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The Contact Poster feature in iOS 17 allows you to set a photo and customized text that is displayed when you call someone. It’s a great way to personalize your calls and give your contacts a preview of who is calling. However, some users have reported issues with Contact Poster not working properly after updating to iOS 17. In this guide, we will go over some troubleshooting steps and solutions to fix Contact Poster problems on your iPhone running iOS 17.

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Before trying to fix Contact Poster, make sure:

  • Your iPhone is updated to iOS 17. Contact Poster is only available on iOS 17 and newer.
  • The contacts you are trying to set Contact Poster for also have devices with iOS 17 installed. The feature will not work if the recipient has an older iOS version.
  • You have enabled Contact Poster in the Contacts app by going to your contact card > Contact Photo & Poster. The toggle for “Name & Photo Sharing” needs to be turned on.


Here are some solutions to try if you are facing issues with Contact Poster on iOS 17:

1. Force Close and Relaunch Contacts App

A simple force close and relaunch of the Contacts app can help resolve temporary glitches. To do this:

  • Double press the Home button to bring up the app switcher.
  • Swipe up on the Contacts app preview to force close it.
  • Open the Contacts app again from the Home screen.

Relaunching the app will clear any cache/data issues and restart it fresh. Try setting the Contact Poster again to see if it works properly after doing this.

2. Force Restart Your iPhone

If force closing the Contacts app did not work, the next step is to force restart your iPhone. A hard reboot helps clear out any system-level cache/data that may be causing problems.

To force restart:

  • Press and quickly release the Volume Up button.
  • Press and quickly release the Volume Down button.
  • Finally, press and hold the Side button until you see the Apple logo.

This will restart your iPhone. Try using Contact Poster again after the reboot completes.

3. Toggle Airplane Mode

Toggling Airplane mode off and on can also help refresh system connections and services on the iPhone.

  • Open Settings and toggle Airplane mode on. Wait for about 30 seconds.
  • Now toggle Airplane mode off again.

This resets all connections and disables/enables the radios again. Now test if Contact Poster works.

4. Check Show Caller ID Settings

For Contact Poster to work properly, you need to have Show Caller ID enabled on your iPhone. To verify this:

  • Go to Settings > Phone.
  • Make sure the toggle for Show My Caller ID is turned on.

If this was disabled, contact names would not show up during calls/FaceTime. Turn it on and see if Contact Poster now works as expected.

5. Create New Contact

It’s possible the contact record itself is corrupted and causing issues with Contact Poster. Try deleting the problem contact and creating it again from scratch.

When adding the contact again, be sure to set the First Name, Last Name, and Contact Photo/Poster correctly. This will generate a fresh contact file which may fix any errors.

6. Reset All Settings

If none of the above help, you can try resetting all settings on your iPhone as a last resort before performing a factory reset.

  • Go to Settings > General > Reset.
  • Tap Reset All Settings.

This will reset system settings, Network settings, keyboard dictionaries, and more without erasing your data. Reconfigure your device settings again and then test if Contact Poster works properly after doing this.

7. Use ReiBoot to Repair iOS

For severe system errors and crashes, using a tool like ReiBoot can help repair iOS system files and restore stability.

  • Download and install ReiBoot on a computer your iPhone is connected to via USB.
  • Launch ReiBoot and click Standard Repair.
  • Let the repair process run and wait for iPhone to restart.

This will scan iOS and fix underlying problems that may be impacting system features like Contact Poster.

When to Contact Apple Support

If none of these DIY troubleshooting steps resolve your Contact Poster issues, it’s recommended to contact Apple Support for assistance.

You can call Apple Support or chat with them online to troubleshoot further and determine if your device needs advanced diagnostics. They may suggest scheduling a Genius Bar appointment at an Apple Store if hardware repair or replacement is needed.

Provide the exact details of the problem you are facing with Contact Poster. Apple can check server logs on their end as well to identify potential bugs causing the feature to malfunction.


Here is a quick summary of the troubleshooting tips covered in this guide to fix Contact Poster problems on iOS 17:

  1. Relaunch Contacts app
  2. Force restart your iPhone
  3. Toggle Airplane mode on/off
  4. Enable Show Caller ID
  5. Create new contact record
  6. Reset all settings
  7. Use ReiBoot repair tool
  8. Contact Apple support

Following these steps should help identify and resolve any software bugs or system issues that are affecting Contact Poster on your iPhone. If the problem still persists after trying all options, get in touch with Apple right away for further assistance and troubleshooting.

Contact Poster not working after iOS 17 updateUpdate iPhone to latest iOS 17 version. Ensure contacts also have iOS 17.
Contact Poster disabled suddenlyForce close and relaunch Contacts app. Force restart iPhone.
Contact names not appearingEnable Show Caller ID in Settings > Phone.
Existing contact not workingDelete contact and recreate it. Set photo and poster again.
System-wide issueReset all settings. Use ReiBoot repair if needed.

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