Does Beta Version Add iOS 17.4 Stopwatch Live Activity


The latest iOS 17.4 beta introduces an exciting new feature – Stopwatch Live Activity. This allows the stopwatch to appear directly on the lock screen and in the Dynamic Island for quick access and visibility. In this article, we’ll take a comprehensive look at how the Stopwatch Live Activity works, who can access it, and the benefits it brings to optimizing workflows on iPhone.

The Stopwatch Live Activity eliminates the need to unlock your device and open the Clock app just to check a running timer. With iOS 17.4, you’ll be able to view and control the stopwatch right from your lock screen or Dynamic Island. This brings much-needed convenience for use cases where you need to time events frequently throughout the day.

As part of iOS 17’s new Live Activities API, the Stopwatch Live Activity delivers timely information at a glance. Live Activities aim to provide relevant, ongoing updates from apps while minimizing distractions. The Stopwatch joins existing Live Activities like Now Playing, Maps navigation, and sports scores.

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How the Stopwatch Live Activity Works

Here’s a quick rundown of how the new iOS 17.4 Stopwatch Live Activity functions:

  • Open the Stopwatch in the Clock app as usual. Once running, it will instantly appear in the Dynamic Island on iPhone 14 Pro models.
  • On older iPhone models, the Live Activity will show up on the lock screen below the clock.
  • The Live Activity provides a countdown timer showing the elapsed time and current state of the stopwatch (running or paused).
  • Interact directly with the Live Activity to pause, resume, or stop the timer without needing to open the Clock app.
  • Swiping left on the Live Activity will remove it from view on the lock screen or Dynamic Island. It remains running in the background.
  • Opening the Clock app will display the animated Stopwatch complication.

So in summary, starting the stopwatch triggers the Live Activity to appear system-wide for quick access. And you can control the timer and dismiss the Live Activity without ever leaving your current app or screen.

What is Compatible Devices

The Stopwatch Live Activity requires iOS 17.4, which is currently available as a developer beta. iOS 17.4 and the Live Activities feature will be publicly released in the spring of 2023.

Here are the compatible iPhone models:

  • iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max
  • iPhone 13 and newer

On iPhone 14 Pro models, the Live Activity takes advantage of the Dynamic Island. On earlier iPhones, it will display on the lock screen.

Unfortunately, Stopwatch Live Activity is not available on iPads or Apple Watches. It’s limited to iPhones running iOS 17.4.

Benefits of the Stopwatch Live Activity

Here are some of the major benefits provided by the new Stopwatch Live Activity in iOS 17.4:

  • Visibility – With the timer directly on your lock screen or Dynamic Island, you’ll always have the countdown front and center. No more worrying about missing the alarm for timed events.
  • Quick access – Check and control the stopwatch without ever leaving your current app. The Live Activity eliminates many steps needed to access the full Clock app.
  • Streamlined workflow – Keep progressing through tasks, projects, or activities with the timer visible at a glance. Pause, resume, or stop the timer without disrupting your workflow.
  • Reduced distraction – The Live Activity provides the stopwatch front and center when you need it, then dismisses easily when you don’t. This cuts down on distraction from unnecessary app switches.
  • Hands-free operation – Use voice commands via Siri to control the Stopwatch Live Activity. This allows starting, stopping, and checking status completely hands-free.
  • Consistency – The Live Activity automatically appears every time you use the stopwatch rather than needing to enable it manually each time. This makes the workflow more seamless.

Overall, the Stopwatch Live Activity adds convenience and Optimization for all users who rely on iPhone stopwatch features throughout their day. It’s a prime example of Apple’s ongoing efforts to streamline workflows and provide proactive, timely information.

How to Use Cases for the Stopwatch Live Activity

The new Stopwatch Live Activity shines for many real-world timing use cases. Here are just a few examples:

Cooking & Baking

Easily time stages of recipes and monitor multiple dishes baking or simmering. Pause and check timers as needed without wiping messy hands or leaving the kitchen.

Exercise & Fitness

Time runs, sets, laps or intervals during exercise and sports without fumbling with your phone. Check progress at a glance between sets.

Events & Presentations

Stay on top of time limits for events, speeches, or presentations. Discreetly monitor the timer from the lock screen or Dynamic Island.

Breaks & Time Management

Take better breaks by setting a quick timer visible at the top of your screen. Stay on track without constant app switching.

Kids & School

Let kids time their own activities hands-free with voice commands. Easily enforce screen time limits and study sessions.

Parking & Errands

Always keep an eye on parking meters, pickup times, and appointment durations when out and about.

Lab Work & Science

Time experiments and chemical reactions with precision. The timer isn’t buried in another app or pocket.

As you can see, the applications are nearly endless for anyone who frequently uses an iPhone stopwatch. It’s an intuitive feature that neatly solves real problems in daily life.

Steps to Enable Stopwatch Live Activity

Enabling the Live Activity requires just a few quick steps:

  1. Download and install iOS 17.4 beta on your compatible iPhone.
  2. Open the Clock app.
  3. Tap Stopwatch at the bottom.
  4. Tap the Start button to begin timing.

Once you start the stopwatch, the Live Activity will instantly appear in the Dynamic Island or your lock screen. That’s all there is to it!

Going forward, the Live Activity will automatically show anytime you use the stopwatch. You can swipe to dismiss it when not needed.

Wrap Up and Summary

iOS 17.4 introduces the Stopwatch Live Activity, allowing you to access the timer right from your lock screen or Dynamic Island. It provides at-a-glance visibility, quicker access, and streamlined workflow optimization.

To recap the key points:

  • Stopwatch Live Activity comes in the iOS 17.4 beta, publicly launching in spring 2023
  • It shows directly on the lock screen or Dynamic Island when stopwatch runs
  • Check and control the timer without leaving your current app
  • Works on iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 13/newer running iOS 17.4
  • Enables convenient, hands-free timing for cooking, workouts, events, and more

The Stopwatch Live Activity cuts out unnecessary steps and distractions from your day. It’s a prime example of Apple’s ongoing push to provide proactive, timely information on iPhone. For anyone who regularly uses a stopwatch, this new feature is sure to be a game-changer.

Useful Table for Stopwatch Live Activity

CompatibilityiPhone 14 Pro, iPhone 13 and newer running iOS 17.4
ActivationAutomatically appears when stopwatch starts
ControlsPause, resume, stop timer from lock screen
VisibilityLock screen, Dynamic Island, minimized to top of screen
Use CasesCooking, workouts, parking, presentations, school
Voice Commands“Hey Siri” start, pause, check timer
CustomizationLong press Dynamic Island to expand timer

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