How to Use AltStore EU Alternative App Marketplace on iPhone?

In the ever-evolving world of mobile technology, Apple’s App Store has long been the go-to destination for iPhone users seeking new apps and games. However, the App Store’s stringent guidelines and restrictions have left some users longing for more freedom and flexibility. Enter AltStore EU, an alternative app marketplace that promises to revolutionize the way iPhone users discover and install third-party applications. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore the ins and outs of AltStore EU, from installation to app browsing, and everything in between.

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How to Understand AltStore EU

AltStore EU is a relatively new player in the world of alternative app marketplaces for iOS devices. Unlike the official App Store, AltStore EU allows developers to distribute their apps without adhering to Apple’s strict guidelines, opening up a world of possibilities for users seeking niche applications or those with specific interests that may not be catered to on the App Store.

Before we dive into the installation process, it’s important to note that while AltStore EU offers a more flexible alternative to the App Store, it also comes with inherent risks. Third-party apps are not vetted by Apple, which means users must exercise caution when installing apps from unknown sources. Additionally, jailbreaking your iPhone, which is currently required to install AltStore EU, may void your device’s warranty and potentially expose it to security vulnerabilities.

Installing AltStore EU

At the time of writing, AltStore EU is not yet officially available for download in the European Union (EU). However, users can test the platform by following these steps:

  • Jailbreak your iPhone: Jailbreaking your iPhone is a process that removes the software restrictions imposed by Apple, allowing you to install third-party apps and tweaks. While jailbreaking is not illegal, it can be a complex process and may void your device’s warranty.
  • Install AltStore on a Mac or PC: Alternatively, you can install AltStore on a Mac or PC and provide your Apple ID and password. This method does not require jailbreaking but may be less convenient for some users.

Once AltStore EU receives official approval from Apple, it will be available for direct download in the EU, streamlining the installation process.

How to Add Sources and Browsing Apps

After successfully installing AltStore EU, the next step is to add “sources,” which are URLs provided by developers that contain app metadata. These sources act as repositories for third-party apps, allowing users to browse and install apps from various developers.

To add a source, follow these steps:

Step#1.Open AltStore EU and navigate to the “Sources” section.

Step#2.Tap the “Add” button and enter the URL of the source you wish to add.

Step#3.AltStore EU will fetch the app metadata from the source, allowing you to browse the available apps.

Browsing and installing apps on AltStore EU is similar to the process on the App Store. Users can search for specific apps, browse categories, or explore featured apps and collections. However, one crucial difference is that AltStore EU provides users with a detailed list of permissions and data access requests for each app before installation. This transparency empowers users to make informed decisions about the apps they install on their devices.

Monetization and Third-Party App Ecosystem

One of the key advantages of AltStore EU is its approach to app monetization. Unlike the App Store, which takes a commission of 15% to 30% on app sales and in-app purchases, AltStore EU allows developers to utilize its integration with Patreon for monetization. This approach eliminates the traditional commission fees, potentially making it more attractive for developers to distribute their apps through AltStore EU.

While AltStore EU and other third-party app marketplaces offer an alternative to the App Store, it’s important to note that they are primarily geared toward power users and enthusiasts. These platforms are most appealing to users who are desperate to solve niche issues or have particular interests that cannot be satisfied by the apps available on the App Store, such as fully functional clipboard managers or game emulators.

Embracing the Third-Party App Ecosystem Responsibly

As with any third-party software installation, using Alt Store EU and other alternative app marketplaces comes with inherent risks. Users must exercise caution when installing apps from unknown sources, as these apps are not vetted by Apple for security or privacy concerns.

To mitigate these risks, it’s essential to follow best practices, such as:

Step#1.Research the developer and app reputation before installation.

Step#2.Only install apps from trusted sources.

Step#3.Keep your device and apps updated with the latest security patches.

Step#4.Avoid pirated or cracked apps, as they may contain malware or other malicious code.

Additionally, it’s crucial to understand that installing third-party apps is a hassle, as Apple has made it clear that it will be a challenge. This is a deliberate move by Apple to discourage the use of alternative app marketplaces and encourage users to stick with the official App Store.


AltStore EU and other third-party app marketplaces offer iPhone users a glimpse into a world beyond the confines of the App Store. While these platforms provide a more flexible and open ecosystem for app distribution, they also come with inherent risks and challenges.

As AltStore EU continues to evolve and gain traction, it will be interesting to see how Apple responds to this challenge to its app distribution monopoly. For now, users seeking niche applications or those with specific interests not catered to by the App Store may find Alt Store EU to be a valuable alternative, as long as they exercise caution and follow best practices for third-party app installation.

Useful Table: App Installation Process Comparison

StepApp StoreAltStore EU
Finding AppsBrowse curated collections, search, or explore categoriesAdd sources, browse available apps from various developers
PermissionsLimited information on app permissionsDetailed list of permissions and data access requests
InstallationOne-click installation from trusted source (Apple)One-click installation, but from third-party sources
Monetization15-30% commission on app sales and in-app purchasesNo commission, integration with Patreon for monetization
SecurityApps vetted by Apple for security and privacyApps not vetted, potential security risks
ConvenienceOfficial and widely adopted platformRequires jailbreaking or Mac/PC installation, added complexity

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