How to Download and Play College Brawl 2 on iOS Device

College Brawl 2 has quickly become one of the most popular mobile fighting games since its release in 2021. With its cartoonish graphics, simple controls, and addictive gameplay, it’s easy to see why so many iOS users are clamoring to play. Unfortunately, College Brawl 2 is not officially available on the App Store. But with the help of a third-party app installer, you can download and play this smash-hit title on your iPhone or iPad.

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An Introduction

For those unfamiliar, College Brawl 2 is a sequel to the original game released in 2017. It’s a multiplayer fighting game featuring wacky characters battling it out in locations around a university campus. Players can punch, kick, and use special moves to knock out opponents. There is also a single-player campaign mode and special challenge levels to complete.

College Brawl 2 expands the roster to 35 playable fighters, with favorites like Chad the Quarterback and Mindy the Bookworm returning alongside new unlockable characters. The cartoon visuals lend themselves to over-the-top special moves and fight environments, like battling beneath a giant pizza at the cafeteria. It’s casual fighting fun that apparently Apple has deemed too outrageous for its App Store.

Why College Brawl 2 Isn’t Officially Available on iOS

Considering its popularity, you may wonder why such a highly demanded game like College Brawl 2 is not available on the iOS App Store. Most likely, Apple rejected it due to cartoon violence or other overly wacky content that goes against its guidelines. This has happened with controversy-courting games in the past.

However, Android users can download Brawl 2 directly from the Google Play Store. So iOS owners need a workaround method to install this underground hit. That’s where utilizing a third-party iOS app installer comes in handy.

Choosing the Best Third-Party App Installer

Since you can’t get College Brawl 2 from the App Store, you’ll need to use an alternative iOS app store that operates outside Apple’s ecosystem. There are a few options to choose from, but some stand out more than others.

Here are the top app installers for downloading College Brawl 2 on iOS:


TweakBox is one of the most popular third-party installers because it offers tons of hacked games and apps unavailable in the App Store. It has an easy installation method and doesn’t require a jailbroken device.


Similar to TweakBox, AppValley grants access to games like College Brawl 2. It’s known for its wide catalog of apps across various categories.


IOSGods specifically focuses on games, making it a prime option for getting this on an iPhone or iPad. It also provides gaming tips or tricks.

I recommend newer iOS users try TweakBox or AppValley first for their simplicity. But iOSGods is also reliable, especially for gaming enthusiasts.

Step-by-Step Guide to Downloading College Brawl 2 on iOS

Once you’ve picked your preferred third-party iOS app installer, it’s time delve into the actual download process. Carefully read and follow these instructions:

1. Download your selected app installer

  • Visit,, or on your iOS device
  • Tap the button to download the installer application
  • Open Settings > General > Profiles & Device Management
  • Tap “Trust” on the installer’s enterprise certificate

2. Open the installer and find College Brawl 2

  • Locate and launch the TweakBox, AppValley, iOSGods, or other installer app
  • You may need to dismiss an alert box first
  • Browse the catalog of apps or use search to find
  • Tap the College Brawl 2 icon to bring up the info screen

3. Install College Brawl 2

  • On the College Brawl 2 info screen, tap the “Install” button
  • Wait 2-3 minutes for the installation process to fully complete
  • An alert will confirm when College Brawl 2 finishes installing

4. Trust the developer profile

  • Go to Settings > General > Profiles & Device Management
  • Under Enterprise Apps, find the installer’s profile
  • Tap the profile then hit “Trust” in the upper right
  • This verifies College Brawl 2 so it will launch

And that’s it! it should now be successfully installed and ready to play on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch.

Getting Started Playing College Brawl 2

Once you’ve followed those steps, you can launch just like any other app on your iOS device – from the home screen. The first time opening it, you’ll need to select OK or Allow on any permission pop-ups for it function properly.

You may also have to tap past an “Untrusted Enterprise Developer” warning on first run. But after that, it should load up fine going forward.

When playing game, I recommend connecting headphones or speakers so you can enjoy the game’s soundtrack and silly sound effects. The various characters have unique moves activated by tapping buttons at the bottom of the screen.

The single-player campaign walks you through training modes and storyline fights that unlock more stages. Or jump right into multiplayer versus modes to pit your fighter against friends. The security office and rooftop are my personal favorite arenas!

Part of the appeal is earning in-game rewards to upgrade your fighters’ skills or wardrobes. As you level up, weapons like footballs or cafeteria trays can be unlocked!

Have fun exploring all there is to do in College Brawl 2. Just take the proper steps to download it first using one of those third-party iOS app installers mentioned.

Is the College Brawl 2 MOD Worth Installing?

Savvy iOS gamers may come across mods promising enhanced experiences. I’m referring to files that have been altered from their original version. These are sometimes advertised with perks like all fighters/levels unlocked or infinite health.

However, I advise exercising caution before installing any modded APK file for College Brawl 2. While they may deliver bonus features, there are also potential downsides:

  • Security risks from unofficial files
  • Crashes or broken gameplay elements
  • Bans if cheating is detected online
  • Voided warranty/save data on your device

My recommendation is enjoying the standard first. Its core fighting action holds up great even without mods or hacking the iOS version. But I understand the temptation to get a boost unlocking stuff quicker.

If you do wish to install a College Brawl 2 mod, only download it from trusted, reliable sources. And consider making backups of your save files in case issues arise. Proceed with caution – modding comes with inherent risks even on iOS.

Can I Play College Brawl 2 on iPad or Mac?

Beyond iPhones, it can also be installed on iPads and some Mac computer models. The iPad version features the same full-screen landscape mode as iPhone for smashing brawls. Mac users will need an iOS emulator program to run iPhone/iPad apps desktop-style.

Check that your iPad model meets College Brawl 2’s minimum system requirements, including:

  • iOS 11 or higher
  • iPhone 5S processor or better

Back up your iPad before installing any unsigned IPAs outside the App Store. College Brawl 2 should then work fine.

For Mac, install an iOS emulator like Electric Mobile or iPadian first. Launch the emulator then use its browser or file manager to sideload the iPhone version of College Brawl 2. While controls may feel weird on a keyboard, the fighting gameplay translates intact!

So it can be played not only on iPhones, but also iPads and Macs willing to handle sideloaded iOS apps. Expand the brawling beyond mobile devices!

Troubleshooting Issues

As with any app from unofficial stores, you may encounter issues running properly on your iPhone or iPad. Here are some troubleshooting tips:

If College Brawl 2 crashes right after launching, try rebooting your iOS device and relaunching the app. This refreshes system memory allocation.

Check that your iOS software is up to date in Settings. Using the latest firmware helps prevent glitches running sideloaded games.

For reliability, delete College Brawl 2 then redownload it fresh using the steps earlier. The newest file might have bug fixes.

Double check that the developer profile is trusted in Settings > General. Verify the app itself shows as Verified too under its permissions.

If buttons become unresponsive during gameplay, close Brawl 2 fully and restart. This typically resolves Control Center overlay problems.

Factory reset College Brawl 2 from within the iOS installer menu if crashes persist. Just beware your save data will be wiped – so back it up via iCloud or iTunes beforehand!

Following these tips should get working properly again. A clean reinstall or reboot tends to fix most issues.

Closing Recommendations

I hope this guide covered everything required for you to successfully download and start playing Brawl 2 on your iPhone, iPad or even Mac. It really is one of the most amusing casual fighting games that, unfortunately, Apple has banned from its ecosystem.

Just be sure to use reliable third-party iOS app installers like TweakBox and exercise caution with any modified APKs. Also, backup your device beforehand in case of issues arise. Other than that, enjoy unleashing all sorts of over-the-top brawling chaos across the university!

From the food court to the math building, pummel goofy characters with cafeteria trays, basketballs, and more. Just try not to laugh too hard at the cartoon shenanigans unfolding on-screen. After all where else can you smash friends using pep rally megaphones?

So round up your squad and dive into the underground smash hit today on your jailbreak-free iPhone or iPad!

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