16 Best Pokémon Go Spoofer for iOS Free and Paid, But Should You Use Them?

Ever since Pokémon Go became a global phenomenon, the demand for spoofing tools for the game has drastically increased. There are lots of people who want to change the GPS location in the game, which is not permitted by the official rules.

Even though it is unethical to use spoofers in the game, I see many people searching terms like “Pokémon Go Spoofer iOS free” and “Pokémon Go Spoofer iOS download.”

At iOSNerds.com, we don’t promote spoofing, cheating, or using cheat codes for Pokémon Go or any other game. However, since it’s trending and that’s what our readers want to know, I have decided to make a list of the best Pokémon Go spoofer for iOS devices, both free and paid.

Here’re the Best Pokémon Go Spoofers for iOS/iPhone Download

There are many Pokémon Go spoofer tools for iPhone, and most of them also support iOS 16. You can use them to change your location in the game and gain an unfair advantage. Some of these spoofers are free, while others come with a price.

You can pick the best suitable for you.

1. NordVPN or ExpressVPN: Any VPN service you can use to spoof/change your GPS location in Pokémon Go.

2. Pokémon Go++: It can be downloaded from third-party app stores and is available for free on jailbroken iPhones.

3. iPokeGo: You can sideload this app on your iPhone and change your radar position in the game. It’s free, and additional features come with the paid version.

4. iTeleporter Pro: This is not an app. It is a plug-and-play device for iPhones to spoof locations on Pokémon Go. There is no need to install any software.

5. iSpoofer: This is another Pokémon Go spoofing app for iOS. It offers the basic features for free, and the premium version for $12.95 comes with additional features. You can download its IPA and sideload it via AltStore or Sideloadly without jailbreaking.

6. PokeGo++: This is another best Pokémon Go spoofer for iPhone on iOS. It requires a jailbreak, so it may not work with iOS 16. Get it via the BuildStore.

7. Gfaker: Just like the iTeleporter Spoofer, this is a plug-and-play device for the iPhone that can be used to spoof your GPS location. It’s a bit expensive and requires installing Gfaker hardware.

8. iPogo: iPogo requires a jailbroken iPhone. It works smoothly to change your geolocation in the game. However, Niantic can detect it. It costs around $12 for three months.

9. iTools by ThinkSky: iTools can be useful for players who want a free, limited, and functional Pokémon Go spoofer on iOS. You can download it for free and make three changes to the location. To get full features, you need to opt for the paid version, which costs $5 a month.

10. Relocate: Using a fake GPS interface, this app allows you to spoof your location in the game to have hassle-free access to gyms and all the exciting things. It requires a jailbreak and may not work on iOS 12, iOS 13, iOS 14, or iOS 15.

11. iAnyGo: This location spoofer by Tenorshare can be installed on a PC or Mac. Just connect your iOS device to the desktop and modify your location. It costs around $9.95 per month.

12. iMyFone AnyTo: This tool by iMyFone works similarly to iAnyGo. After installing the software on the computer, connect the iPhone to it. The premium costs about $9.95 a month.

13. iOS Roaming Guide: If using a computer to change location on your iOS device is a headache for you, try this app. It can be installed on your iPhone from Cydia and other iOS third-party app installers. You will need a jailbroken iOS device.

14. Dr. Fone Virtual Location: This is another paid tool that requires a computer to mask your iPhone’s location when playing Pokémon Go. It costs $9.95 a month.

15. Ultfone iOS Location Changer: With this app, you can spoof your iPhone’s GPS location without jailbreaking it, allowing you to play Pokémon Go without being detected. Install it on your Windows PC, connect your iOS device, and change your location in one click. It works with iOS 16 and the iPhone 14 series. Its lifetime license costs $69.95 and $19.95 for three months.

16. MagicGo: This Windows software works like the previous one. Connect your iPhone to your PC and set a fake location in Pokémon Go. It offers GPS joystick mode on iOS. It costs around $10 a month and $20 for three months.

What Are iOS Pokémon Go Spoofers?

Spoofers are third-party apps or software or unauthorized modifications to Pokémon Go that are used to change the GPS location in order to have an unfair advantage. Using a spoofing tool is like cheating, and it is against the terms and conditions of the game.

Such unethical practices demoralize the fun and integrity of the game.

Is There a Free Spoofer for Pokémon Go?

There are lots of free spoofers available for iOS devices for Pokémon Go. You can check the list and pick the one that suits your needs.

Can You Still Spoof in Pokemon Go 2022 iOS?

Yes, it is possible with tools like UltFone iOS Location Changer, but they are not available for free. And it works on all iOS 16 devices.

Should I Use Pokémon Go Spoofer on iOS?

No, I would not recommend using such tools to play Pokémon Go. Use of such spoofers is against the terms of the developer, and it can result in your account being penalized or banned.

Such unethical practices ruin the experience of the game for other players. Plus, using such third-party mod apps on your iPhone can also be risky for your security and privacy. Your device can be exposed to security risks.

So, I always recommend playing Pokémon with the utmost honesty and within the terms and conditions set by the developers.

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