Fix: Hey Siri Not Working on iOS 16.0.3 – The Ultimate Method That Actually Works

As we all know, iOS 16 introduced a slew of new features, including a customizable lock screen with multiple lock screens and depth effect on the lock screen, improved iMessage, several security updates, and many more.

However, it also came with lots of bugs and errors. For instance, the depth effect wasn’t working for some users, some users are facing battery drain after the iOS 16 16.0.3, and Hey Siri is not working on the iPhone.

This is why Apple rolled out three updates to iOS 16, but still several errors are unfixed. Even after updating to iOS 16.0.3, Hey Siri is not working for some iPhone users. It responds to commands, but then it says “working on it” and it goes off.

In this article, I will tell you how to fix Hey Siri not working on iOS 16.0.3.

What Is the Issue Actually?

iOS 16.0.3 fixes bugs like low microphone volume in CarPlay and delayed notifications on the iPhone 14 and iPhone Pro. But it hasn’t addressed the Hey Siri not working issue. This issue has been faced by many users since iOS 16 rolled out on September 12, 2022.

A user, MilanJankovic, posted on Apple Discussion that Hey Siri doesn’t work on his iPhone running on iOS 16.0.3. He said:

My Siri is not working after update 16.0.3.

My Siri have a problem

When you ask Siri, she responds on it than she responds something when wrong please try again later

I reboot phone several times but still not working

28 users hit the “I have this question too” option. So, I think this is something that needs to be fixed now as the iOS 16.0.4 release date is still a week away.

Another user on Reddit reported that dictation and Siri were not working on his iPhone.

I haven’t noticed such an issue on my iPhone, but there are solutions that can work.

Here’s How to Fix Hey Siri Not Working on iOS 16 and iOS 16.0.3

Well, the common troubleshooting methods like rebooting your iPhone or forcing a restart may not solve the issue. So, I dug deep to find the solution and I will not fool you around by hard resetting your iPhone or making sure your Siri is on.

However, there are common things that you need to check before heading to try the ultimate solution, which may take a few hours.

1.      Check if Hey Siri is enabled on your iPhone iOS 16.0.3

2.      Check if your iPhone is connected to a stable internet connection.

3.      Hey Siri doesn’t work when “Low Power Mode” is enabled.

4.      Make sure “Allow Siri When Locked” is enabled.

5.      Try changing the Siri language.

6.      Try changing Siri voice.

If Hey Siri still doesn’t work after you’ve tried all the solutions above, try the method described here.

7.      Backup your iPhone and Restore It to iOS 16.0.3

This is the ultimate solution that works for Hey Siri not working on iOS 16. After updating to iOS 16.0.3, back up your iPhone on iTunes or iCloud.

Step 1: Backup Your iPhone in iTunes

  1. Connect your iPhone to a PC or Mac using a lightning cable.
  2. Tap “Trust” on the iPhone or enter the passcode, if it asks. Now click the iPhone icon at the top of the iTunes screen on PC and simply click on the device name on the left side of the Mac.
  3. Now select “Backup on this computer” on a Windows PC and “Backup on this Mac” on a Mac. And then, hit the “Backup Now” option.

Note: You can encrypt the backup file, which will protect it with a password. You will need this password when restoring your iPhone to iOS 16.0.3.

Backing up your iPhone may take some time, depending on the data size on the device. You can also backup your iPhone on iCloud, which is convenient, but I find iTunes backup efficient for me.

Step 2: Reset your iPhone to factory settings and restore it as new.

Once your data is fully backed up, you will need to hard reset your iPhone. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Open “Settings” on your iPhone and go to “General.”
  2. Scroll down and tap “Transfer or Reset iPhone.”
  3. Now select “Erase All Content and Settings.” Follow the instructions on the screen and it will be done within a few minutes.

Now that your iPhone is reset, sign in with the same Apple ID, but you need to set it as a new device without restoring it.

Step 3: Restore the iPhone

  1. Connect your iPhone to a PC or Mac using a lightning cable.
  2. Tap “Trust” on the iPhone or enter the passcode, if it asks. Now select the iPhone icon at the top of the iTunes screen on PC and simply click on the device name on the left side of the Mac.
  3. You will see the “Restore backup” option here. Click on it and follow the on-screen instructions.

This may take some time, and your iPhone will have all the data and files as it was before erasing all content and settings.

Now check Hey Siri on your iOS 16.0.3 device. It should be working. This is the method that has worked for several users who were facing the same problem, so you can try it.

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