How To Download Manga4life app And Read Manga On iOS Device?

Manga fans with an iPhone or iPad who want access to thousands of manga series will be excited to learn about the Manga4Life app. Unfortunately, this incredible manga resource is not yet available on the iOS App Store.

The good news is iPhone and iPad users still have plenty of options for reading manga. In this guide, we’ll cover the best apps and websites for iOS manga reading, including steps for finding and saving series for offline enjoyment.

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An Introduction to Manga

Before we dive into the options for iOS manga reading, let’s make sure we’re all on the same page regarding manga itself.

Manga refers to comics or graphic novels originating from Japan. Unlike traditional Western comics, manga follows a right-to-left reading format. Manga covers almost every genre imaginable, from action and adventure to romance, sci-fi, fantasy, and horror. Most manga series get published in anthology-style magazines before being compiled into tankōbon volumes.

Some of the most well-known and popular manga series include:

  • One Piece
  • Attack on Titan
  • Naruto
  • Demon Slayer: Kimetsu No Yaiba
  • My Hero Academia

Manga has grown into a massive worldwide phenomenon. As of 2016, the manga market in Japan alone was estimated at ¥445.4 billion ($4.3 billion).

Now that we’ve got a better understanding of manga, let’s move on to reading it on an iPhone or iPad.

Downloading the Manga4Life App on iOS

Manga4Life provides access to over 50,000 manga chapters and 100,000 manga pages. However, the platform is currently only available in mobile app format for Android devices.

Unfortunately, iOS users cannot download the Manga4Life app directly from the App Store at this time.

We definitely expect either Manga4Life or a similar platform to launch an iOS app in the future. For now, manga fans will need to use one of the alternatives covered in the next sections.

Best Apps for Reading Manga on iPhone and iPad

While the Manga4Life app remains restricted to Android, plenty of other excellent iOS manga apps are available. Here are some top options:

1. Manga Reader

Manga Reader is a popular iPhone and iPad manga app with over 2,000 titles across a wide variety of genres.

Key Features:

  • Huge manga selection
  • Save series for offline reading
  • Track reading progress
  • Daily updates with new manga series
  • Customizable interface and reading settings

To get started, simply download Manga Reader from the iOS App Store. From there, you can browse or search for manga series to add to your library.

2. MangaZone

MangaZone contains over 10,000 manga volumes from both traditional Japanese manga and international comics.

Key Features:

  • Massive manga library
  • Read manga in English, Chinese, or original Japanese
  • Download unlimited series for offline enjoyment
  • Track reading history and favorites
  • Daily updates with brand new manga series

Download MangaZone free from the App Store and check out the “Downloads” section to save manga for offline reading.

3. Manga Storm

If you want access to niche, indie, and lesser-known manga series, Manga Storm is a great choice.

Key Features:

  • Huge catalog of mainstream and indie manga
  • Completely free with no ads or paywalls
  • Available in multiple languages
  • Track, download, and backup all your manga
  • Customizable reader settings

You can find Manga Storm on the App Store. Use the download feature to save any manga to your iPhone or iPad for offline enjoyment.

Best Websites for Reading Manga on an iPhone or iPad

In addition to apps, there are also some excellent websites for reading manga on an iOS device. Here are three top options complete with instructions for saving and reading manga offline:

1. MangaDex

MangaDex is one of the largest manga databases online with a huge community of scanlators.

To get started:

  1. Go to
  2. Create a free account
  3. Search for manga series and click/tap the “Follow” button to track them
  4. Tap a chapter and use the download feature to save it for offline reading

2. Mangakakalot

Mangakakalot hosts thousands of manga, manhwa, and manhua series in nearly every genre.

To download manga for offline reading:

  1. Visit
  2. Search or browse for a manga series
  3. Tap the chapter you want and hit the download button
  4. The file will save to your device as a CBZ or CBR for offline enjoyment

3. Manganelo

If you want a smooth reading experience similar to paper manga, Manganelo is a great destination.

Here’s how to save manga offline:

  1. Go to
  2. Search or browse for manga
  3. Tap a series and use the chapter download links
  4. Open the CBR/CBZ files in a compatible offline reader app

Managing and Reading Downloaded Manga on iPhone and iPad

Now that you’ve downloaded some great manga content, let’s go over the basics for managing and reading it offline on your device:

  • Manga files save to your device as CBR or CBZ files
  • Use a compatible app like Manga Reader or MangaZone to open and read offline files
  • Organize manga by series in designated folders
  • Delete already-read manga to save storage space
  • Back up your entire manga collection via file transfer or cloud storage
  • Switch iPhone or iPad to airplane mode to avoid interruptions during offline reading

That covers the key points for enjoying your downloaded manga!

Manga on iOS – Summary and Conclusion

While the awesome Manga4Life app unfortunately remains limited to the Android platform, iPhone and iPad users still have fantastic options for manga reading.

As we covered in this guide, you can use leading apps like Manga Reader, MangaZone, and Manga Storm to legally access thousands of free manga. Additionally, scanlation sites such as MangaDex, Mangakakalot, and Manganelo allow iOS users to read and download manga for offline enjoyment.

We suggest exploring a variety of apps and websites to find your preferred platform and manga series. You can then utilize download features to save content directly on your device for reading anytime, anywhere without an internet connection.

Here’s a quick summary of the main steps:

  1. Select a manga app or website
  2. Create a free user account (optional)
  3. Find enticing manga series to follow
  4. Use built-in tools to download manga
  5. Manage and read downloaded manga offline

While waiting and hoping for an official iOS launch of Manga4Life, manga fans can stay fully entertained on their iPhone or iPad with the platforms covered here. Just make sure to practice proper digital security, storage, and backup of your treasured manga libraries.

Happy manga reading! As one journey through the captivating world of manga ends, a thousand more begin…

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