iOS 18 Supported Devices: Will Your iPhone Be Able To Run It?

Apple’s iOS operating system powers millions of iPhones around the world. Each September, Apple releases a major update to iOS with new features and improvements. iOS 18 Supported Devices is expected to launch in September 2024.


iOS 18 will likely bring new capabilities and refinements to the iPhone experience. As with every iOS update, Apple aims to enhance performance, battery life, security, and privacy. Exciting new features will modernize the iPhone interface and add capabilities not previously possible.

Apple typically previews the next version of iOS in June at its Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC). The company releases a public beta in July, followed by the official release in September alongside new iPhone models.

While Apple has not confirmed any details about iOS 18 yet, we can make educated guesses about the update based on previous patterns and rumors. This article will cover the likely compatibility, new features, release timeline, and other expectations for iOS 18.

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Compatibility: Will Your iPhone Support iOS 18?

The compatibility of iPhones with new iOS versions varies based on the age and capabilities of each device. As iPhones get older, at some point they stop receiving software updates.

Based on past iOS release patterns, the following iPhone models will likely support iOS 18:

Expected iOS 18 Compatible iPhones

DeviceRelease Year
iPhone 112019
iPhone 11 Pro2019
iPhone 11 Pro Max2019
iPhone SE (2nd gen)2020
iPhone 12 mini2020
iPhone 122020
iPhone 12 Pro2020
iPhone 12 Pro Max2020
iPhone 13 mini2021
iPhone 132021
iPhone 13 Pro2021
iPhone 13 Pro Max2021
iPhone SE (3rd gen)2022
iPhone 142024
iPhone 14 Plus2024
iPhone 14 Pro2024
iPhone 14 Pro Max2024

The iPhone XR, XS, and XS Max are approaching the end of software support, having been released in 2018. While not confirmed, these models will likely be incompatible with iOS 18 due to performance limitations.

Of course, compatibility will be contingent on the hardware demands of new iOS 18 features. But in general, Apple supports iPhones for 5-6 years after release with software updates.

Release Timeline

If Apple follows its usual iOS release pattern, we can expect the following timeline for iOS 18:

  • June 2024: Apple previews iOS 18 at WWDC, highlighting major new features and changes.
  • July 2024: Apple releases the first iOS 18 public beta for testing.
  • September 2024: Apple launches iOS 18 alongside the iPhone 15 series. iOS 18 becomes publicly available.
  • Fall 2024: Apple releases incremental iOS 18.x updates with bug fixes and improvements.

Apple sometimes deviates from this schedule, but WWDC in June has long served as the unveiling of major iOS updates. The company relies on a months-long public beta period to smooth out issues before the official fall launch.

Of course, the COVID-19 pandemic disrupted Apple’s typical plans in 2020 and 2021. But assuming conditions have stabilized, iOS 18 should adhere to the classic September release target.

New Features: What to Expect

Apple keeps a tight lid on iOS features until their official announcement. But rumors and speculation often preview some of the enhancements on tap. Based on the iOS 17 update and general iPhone trends, iOS 18 may include:

  • Further Siri improvements: Apple continues to invest heavily in making Siri more capable, contextual, and proactive. iOS 18 could expand Siri interactions and integrate the assistant deeper into apps.
  • Augmented reality advances: ARKit powers many iPhone AR apps. For iOS 18, Apple may further refine AR capabilities for gaming, navigation, shopping, and more.
  • Refreshed apps: As with every update, Apple often refreshes native apps in iOS like Messages, Maps, Photos, Reminders, and more. We’ll likely see modernized designs and new capabilities.
  • New accessibility features: Support for assistive technologies is a priority for Apple. iOS 18 could bring new accessibility options to expand iPhone usability.
  • Performance optimizations: Apple constantly works to make iOS smoother and more efficient. iOS 18 should include core improvements to speed up animations, app launches, and more.
  • User interface refresh: The overall iOS look tends to get minor aesthetic updates annually. Expect evolved visuals and animations across the system.
  • Safety & privacy enhancements: Privacy is a major Apple marketing point. iOS 18 may add toggles to tighten app permissions and provide transparency into how your data is used.
  • Health capabilities: The Health app and Apple Watch integration will gain new metrics, views, and monitoring abilities.
  • Home architecture expansion: HomeKit powers smart home integration. iOS 18 could build on the home architecture with multi-user support and enhanced automation.

Of course, some surprises are inevitable. Apple is rumored to be developing new augmented reality glasses and a car. Support for those products could find its way into iOS 18. But in general, the update will focus on refinement rather than radical change.


The annual iOS update brings new capabilities that enhance the functionality and performance of iPhones. iOS 18 will likely launch in September 2024 with speeds improvements, aesthetic updates, Siri expansions, and health tracking additions.

While Apple has not confirmed any details, the update will almost certainly support iPhone models released in 2019 and later. Older devices like the iPhone XR and XS may be incompatible due to technical limitations.

The public beta over the summer will reveal more about what iOS 18 has in store. But you can expect a polished update that makes the iPhone faster, more personalized, and more intelligent. iOS 18 will reaffirm Apple’s leading role in mobile software innovation.

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