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Coin Master is a popular mobile game developed by Israeli studio Moon Active, with over 100 million downloads.(Hack Coin Master) The objective of the game is to build your village by spinning a slot machine to win coins, shields, weapons, raids, and more. These items help you attack and raid the villages of other players in order to steal their coins. Additionally, there is a card collection element, where you can collect cards to complete sets and win prizes.

While the game itself is free-to-play, progress can feel slow at times without spending real money on in-game purchases like extra spins. This has led some players to look into hacking or cheating in order to get free and infinite spins in the game. In this guide, we’ll explore if and how this can be achieved for the iOS version of Coin Master specifically.

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Overview of Coin Master Spin System

Before we look at hacking Coin Master on iOS(Hack Coin Master vô Hạn Spin iOS), let’s first understand how the spin system works in the game:

  • Players get 5 free spins every hour
  • Additional free spins can be requested from friends or gained from various bonuses within the game
  • Players can buy extra spins with real money if they run out of free spins
  • The number of spins available shows in the upper left corner of the screen

The main incentive to keep playing Coin Master for long periods of time is to keep spinning and progressing. Therefore, the idea of infinite free spins is very enticing for hardcore players who don’t want to keep paying real money. This has driven the demand for hacks and mods that allow for unlimited spins.

Challenges of Hacking Coin Master on iOS

Hacking any iOS game comes with certain challenges:

Closed iOS Ecosystem

Unlike Android devices which allow installation of apps from third-party stores, iOS has a closed ecosystem. Apple thoroughly vets and controls all apps published on the App Store, making it difficult for hacked apps and games to be made available.

App Signing Restrictions

All iOS apps need to be properly signed and notarized by the developer before they can run on actual devices. This authentication system prevents unofficial modified apps from running.

Jailbreaking No Longer an Option

Jailbreaking used to allow running unsigned code and hacked apps on iOS. However, Apple has made the OS increasingly secure over the years, making jailbreaking far more complex than before. The latest iOS versions can no longer be jailbroken.

Due to these restrictions, hacking Coin Master for infinite spins(Hack Coin Master vô Hạn Spin iOS) is not straightforward on iOS devices. Let’s look at some methods players have tried.

Attempted Coin Master Hacks and Mods for iOS

Here are some ways Coin Master players have attempted to get unlimited free spins and coins on iOS:

1. Modded Apps and Profiles

Some websites claim to offer modded or hacked versions of the Coin Master app with infinite resources embedded. However, it is highly unlikely these actually work as they cannot be legally signed or verified by Apple. Anyone downloading these apps is at risk of security threats or privacy violations as well.

Similarly unofficial configuration profiles that enable cheating are also ineffective on non-jailbroken iOS devices due to code signing protections.

2. Save Game Editing

On Android it is possible to directly access and edit Coin Master save files using file explorers and editing tools. However, iOS app data is highly sandboxed and encrypted. Save games cannot be accessed or edited like this on iOS.

3. Automated Bots and Scripts

Bots that automatically farm coins and spins in the game are commonly used on Android and PC versions of Coin Master. For iOS, automated tapping bots may work to some extent to keep collecting timed spins and bonuses. But more advanced hacking via script injection is not supported.

Alternative Options to Get More Spins

Since directly hacking Coin Master on iOS for free infinite spins seems improbable given Apple’s closed ecosystem, here are some legitimate options instead to get more spins and coins:

1. Coin Master Social Media Pages

Coin Master’s offiical Facebook and Twitter profiles often give out free spins and coins for followers. Turn on notifications so you never miss out on these giveaways.

2. Daily Rewards and Mini Games

Coin Master offers daily login rewards and mini games like the wheel, scratchers, etc. that provide spins as prizes. These are great free sources.

3. Coin Master Card Events

Occasionally Coin Master hosts card collection events which reward spins for completing card sets. Actively participate in these events for free spins.

4. Referrals and Gifts from Friends

Connecting to Facebook allows sending and receiving gifts and free spins from friends who also play Coin Master. This can result in getting hundreds of spins.


While the idea of getting unlimited free spins and coins on Coin Master sounds enticing, hacking the iOS version of the game does not seem viable currently. Apple’s closed ecosystem prevents running modded apps or directly editing save files like on Android. Jailbreaking iOS is also no longer a practical option for most.

The best alternative is still to work legitimately within the rules of Coin Master to keep collecting free spins from daily rewards, mini games, social media gifts, friend bonuses and timed hourly coin bonuses. Participating actively in all events can go a long way without needing complex hacking or financial investment. Ultimately, Coin Master is designed to encourage continuous play within the constraints of its spin economy. Persistence and dedication is key to long-term success.

Table 1: Summary of Spin-Hacking Approaches for iOS

Modded/Hacked AppsVery LowSecurity threats, Privacy violations
Profile ModificationsLowDevice instability or bricking
Save Game EditingNot possible
Bots and ScriptsLimited successAccount banning

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