Can I Play Palworld on the Apple Vision Pro?


Can I Play Palworld In Apple Vision Pro? The Apple Vision Pro is Apple’s new virtual and augmented reality headset that was just recently announced. With its ultra high-resolution displays and powerful processing capabilities, some people have wondered if more graphically intense games like Palworld would be playable on the Vision Pro.

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In this article, we’ll take a look at whether or not you can play Palworld on Apple’s new headset, what the experience might be like, what other games are playable, and how you could potentially hack Palworld onto the Vision Pro if it’s not natively supported.

Playing Palworld Natively

As of the Vision Pro’s launch, Palworld has not been confirmed as one of the over 250 Apple Arcade titles that are playable on the headset. The supported Apple Arcade games can be played in 2D using a compatible game controller.

However, the Vision Pro does support “spatial games” that are designed to take advantage of its capabilities. Spatial games on the headset include titles like Game Room, What the Golf?, and Super Fruit Ninja. These showcase unique VR gameplay by leveraging features of the Vision Pro like its large virtual screens and immersive environments.

So while you likely can’t natively run Palworld directly on the Vision Pro hardware, some comparable spatial games are available that offer engaging VR experiences.

Using Steam Link to Play

Even though the Vision Pro doesn’t natively support running Palworld, that doesn’t mean there aren’t potential workarounds. One user demonstrated a method for streaming and playing Palworld on the Vision Pro using Steam Link and a Bluetooth controller.

Steam Link allows you to stream games running on a gaming PC over Wi-Fi onto other compatible devices. And while there isn’t a dedicated Steam Link app for the Vision Pro, the iPad Steam Link app has been confirmed to work.

By connecting the Vision Pro via this iPad app to a gaming PC actually running Palworld, you can effectively beam and play the game onto the Vision Pro’s display. This also requires syncing a compatible Bluetooth game controller with the headset for input and controls.

Early testing showed that this streaming method allowed Palworld to successfully run on the large 300 inch virtual Vision Pro display. So with the right setup, it is in fact possible to play games like Palworld that aren’t natively supported.

Other Games Playable on the Vision Pro

In addition to the Apple Arcade games and spatial titles mentioned already, there are a few other confirmed games that work on the Vision Pro either natively or through streaming:

  • Blackbox – Puzzle game playable natively
  • Synth Riders – Rhythm VR game playable natively
  • Super Fruit Ninja – Fruit slicing spatial game
  • Steam PC Games – Games like Palworld playable via streaming

The Vision Pro is still relatively new, so the library of compatible games is likely to grow substantially over time. As developers optimize more graphically intense titles to take advantage of the headset’s capabilities, even more immersive gaming experiences will be possible.

Hacking Palworld onto the Apple Vision Pro

For those comfortable with more advanced tech workarounds, it may also be possible to directly hack Palworld onto the Vision Pro even without native support.

This would require jailbreaking the headset to install software not approved by Apple. By jailbreaking and directly installing a Palworld app file, you may be able to run the game natively from the device’s hardware.

However, jailbreaking does come with increased security risks, potential instability, and a loss of warranty from Apple. So far, there are no known public jailbreaks available for the recently launched Vision Pro.

If a jailbreak is ever developed, hacking the device to install and run Palworld would use a similar process that’s been done for previous iOS devices:

  1. Research and select an appropriate jailbreak tool compatible with the Vision Pro’s software version
  2. Run the jailbreak tool to unlock the headset’s file system permissions
  3. Download and install the Palworld IPA file directly onto the device
  4. Open and run Palworld using the on-device app

So in summary, it’s hypothetically possible with sufficient technical skills, but would require compromising the security and stability of your headset.


While Palworld is not natively supported on the Apple Vision Pro headset yet, there are a few different methods you can use to play the game. Streaming through Steam Link or even potentially hacking the device via jailbreak present options for those want to run Palworld on Apple’s new virtual reality hardware.

And as the Vision Pro matures over its lifespan, official support for more advanced games is likely forthcoming. With future software updates, the impressive capabilities of the headset could allow for direct native gameplay of titles like Palworld.

So for eager gamers with the new device, it is in fact possible to enjoy games similar to Palworld right now. And the overall gaming potential of the Apple Vision Pro will only expand over time.

Table Summary of Vision Pro Gaming Capabilities

Game TitleNative SupportStreaming SupportSpatial Game
PalworldNoYes via Steam LinkNo
Apple Arcade TitlesYes, over 250 gamesSome titles
Synth RidersYesNo
Super Fruit NinjaYesYes
Game RoomNoYes
What the Golf?NoYes

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