IOS 17 Brings Always-On Display to Next Level with StandBy for iPhone 14 Pro

Apple’s upcoming iOS 17 Always-on display for iPhone 14 Pro update will introduce an exciting new feature called StandBy, taking the Always-On display on iPhone 14 Pro models to the next level. StandBy provides a full-screen experience with glanceable information and widgets when the iPhone is charging in landscape orientation. This allows the iOS 17 Always-on display for iPhone 14 Pro to act as a bedside smart display or desk companion, bringing extra functionality to the device’s cutting-edge Always-On display.

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Overview of Always-On Display on iPhone 14 Pro

The iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max introduced the first Always-On display to iPhone, enabled by the new, more power-efficient LTPO OLED display. This allows the screen to operate at refresh rates as low as 1Hz to conserve power when displaying limited content on the lock screen1.

In its current implementation, the Always-On display shows a dimmed wallpaper, the time, battery percentage, and notifications when the screen is idle. Up to four widgets can also be added to provide quick info like weather, calendar events, activity rings, and more2.

To interact with the Always-On display, users can tap the screen, press the side button, or raise the iPhone to wake it normally. An “Always-On” toggle in Settings allows users to disable the feature if desired.

Overall, the iOS 17 Always-on display for iPhone 14 Proallows users to discreetly check the time and other info without having to fully wake their iPhone. It’s a convenient new capability made possible by the Pro models’ advanced LTPO display and power efficiency optimizations.

Introducing StandBy Mode on iPhone 14 Pro

iOS 17 Always-on display for iPhone 14 Proa step further with StandBy mode3. When enabled and the iPhone 14 Pro is charging in landscape orientation, StandBy turns the entire lock screen into a customizable widget dashboard.

In this mode, the wallpaper is replaced by a special StandBy background image. Up to five large widgets can be added to the lock screen, providing expanded info and controls.

For example, StandBy could allow users to:

  • Quickly glance at detailed weather, calendar events, activity stats, shortcuts, and more
  • Control music playback without unlocking the iPhone
  • View live feeds from HomeKit cameras and doorbells
  • Access bedtime mode controls and alarm settings
  • Check stocks, sports scores, and other data

Essentially, StandBy turns the iOS 17 Always-on display for iPhone 14 Pro into a smart display akin to a Google Nest Hub or Amazon Echo Show when docked or charging on a desk or nightstand. The extra screen space allows for more widgets and functionality than the standard Always-On display.

Customizing the StandBy Experience

To optimize StandBy for different use cases, iOS 17 provides robust customization options:

  • Choose StandBy wallpaper – Special wallpaper images optimized for the dimmed StandBy display can be selected. Apple provides a few options, but users can also select a custom photo.
  • Add and arrange widgets – Up to 5 medium or large widgets can be added to StandBy. They can be rearranged and resized for the desired layout.
  • Adjust brightness – The Always-On display’s brightness can be adjusted for comfortable viewing in different lighting conditions.
  • Set schedule – StandBy can be scheduled to turn on and off at certain times, like at bedtime and wake-up.
  • Focus integration – Different StandBy screens can be set up for specific Focus modes like Work, Sleep, Fitness, and more.
  • Privacy controls – Sensitive info can be hidden in StandBy view, and an auto-disable option prevents others from viewing when you’re looking at the screen.

With these options, users can really customize StandBy to suit their needs for different times, use cases, and privacy preferences.

StandBy Provides a New Desk or Table Companion

One of StandBy’s most useful applications will be as a desk or tableside display while working, relaxing, cooking, and more. The expansive Always-On display paired with handy widgets will make the iPhone 14 Pro an even more capable companion throughout your day.

For work…

StandBy can show your calendar, reminders, stocks, email, Slack messages, and other work widgets without unlocking your iPhone. Play podcasts through music controls. Display your Focus status to avoid distractions. Check your next meeting’s time and location at a glance.

For relaxing…

Catch up on sports scores, weather reports, and news headlines hands-free. Control your smart home devices like lights, cameras, and thermostat. Display your reading list, audiobook progress, or podcast queue.

For cooking…

Prop your iPhone on the counter as you cook for quick access to timer and recipe widgets, music controls, and video calls if you need to reach out for help. Convert measurements and lookup food prep tips without touch controls.

For connections…

With HomeKit support, StandBy can provide live feeds from security cameras, video doorbells, and baby monitors without unlocking your iPhone. Check your front door cam before answering or talk through the doorbell mic and speaker.

Whether you’re working, relaxing, cooking, or anything else, StandBy will make key info and controls more accessible. The iPhone 14 Pro becomes even more helpful as a desk or tableside smart display.

StandBy Considerations and Requirements

While StandBy offers exciting possibilities, it does come with some specific hardware requirements and considerations:

  • iPhone 14 Pro/Pro Max only – StandBy requires the Pro models’ Always-On display, so it will not be available on earlier iPhones lacking this advanced screen. The extra display area also makes StandBy most useful.
  • Landscape orientation – StandBy only activates when the iPhone 14 Pro is in landscape orientation while charging. This allows the widgets to take advantage of the wider screen.
  • Charging required – Since StandBy relies on the Always-On display, the iPhone needs to stay powered while in use. So wireless charging or a Lightning cable connection is necessary.
  • Impact on battery – Using widgets, brightness levels, and StandBy duration will impact daily battery life. Users will need to evaluate their settings and charging opportunities.
  • Security and privacy – Information shown should be considered public if StandBy is enabled in shared spaces. Auto-disable when looking at the screen and hiding sensitive notifications is advised.

While not ideal for every user, StandBy introduces exciting possibilities on the iPhone 14 Pro. Used selectively in appropriate scenarios, it can add real utility and convenience.

Frequently Asked Questions About StandBy

Here are answers to some common questions about the new StandBy feature coming in iOS 17:

Does StandBy work on older iPhones?

No, StandBy requires the Always-On display only available on iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max models. Older iPhones do not support this feature.

What app widgets can I add to StandBy?

You can add medium and large widgets from most built-in and third-party apps that support widgets on iOS. Helpful options could include Calendar, Reminders, Music, Home, News, Weather, and more.

Can I access notifications in StandBy?

Yes, notification icons and names will still be displayed across the top of StandBy similar to the normal Always-On display. But you won’t be able to expand or take action on notifications from the lock screen.

Does StandBy work in both portrait and landscape?

No, StandBy is only supported when the iPhone 14 Pro is in landscape orientation while charging. This allows use of the wide screen. Portrait orientation will just show the normal Always-On display.

How customizable is StandBy?

Very – you can set schedules, select special wallpapers, add your desired widgets, adjust brightness, and set up different StandBy screens for Focus modes. So you can optimize it for different use cases.

What kind of battery life impact will StandBy have?

It depends on your settings, but keeping StandBy on all day long with multiple widgets will drain battery faster. It’s best used selectively when you can charge the iPhone as needed. Adjust brightness as low as comfortable to help conserve power.

Can I use StandBy as a digital photo frame?

Yes, you can select any photo from your library as a custom wallpaper for StandBy. Just avoid images with private information or that could burn in if displayed for long periods.

Is my personal data safe if I use StandBy in public?

Take precautions if enabling StandBy where others may see it. Hide sensitive notifications, use a non-personalized wallpaper, and disable certain widgets. Also turn on the privacy setting that disables StandBy while you’re looking at the screen.


The addition of StandBy could make the iPhone 14 Pro’s Always-On display even more useful as a glanceable hub for widgets, controls, and information. By leveraging the large landscape screen, StandBy turns the iPhone into a versatile bedside or desk companion.

Users will enjoy great customization to tailor StandBy to their needs and scenarios. Battery life and security will require some diligence when using the feature. But StandBy offers exciting possibilities to expand the iPhone experience for power users.

The combination of Apple’s thoughtful hardware design and software innovation continues to yield creative new capabilities. StandBy on the iPhone 14 Pro models provides customers with yet another way to get more utility and convenience from their devices, keeping Apple at the forefront of the smartphone landscape.

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