Apple Vision Pro Accessories – Apple Vision Pro Light Seal

Apple recently announced their Vision Pro, an advanced augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) headset. Along with the headset, Apple revealed several accessories to enhance the user experience, including the Vision Pro Light Seal and Light Seal Cushion. These accessories are designed to provide a precise and immersive experience by blocking out ambient light and creating a comfortable fit.

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The Vision Pro represents a major step forward for AR/VR technology with its innovative dual 4K OLED microdisplays providing stunning visuals. However, even the most advanced displays cannot deliver a truly immersive experience on their own. External light leaking into the headset can diminish image quality and presence. An ill-fitting headset can also detract from the experience and even cause discomfort.

To combat these issues, Apple created the Vision Pro Light Seal and Light Seal Cushion. These accessories work together to block stray light from the user’s surroundings and ensure the headset fits comfortably while creating a full seal around the user’s face. Let’s take a closer look at how these accessories enhance the Vision Pro.

Blocking Out Stray Light with the Vision Pro Light Seal

The Vision Pro Light Seal is designed to magnetically attach to the headset around the user’s face. It helps block light from the user’s surroundings from seeping into the headset. This improves image quality by enhancing contrast and preventing glare on the displays.

The Light Seal is made from ultrasoft foam with light-blocking properties. Tiny carbon fibers within the foam prevent external light from penetrating while remaining gentle against the skin. Magnets in the Light Seal adhere strongly to the matching magnetic points on the headset. This allows the Light Seal to firmly attach and create a tight seal without requiring pressure against the face.

Apple developed a unique magnetic alignment and adhesion system for the Light Seal connection. The magnets provide a very strong hold while also flexibly accommodating differences in facial geometry. When putting on or taking off the headset, the Light Seal detaches easily without resistance.

The Light Seal comes in small, medium, and large sizes so users can select the appropriate fit. Custom sizing ensures maximum light blockage and enhances the sense of immersion. The Light Seal cushions the user’s face in complete darkness when wearing the headset. This intensifies the lifelike visuals displayed on the Vision Pro’s screens. Eliminating external light creates the feeling of presence in virtual environments or blended AR overlays.

Enhancing Comfort with the Vision Pro Light Seal Cushion

While the Light Seal blocks light, the Light Seal Cushion focuses on comfort. This accessory adds a layer of soft, ventilated memory foam to the Light Seal. The Light Seal Cushion magnetically attaches to the Light Seal to provide a comfortable barrier between it and the user’s face.

The Light Seal Cushion uses high-quality, breathable foam to prevent overheating while wearing the Vision Pro for extended periods. It allows airflow to the face to remain cool. The cushioning also distributes pressure evenly to avoid pressure points that can cause discomfort.

Apple designed the Light Seal Cushion to be easily removable for cleaning. Users can detach the cushion from the Light Seal and wipe down the foam or machine wash it when needed. The Light Seal Cushion comes in the same three sizes as the Light Seal for a customized fit.

The Light Seal Cushion utilizes the same magnetic connection system to adhere to the Light Seal. Users simply line up the magnets and the cushion clicks into place firmly while remaining detachable. This system allows for easy switching between different Light Seal Cushion sizes or replacing the cushion as needed.

The Benefits of the Light Seal and Cushion System

Together, the Vision Pro Light Seal and Light Seal Cushion offer significant benefits for a superior AR/VR experience:

  • Immersion – By blocking external light, the Light Seal enhances visual fidelity and the sense of immersion in digital worlds. The Cushion provides light blockage right up to the face.
  • Comfort – The soft cushioning on the Light Seal prevents pressure points and allows airflow to keep users comfortable for long duration use.
  • Convenience – The magnetic attachment system makes the accessories easy to put on, take off, and swap out. The Cushion can be removed and cleaned regularly.
  • Customized Fit – With multiple size options, users can achieve a tailored fit for maximum light blockage and comfort.
  • Durability – The Light Seal and Cushion stand up to regular use. The foam materials retain their light blocking and cushioning properties over time.
  • Hygiene – Being able to clean and replace the Light Seal Cushion maintains sanitary conditions for multiple users.

Apple has leveraged innovative materials and engineering to create accessories that enhance the overall Vision Pro experience. The Light Seal and Cushion play pivotal roles in delivering immersive and comfortable AR and VR.

Technical Specifications

Here are some key technical specifications for the Vision Pro Light Seal and Light Seal Cushion:

Vision Pro Light Seal


  • Small – 5.7 x 3.9 x 1.7 inches
  • Medium – 6.3 x 4.3 x 1.7 inches
  • Large – 6.7 x 4.7 x 1.7 inches


  • Small – 5.8 oz
  • Medium – 6.2 oz
  • Large – 6.6 oz
  • Material: Ultrasoft lightweight foam incorporating light-blocking carbon fibers
  • Interface: Magnetic attachment system with 20 individual magnet contact points
  • Detach force: Fully detachable with 2-3 lbs of force
  • Facial contact: Designed for minimal contact area around ocular cavity

Vision Pro Light Seal Cushion


  • Matches Light Seal dimensions


  • Small – 2.1 oz
  • Medium – 2.3 oz
  • Large – 2.6 oz
  • Material: Breathable memory foam
  • Interface: Magnetic attachment system
  • Detach force: Fully detachable with 1-2 lbs of force
  • Facial contact: Full surface contact area with ventilated cushioning

Vision Pro Headset Compatibility

  • Designed exclusively for Apple’s Vision Pro headset
  • Not compatible with other AR/VR headsets
  • Requires Vision Pro firmware version 1.0 or later


Apple Vision Pro Light Seal and Light Seal Cushion deliver key enhancements to the headset experience. By blocking external light and providing customized, breathable cushioning, these accessories help realize the full potential of the Vision Pro’s displays and optics. Users can dive into immersive artificial worlds and blend 3D digital objects into the real environment with new levels of realism.

The thoughtful design that went into these accessories aim to make wearing the Vision Pro for long stretches as comfortable as slipping on a baseball cap. Apple continues to innovate with technologies and human-centered design to push AR/VR closer to seamless and ubiquitous integration into our lives. As adoption of headsets expands, the Vision Pro and accessories like the Light Seal and Cushion promise to take us into an exciting new frontier.

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