How to Get Yacine TV on iOS


Yacine TV on iOS is a popular live sports streaming app that provides access to live football matches, news, highlights, and more from various sports channels and leagues. The app has a particular focus on French and North African football competitions. With Yacine TV, iOS users can stream matches from leagues like Ligue 1, Premier League, La Liga, Serie A, UEFA Champions League, Europa League, and more.

The app itself is not available on the iOS App Store. This is because Apple has restrictions against third-party apps that provide access to copyrighted content. However, there are a few workarounds that allow you to get Yacine TV on your iPhone or iPad.

In this comprehensive guide, we will show you three different methods to download and install Yacine TV on iOS devices. We will cover:

  • Using third-party app installers like TweakBox, AppValley, and TutuApp
  • Downloading the IPA file directly
  • Using alternative app sources like Softonic and AppBrain

We will provide simple step-by-step instructions for each method. By the end of this guide, you will know how to get Yacine TV installed on your iOS device and enjoy live sports streaming.

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Before you proceed, make sure your iOS device meets the following requirements:

  • iPhone or iPad running iOS 11 or higher
  • Active internet connection
  • Apple ID account

Also, note that you will have to disable certain iOS security features to allow installation of third-party apps like Yacine TV. We will cover how to do this during the guide.

Now let’s get started!

Method 1: Using Third-Party App Installers

Third-party app installers like TweakBox, TutuApp, and AppValley allow you to install apps and games that are not available on the iOS App Store. They act as alternate app stores and provide modified IPA files that can run on iOS devices.

Here are the steps to download Yacine TV using these tools:

Step 1: Download the Third-Party Installer

Visit the official website of the third-party app installer you want to use. We recommend TweakBox as it offers a wide variety of apps and games.

Go to <a href=””></a> on your iOS device and tap on ‘Download’. This will start the TweakBox app installer download.

Step 2: Install the Third-Party App Store

Once downloaded, you will see the TweakBox install prompt. Tap on ‘Install’ and follow the installation process.

You may see an ‘Untrusted Enterprise Developer’ warning during installation. This is because third-party apps are not verified by Apple. Go to Settings > General > Profiles & Device Management and tap on the TweakBox profile. Then hit ‘Trust’ to verify the app.

After verification, TweakBox will be installed on your home screen.

Step 3: Enable App Installation

Before you can install Yacine TV from TweakBox, you need to enable app installation:

  • Go to Settings > General
  • Scroll down and tap on ‘Profiles & Device Management’
  • Select the TweakBox app profile
  • Tap on ‘Trust <Profile Name>’

This will enable installation of apps using TweakBox.

Step 4: Install Yacine TV

  • Launch the TweakBox app on your home screen
  • Tap on the ‘Apps’ tab at the bottom
  • Search for ‘Yacine TV’
  • Tap on the Yacine TV icon
  • Tap ‘Install’ and wait for the installation to finish

Once installed, you will see the Yacine TV icon on your home screen. The app is now ready to use!

This method works seamlessly to install Yacine TV on iOS using TweakBox. You can follow the same steps for TutuApp and AppValley as well.

Method 2: Installing via IPA File

IPA refers to iOS application archive file. It is the file format used to distribute and install apps on iOS devices.

Some third-party apps like Yacine TV are distributed as IPA files that you can install manually. Here are the steps:

Step 1: Download the IPA File

Search on Google for ‘Yacine TV IPA’ and you will find links to download the IPA file for the latest version of the app. Alternatively, you can get the IPA file from resources like AppDB.

Make sure to download the file directly on your iOS device.

Step 2: Install Apple Configurator 2

To install IPA files, you need Apple Configurator 2. It is available on the App Store.

Install and open Apple Configurator 2 on your Mac computer.

Step 3: Connect iOS Device to Mac

Use a USB cable to connect your iPhone or iPad to your Mac. Apple Configurator 2 will detect and show your device.

Step 4: Add IPA File

In Apple Configurator 2, click on the ‘+’ button and select ‘Add’ > ‘App’. Then choose the Yacine TV IPA file you downloaded to your iOS device.

Step 5: Install IPA on iOS

With your device connected, click on the IPA file under ‘Apps’ in Apple Configurator 2. Then click ‘Install’ and enter your iOS device passcode to confirm installation.

The Yacine TV app will now be deployed and installed on your iPhone or iPad!

Step 6: Trust App Profile

Once installation is done, go to Settings > General > Profiles & Device Management on your iOS device. Look for the Yacine TV app profile and tap on ‘Trust’ to verify it.

You can now open and use the app normally.

This manual method gives you more control and options when installing third-party IPA files. However, it is more complex than using a third-party app installer.

Method 3: Install from Alternative Sources

Some alternative app stores like Softonic and AppBrain allow direct installation of iOS apps on your device’s browser. Here is how to use them for Yacine TV:

Step 1: Open Web Browser on iOS

Launch the Safari web browser on your iPhone or iPad.

Step 2: Go to Softonic/AppBrain

  • Visit <a href=””>Softonic</a> or <a href=””>AppBrain</a> on your web browser.
  • Search for ‘Yacine TV’.
  • Tap on the Yacine TV listing.

Step 3: Tap ‘Install’

On the Yacine TV page, tap on the ‘Install’ button. This will prepare the app for direct installation.

Step 4: Follow Installation Prompts

Follow the installation prompts to complete the Yacine TV installation on your device. You may need to verify the app Developer profile.

Once installed, Yacine TV will be available on your iOS device home screen!

This method does not require a computer and lets you directly install apps over the browser. However, the app catalog is more limited compared to full-fledged third-party installers.

Using Yacine TV on iOS

Now that you have successfully installed Yacine TV on your iPhone or iPad, here is a quick overview of using the app:

  • Browse Matches – Explore upcoming live matches, tournaments, and video highlights.
  • Favorites – Mark your favorite teams to get alerts about their matches.
  • Watch Live – Tap on any live match to start high-quality streaming.
  • Chromecast Support – Beam streams to your Chromecast device.
  • Landscape Mode – Rotate your device for a widescreen viewing experience.
  • Multi-lingual – Yacine TV is available in English, Arabic, French and other languages.
  • No account required – You don’t need to create any account to use Yacine TV.

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