How to Download iPadOS 17 Wallpapers in Full Resolution

The release of Apple’s latest Download iPadOS 17 Wallpapers operating system brings a fresh set of beautiful wallpapers that truly showcase the retina display on the iPad. With vibrant colors and eye-catching designs, Download iPadOS 17 Wallpapers are sure to brighten up your iPad’s home screen.

In this guide, we’ll show you how to download the iPadOS 17 stock wallpapers in their full resolution glory, so you can enjoy every crisp detail on your iPad’s large canvas.

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An Overview of the iPadOS 17 Wallpaper Collection

iPadOS 17 comes with a set of 24 stunning wallpapers featuring colorful abstract shapes, atmospheric landscapes, and geometric patterns. They come in both light and dark variants to match your iPad’s appearance in light or dark mode.

The wallpapers are designed specifically for the iPad’s large display and are optimized for the 2388 x 1668 pixels resolution of the 12.9-inch iPad Pro. So they will look razor sharp on any of the latest iPad models, including the iPad Air and iPad mini.

Some of the highlights in the iPadOS 17 wallpaper collection include:

  • Vibrant shapes and colors in abstract wallpapers like the green and blue shapes on a black background.
  • Dramatic landscapes like the artistic rendering of a pink and purple sky over the ocean.
  • Cool geometrical patterns with shapes like circles, triangles, and lines.
  • A colorful melting wax wallpaper that looks almost three-dimensional.
  • Minimalist wallpapers with just two or three muted colors for a clean, professional look.

Let’s now look at where you can find and download the full resolution iPadOS 17 wallpapers.

Download iPadOS 17 Wallpapers from Apple’s Website

The easiest way to get the full resolution iPadOS 17 wallpapers is directly from Apple’s website. Here are the steps:

  1. Go to on any device. This is a page where Apple has officially hosted the iPadOS 17 wallpapers.
  2. On this page, click on any iPadOS 17 wallpaper thumbnail to open it in full resolution.
  3. Right click on the wallpaper and choose ‘Save image as’. This will save the full resolution image to your device.
  4. Similarly, open and save each of the other iPadOS 17 wallpapers you want.

The great thing about downloading the wallpapers from Apple’s website is you get them in their original 2388 x 1668 size optimized specifically for iPad displays.

The only catch is that Apple doesn’t host the new wallpapers until after the public release of iPadOS 17. So this option is not yet available at the time of writing.

But bookmark the link above and return once iPadOS 17 is available publicly to grab the full resolution wallpapers.

Download from Third-Party Websites

Since Apple only hosts the latest wallpapers after public release of its operating systems, your best bet to get the iPadOS 17 wallpapers early is to use third-party websites.

Here are some recommended sites to download the full iPadOS 17 wallpaper collection:

1. 9to5Mac

9to5Mac has long been a reliable source for early access to new iOS and iPadOS wallpapers.

Visit their article on iPadOS 17 wallpapers here:

Scroll down this page and you’ll see thumbnail previews of all the new wallpapers. Click any thumbnail to open the full 2388 x 1668 resolution image, which you can save.

This lets you access the iPadOS 17 wallpapers as soon as they are leaked, well before public release.

2. AR7

AR7 is another great website for iPad wallpapers and they’ve already published the iPadOS 17 collection:

Click on any wallpaper preview to open it up in full 2388 x 1668 resolution and save it to your device.

AR7 also hosts wallpapers for older versions of iPadOS so it’s useful for downloading retro iPad wallpapers too.

3. Twitter

Believe it or not, Twitter is also a good source for grabbing the latest iPadOS wallpapers as soon as they leak.

To find the wallpapers, search Twitter for relevant hashtags like #iPadOS17wallpapers or #iPadOS17. Look through the tweets with image attachments for full resolution versions of the new wallpapers that you can save.

Following journalists and bloggers who cover Apple news is a great way to find iPadOS wallpaper leaks on Twitter too.

The only catch with Twitter is you need to sift through more tweets to find the full resolution wallpapers downloads. But it lets you access the new wallpapers very early.

Setting iPadOS 17 Wallpapers on Your iPad

Once you’ve downloaded the full resolution iPadOS 17 wallpapers, it’s time to show them off on your iPad’s home screen!

Here are the steps to set downloaded wallpapers:

  1. Open the Photos app on your iPad and select the Albums tab.
  2. Create a new album titled “iPadOS 17 Wallpapers” and import the wallpapers you downloaded into it.
  3. Go to your iPad’s home screen and touch and hold any empty space on the screen.
  4. Tap on the Wallpaper button at the bottom.
  5. Select Stills from the top menu.
  6. Navigate to the iPadOS 17 Wallpapers album and select a wallpaper.
  7. Pinch to zoom and swipe to position the wallpaper. Tap Set when done.
  8. You can also set the wallpapers differently for Lock Screen, Home Screen, or Both.
  9. Finally, toggle Light Appearance and Dark Appearance at the top to see the wallpaper variants for each mode.
  10. Tap Set to confirm and your chosen wallpaper will be applied!

With the stellar resolution of the iPadOS 17 wallpapers, your iPad’s screen will look more beautiful than ever. Change up your wallpaper every day or switch between light and dark variants to keep things fresh.

Finding Additional iPad Wallpapers

While the default iPadOS 17 wallpapers look amazing, you may want even more variety to change up your iPad’s look. Here are some places to find additional quality iPad wallpapers:

  • Abstruct App: This paid app has hundreds of beautiful high-resolution abstract wallpapers perfect for the iPad’s big screen.
  • AR7: As mentioned earlier, this website hosts wallpapers from older iOS and iPadOS versions too.
  • Huge collection of free wallpapers with separate iPad and iPhone categories.
  • WallpaperFlare: Search this site for wallpapers tagged with “iPad” or the iPad’s screen resolution.
  • Pinterest: Search for highly-rated “iPad wallpaper” Pins with original 2388 x 1668 resolution.
  • Twitter: Follow hashtags like #iPadwallpapers or #iPadwallpaper to find fresh uploads.
  • Reddit: There are several iPad wallpaper subreddits like r/iWallpaper and r/ipadwallpapers.
  • Set as Wall: This app for iOS helps you turn any image into an iPad-ready wallpaper.

Mix up the stock iPadOS 17 backgrounds with some third-party wallpapers for unlimited possibilities!

Cropping Wallpapers for iPad

If you find a gorgeous wallpaper you love but it’s not sized for iPad, don’t sweat it! You can easily crop and resize the image to fit your iPad’s screen.

Here are some tips for cropping wallpapers:

  • The target resolution is 2388 x 1668 pixels for the 12.9-inch iPad Pro. For other models, just match their native display resolution.
  • Use Preview on a Mac or editing apps like Pixlr to resize and crop wallpapers.
  • Crop the wallpaper centrally so the key focus area remains intact.
  • Allow slightly more width and height than needed. You can pan and position the wallpaper later.
  • Try to preserve the aspect ratio when cropping to avoid distortion.
  • Rotate rectangular photos to portrait orientation which better fits an iPad screen.
  • Upsample smaller images in your editing app before cropping to improve quality.

With the right cropping and sizing, any image can become an immersive iPad wallpaper!


The dazzling new wallpapers in iPadOS 17 are worthy additions to any iPad user’s home screen. Thanks to their optimized 2388 x 1668 resolution, they look amazing on the large iPad displays.

In this guide, we covered where to download the full resolution iPadOS 17 wallpapers early from sites like 9to5Mac and AR7. Later on Apple’s official wallpaper page will also have the new collection.

We also looked at how to apply downloaded wallpapers properly on your iPad using the Photos app and Wallpaper settings. Additionally, tips on finding and cropping third-party wallpapers will help you expand your iPadOS 17 wallpaper selection even further.

So spruce up your iPad and enjoy Apple’s gorgeous new wallpaper pack with iPadOS 17!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q1: What is the resolution of iPadOS 17 wallpapers?

A1: The iPadOS 17 wallpapers are optimized for the 12.9-inch iPad Pro resolution of 2388 x 1668 pixels. This ensures they look sharp and vivid on the large iPad displays.

Q2: Where can I find iPadOS 17 wallpapers for the 10.2-inch iPad?

A2: While designed for the 12.9-inch model, the iPadOS 17 wallpapers will work on any iPad screen. For non-Pro models like 10.2-inch iPads, just download the 2388 x 1668 wallpapers and crop them to your device’s resolution.

Q3: Do the iPadOS 17 wallpapers come in light and dark mode?

A3: Yes, the wallpaper set includes light and dark variants to match your iPad’s appearance in light or dark mode. Toggle between modes when setting the wallpapers to see the different versions.

Q4: Can I download iPadOS 17 wallpapers on my iPhone?

A4: You can download the iPadOS 17 wallpapers on an iPhone. However, you will need to crop them smaller to fit the iPhone’s screen resolution. The full 2388 x 1668 size is tailored for iPads.

Q5: How often does Apple update iPad wallpapers?

A5: Apple generally releases new wallpapers with major software updates like iPadOS 17. So you can expect fresh wallpapers yearly when they announce the next iPadOS version at WWDC.

Table summarizing the key websites to download iPadOS 17 wallpapers:

WebsiteResolutionEarly Access
Apple2388 x 1668No
9to5Mac2388 x 1668Yes
AR72388 x 1668Yes

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