app:

  • Make sure your iPhone or iPad is updated to the latest iOS version (Settings > General > Software Update).
  • Check App Library and App Store periodically for the Journal app over several days or weeks. The rollout is gradual.
  • If the app crashes after launching, try force quitting it and relaunching. Reboot your device if needed.
  • Reset the Journal app’s password if you forgot it. You can reset via iPhone recovery mode.
  • Reach out to Apple Support on Twitter or get help from the Apple Support app if problems persist.
  • Be patient as large-scale iOS rollouts can take time across Apple’s millions of users.

With some perseverance and help from Apple support if required, you should be journaling in no time once the app becomes available in your geography.


The Journal app promises an engaging, digital-first journaling experience on iPhone and iPad. Although the app is not yet available to all with the iOS 17 update, Apple has confirmed it is coming later in 2022.

By regularly checking for iOS updates, monitoring the App Store, and exercising some patience, you should be ready to start securely journaling once Apple initiates the worldwide rollout. The private Journal app has the potential to become a cherished destination for your most personal thoughts and memories.


  • The Journal app is missing for some users in iOS 17 as Apple has not released it yet
  • It will be made available in a future iOS 17 incremental update, likely by end of 2022
  • Once launched, the Journal app can be accessed by updating iOS and checking the App Library
  • The app allows private, password-protected journaling of text, photos, and drawings
  • With some patience for the rollout and help from Apple support if needed, all users should get access to the intuitive Journal app soon

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