How To Download And Use LibriVox iOS App

In today’s fast-paced digital era, audiobooks have become an increasingly popular way to enjoy literature on the go. Whether you’re commuting, exercising, or simply looking to unwind, audiobooks offer a convenient and immersive experience. One platform that stands out in the world of free audiobooks is LibriVox. With the LibriVox iOS App, you can access a vast collection of classic and contemporary works, all at your fingertips. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll walk you through the process of downloading and using the app, unlocking a treasure trove of literary delights.

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How to Download the LibriVox iOS App

The first step towards embarking on your audiobook journey is to download the LibriVox iOS app. While LibriVox itself does not produce official apps, there are several third-party apps available that tap into the vast LibriVox catalog. One of the most popular and highly acclaimed options is the “LibriVox Audio Books” app, available for free on the App Store.

To download the app, follow these simple steps:

Step#1.Open the App Store on your iPhone or iPad.

Step#2.Tap the Search icon (the magnifying glass) at the bottom of the screen.

Step#3.Type “LibriVox Audio Books” in the search bar.

Step#4.Select the “LibriVox Audio Books” app from the search results.

Step#5.Tap the “Get” button to download and install the app.

Once the installation is complete, the LibriVox Audio Books app will be ready to explore on your iOS device.

Navigating the LibriVox iOS App

Upon launching the LibriVox Audio Books app, you’ll be greeted by a sleek and user-friendly interface. The app offers a variety of ways to discover and access audiobooks, ensuring that you can find your next literary adventure with ease.

Browse by Category The app organizes audiobooks into various categories, such as Fiction, Non-Fiction, Poetry, and more. This feature allows you to quickly browse through genres that pique your interest.

Search by Title or Author If you have a specific book or author in mind. The app’s powerful search function makes it easy to find what you’re looking for. Simply enter the title or author’s name, and the app will display relevant results.

Explore Featured and Popular Books The app highlights featured and popular audiobooks, giving you a glimpse into the most acclaimed and widely enjoyed titles within the LibriVox community.

Listening to Audiobooks

Once you’ve found an audiobook that captures your interest. The LibriVox Audio Books app offers a variety of features to enhance your listening experience.

Streaming and Downloading You can choose to stream audiobooks directly over the internet or download them for offline listening. Downloading books allows you to enjoy them even without an internet connection, making it perfect for long commutes or travel.

Bookmarking and Sleep Timer The app enables you to create unlimited bookmarks, ensuring that you never lose your place in an audiobook. Additionally, the sleep timer feature lets you set a specific duration after which the audiobook will stop playing, preventing it from continuing to play while you’re asleep.

Bluetooth and Casting For a seamless listening experience, the LibriVox Audio Books app supports Bluetooth connectivity, allowing you to easily connect to your wireless headphones or speakers. It also supports Android Auto and Google Cast, enabling you to enjoy audiobooks in your car or on compatible devices.

Useful Features and Settings

The LibriVox iOS app goes beyond just providing access to audiobooks. It offers a range of useful features and settings to customize your experience.

Narration Speed Control Adjust the narration speed to suit your preferences, allowing you to speed up or slow down the playback as desired.

Customizable Playback Settings Tailor the playback experience by adjusting settings such as sleep timer duration, bookmark management, and playback control options.

Offline Mode The app allows you to download audiobooks for offline listening, ensuring that you can enjoy your literary adventures even without an internet connection.

User-Friendly Interface The app’s clean and intuitive interface makes it easy to navigate and find the audiobooks you’re interested in, providing a seamless and enjoyable user experience.

Useful Table: Audiobook Genres in the LibriVox iOS App

To help you quickly identify and explore the different audiobook genres available in the LibriVox iOS app, here’s a handy table:

FictionNovels, short stories, and other fictional works.
Non-FictionBiographies, memoirs, historical accounts, and more.
PoetryA vast collection of poetic works from various eras and authors.
ClassicsTimeless literary masterpieces from renowned authors.
Children’sAudiobooks suitable for younger listeners, including fairy tales and children’s stories.
DramaPlays, theatrical productions, and other dramatic works.
Mystery & ThrillerSuspenseful and thrilling tales that keep you on the edge of your seat.
Science Fiction & FantasyImaginative works that transport you to other worlds and realms.
LanguageAudiobooks focused on language learning and instruction.
Religion & SpiritualityAudiobooks exploring various religious and spiritual topics.

This table provides a quick overview of the diverse range of genres available in the LibriVox iOS app. Making it easier for you to discover audiobooks that align with your interests and preferences.


The LibriVox iOS app is a treasure trove for audiobook enthusiasts, offering an extensive collection of free audiobooks at your fingertips. With its user-friendly interface, powerful search capabilities, and a wealth of features designed to enhance your listening experience. This app is a must-have for anyone who loves literature and values convenience.

Whether you’re a seasoned audiobook listener or just starting your journey. The LibriVox iOS app opens up a world of literary delights, allowing you to explore classic works, discover new authors, and immerse yourself in captivating narratives. Download the app today and embark on an auditory adventure that will enrich your life and ignite your love for literature like never before.

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